First Date | Jolie & Ian

Jolie looked over at her cell phone sitting on the end table next to her bed before she set down the pad of paper she had been writing on and grabbed her phone.  Finding Ian’s number a small smile formed on her lips, he had told her to let him know when she wanted to go out this weekend, and now that she had finally made her mind up on which classes she was going to take her senior year she had some free time.  After sending a text to the older boy saying, ‘Are you ready to get beat by a girl yet?’ and receiving an answer back she tossed her phone on her bed with a giggle as she got up.

Once Jolie decided on what to wear, fixed her hair and makeup she sent another text to Ian telling him she’d meet him outside the boy’s dorms.  Sliding her phone into her purse she slide it over her shoulder and made her way to her closet to look through her shoes, normally she would have likely chosen a pair of heels but knowing she was going to be running around she decided on her favorite pair of black converses instead.  After sliding her shoes on she locked her dorm room behind her and made her way to meet Ian.

so upset at all of these people being upset at ian yes what he did was wrong and unacceptable and he forced mickey out of the closet to an unsafe environment

but pls remember that ian is also bipolar, and mickey was already on the verge himself, and ultimately it was his p quick decision and like ugh i get it but also shut up and dont be mad at ian