Leaked party banter between Iron Bull, Dorian and Sera
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  • Iron Bull:You know what Sera, you shouldn't be making these decisions anyway, okay? You're not the decision making type. As the brains of this organization, I should have made this decision.</p>
  • <p><b>Dorian Pavus:</b> Hey, whoa, whoa, I'm sorry. Since when did you become the brains?</p>
  • <p><b>Iron Bull:</b> Uhh... I'm sorry. I've always been the brains.</p>
  • <p><b>Dorian Pavus:</b> What? What are you talking about? I thought I was the brains. What the hell am I?</p>
  • <p><b>Iron Bull:</b> You're the looks.</p>
  • <p><b>Dorian Pavus:</b> Well, yeah, of course I'm the looks, but I always thought of myself as the brains AND the looks.</p>
  • <p><b>Iron Bull:</b> No, you're the looks, I'm the brains, and Sera is the wildcard.</p>
  • <p><b>Sera:</b> Whoa! That's awesome.</p>
  • <p><b>Iron Bull:</b> Yeah! Yeah, that's the classic setup. You know this, no? Look, every great crew in history has followed that basic dynamic, right? Looks, brains, wildcard. Think about it! The Gray Wardens did it. The Champion of Kirkwall did it. The Qun does it!</p>
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