People dragging It’s Always Sunny for certain shit is just what they want, lol. The whole point of the show is to highlight how terrible the main characters on the show are. Every single one of them is a piece of shit and almost nothing good comes out of shit they are trying to accomplish. 

Them trying to drag the show just shows that they have no idea what the show is about, have never seen an episode, and probably parroting some idiotic sentiment some SJW or whatever started saying about it because they saw one thing that made them uncomfortable. 

creepymast said:

✿✮ dee reynolds, mr. numbers, & jesse pinkman

Dee Reynolds

✿ Borderline personality disorder. Both the twins definitely have borderline personality DO.  I also feel like Dee may have developed an eating DO at some point due to her mother’s constant harassment and the comments from the Gang.

✮ Genderfluid?  Early season Dee feels very cis female, but I think she fluctuates between female, greygender, and male-ish genderqueer.  Sometimes she’s uncomfortable in her own skin, and she does’t know why.  She chalks it up to general self-loathing, and thinking about things doesn’t do anything to help because she doesn’t have the words to describe what she’s feeling.

Mr. Numbers

✿ Occasional dysphoria and panic DO.  He didn’t inform Wrench about his panic attacks, so when he has one on the job Wrench is concerned but focused on the job so they don’t get killed.  Numbers doesn’t tell anyone because the syndicate will fire him if they know he’s vulnerable. 

✮ Trans dude :))) :) :) :) :):)))

Jesse Pinkman

✿ Substance abuse DO, and possibly after the finale, PTSD.  He most likely has ADHD.(X)  He had a major predisposition to depersonalization/derealization before the events of Breaking Bad, but much of his time in the year that he’s captured he spends in a depersonalized state in order to cope.

✮  I feel like he’s comfortably a cis dude but sometimes genderqueer.  Like Dee, he doesn’t have the words to put what he’s feeling, trying hard to attribute his identity feelings to being high or whatever crisis he experiences.  After Breaking Bad, I see him having time to focus on his identity and googling his feelings in vague language until he finds a label that just fits.