Ianuaria? Isn’t that a Celtic deity? Could you give me information about her?


Unfortunately, there isn’t much. She was a Gaulish minor tribal deity associated with the healing spring at Beire-la-Chatel, in France. Healing springs, rivers, and wells are a big part of Celtic folk tradition even into the present day, and are often thought to have spirits or deities associated with them. Likely she was only worshipped in that area in relation to that spring. The only extant reference to her is a statue at the sight which depicts a young woman playing pan pipes at the side of the Celtic Apollo. 

- De / teaandneedles

To Ianuaria

I call to Ianuaria of the sun-bright smile
and the wavy hair, joyous and fearless, eager
and sure, lady of new beginnings, goddess
of new hope, with eyes wide open you take up the day,
you greet each dawn with expectation, each setting sun
with satisfaction. Good Ianuaria,
gentle of countenance, pleasing of voice, music
is your language, free of words yet flawless in discourse,
pure in meaning, abundant in feeling; by turns
you soothe the spirit and rouse the senses. Goddess
who plays upon the pipes, lady of the springs,
I offer you my words of praise, I honor your name.