ib girls


Today was a day with lots of wardrobe changes and unexpected twists. The alarm didn’t go off this morning, so I woke up at the same time I usually leave the house, and skipped my shower. My seniors had their IB Exam today, which actually went really well (I hope… We don’t get scores until July). I feel good about having covered everything that was on the test, though. It was also arctic in my classroom, hence the maxi dress and jacket. I also worked at the Other Job today, and apparently our store manager, who I’m pretty good friends with, walked out mid shift and quit this morning. I spent a bunch of time dealing with the assistant manager and our district manager, trying to work out schedules for this week, but I did stick to my guns and avoid picking up more shifts. I’m so burnt out right now that I’m barely functioning. There’s no way I can take on any more work from anywhere, even though I feel super guilty about it. Oh well.


For some of the most important people in my life. I love you guys, like actually love you. This started out as a supercut of every time “sardines” is said… but then it evolved. The song is Budapest by George Ezra, which I’ve been obsessing over.

Fun (?) fact, in that last shot I’m totally only half in-character. My other half is emotion-ing about this being the last moments of WiHi Drama for me. I’m a sad nerd.

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