ian x somerhalder

ok so I’m tired as shit and this might not make any sense, but here goes.
I cannot WAIT till bamon becomes cannon.
I can’t wait to see Bonnie rolling her eyes every time Damon does something fuckin stupid ‘yeah that asshole with the pretty eyes is my bf’
and Damon unleashing Bonnie and watching her destroy everything and his stupid proud little face 'hi hello yes did u see???? that girl, that wonderful amazing (highly judgemental) BEAUTIFUL creature is my gf!!!!’
but also the stupid little things like them
spooning OH MY GOD Damon would violently insist he does NOT cuddle and then in the morning 'whOOOps I accidentally wrapped my entire body around you my bad’ and forehead and cheek kisses (fuckin shoot me I’ll cry if this happens) and stupid dates where Damon is a huge fuckin dork and instead of some fancy delena looking place they go get Burger King at three in the morning. and them REFUSING to say 'I love you’ but they’ve had the “worlds about to end so let’s do the teary forehead touch and promise not to loose each other” moment like five fucking times. and Stefan and Caroline shipping the fuck out of them.
but wait
Bonnie wearing Damon’s jacket
Damon calling her 'my girl’ dycfjvgigsjv
hothothot sex
a lot of it
so much sex
jfc use a rubber kiddos
equal protectiveness/possessiveness/jealousy
stupid fuckin nicknames I hate these dumb dorks
Bonnie sitting on Damon’s lap bc I am trash
Damon using her as an arm bench
hiCKEYS on Bonnie’s neck
that is all ok bye