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IB: This is a college level class so we will be doing 20 essays every week and they will be no less than 5 pages AND DON’T THINK ABOUT TURNING THINGS IN LATE!!
College: This is a college level class, so we will be doing about three or four essays over the semester, and they’ll be about 500 words each but I’m not strict on that, also you won’t be graded on grammar.

Friendly reminder that there is still time to sign up for this!

Benefits of Joining:
  • Be featured on a super special secret blog
  • Meet other IB students from around the world
  • Get free help in various IB subjects
  • Have people to cry with when we’re writing our EEs the night before they’re due
  • Followers
  • General IB and school advice
How to Join:
  • Send me an ask here to customize your description on the network page. I recommend you include your country and the subjects you’re taking, to make it easier for similar IB students to find you.
  • Also give me the e-mail you signed up for tumblr with, so that you can make posts on the group blog.
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And that’s it! I’ll send you a confirmation message once you’re registered.

P.S. Our official tag is #IB2016

Trying to explain TOK to Non-IB students...

"What do you learn in TOK?"


"… Okay, so what about those things, the ‘Ways of Knowing’? What’s that all about?"


"So, does this means that ‘emotion, language, perception and reasons’ are …"


"I’m still confused… by all of this… and I’m already super stressed and sleep deprived…"


… you’re doing the IB ~ !

:3 Basically.

(Enchanted (c) Disney)

On the 12th day of Christmas, IB gave to me

Twelve pages of CAS reflections,

Eleven TOK discussions,

Ten practice tests,

Nine “classics” to read,

Eight cultural experiences,

Seven pounding headaches,

Six written tasks,

Five IAs to BS,

Four mental break downs,

Three hours of sleep,

Two years of regret,

And an EE that hasn’t been written.