• Ian:*comes home inexplicably bruised and battered*
  • Ian:*stays in bed for days on end*
  • Ian:*stays out all night and drinks himself to sleep*
  • Ian:*shows obvious signs of depression/suicide*
  • Ian:*leaves home for weeks (during the school year)*
  • Ian:*maintains literally no contact except for like two texts*
  • Debbie:Have you guys heard from Ian?
  • Fiona:Debs listen... I trust him. It's fine.
  • Lip:Who dat

I will never get over Ian’s face in this gif. Just look at how his expression changes as soon as he turns away from the older man. His gaze moves downwards and he tenses up when the other’s hands move to his torso, almost as if he’s used to things like this happening and he knows the routine.

Even though Mickey’s there as well and nothing will happen, his expression makes me think that maybe this has happened more than a few times before. That even though he didn’t enjoy it, Ian went home with men he met at the club quite often, because they were willing to give him drugs he wanted in exchange for sex.


Whenever a potentially upsetting spoiler comes out, I just remind myself that going into season 4, if we had been given bits and pieces of only the seemingly worst situations without context and with very little good to offset it…..

Mickey denies caring about Ian to anyone who asks
Mickey has sex with a girl while Ian is gone
Ian comes back and is initially cold to Mickey
Ian propositions a guy at a hotel bar
Ian holds someone at knifepoint
Terry beats Mickey bloody

…..season 4 would have sounded absolutely horrifying. Instead it turned out to be the best Gallavich season yet.

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Author: the fabulous and awesome missmichellebelle

Can we all please try to convince her to continue some of this prompt because they are so awesome and I want to see what happen next! She’s ridiculously talented!

What people need to understand is that Ian Gallagher is not, and has never been, a tragic character. His story has always been one of optimism and perseverance. He’s got hard times ahead but he’s going make it through, even if it takes longer than expected. Ian Gallagher is not tragic.

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