notafuckinglady said:

i'm glad! yeah things are pretty good for me too. my job is pretty rad, i got back into uni. i'm really jealous of the Lush job, i'd love to work there. i only really have experience in bar work so that's where i only get interviews.

Oh good! That’s awesome, sounds like thing’s are pretty good right now! :) I know what you mean, it’s always been one of those shops that just smell delicious and has a great atmosphere, I don’t know how I got the interview, I only have experience in a little news agents, as a pub dish washer and helping out a hairdresser every now and then AND I was late for the interview >.< Alot of it comes down to personality tho, like the whole application process was about personality, I swear I actually called myself a weirdo in the application and that somehow got me an interview :’) Then at the interview, although I was late and ill prepared I just talked my head off ahaha :) So you should apply for something like that if you’re interested, because they weren’t really looking for experience, clearly as I have none :’) I did look at bar work, but I’ve never even been inside a club or anything, so I don’t think it would have worked out for me :’)