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Let’s play a tagging game!

Rule 1 - Post the rules.
Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
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  • If you could spend one day with your bias, what would you do?
 I want to get to know his real self first & after that I would do whatever he wants n.n (I just don’t know xD it depends on who it’ll be. I’ve a lot of biases..)
  • Favourite TV show?
I like “Weekly Idol” & “Sesame Player” and for english one’s “House”,”Ghost Whisperer”&”Supernatural”. 
  • Play any instruments?
No, but I wish I could…
  • Favourite song?
It changes every week and this week it’s “VIXX - Super Hero” (OMG N~)
  • What smiley represents your life the best?
  • What is your greatest failure?
Letting my parents down
  • What is your greatest success?
I haven’t reached something like that yet
  • Where on Earth do you want to go the most (except Korea)?
Everywhere! My biggest wish is to go on a journey around the world 
  • What is the coolest gadget you know?
iPhone ? ><
  • Would you rather kill a spider with your barefoot or kill a cockroach with your bare hand?
a spider with my barefoot
  • You have 10 seconds before your house burns down, what will you save?

my little sister and iPod


1. What’s your biggest insecurity?

2. Which picture or quote gives you the most inspiration?

3. You’ve got only one week to live. What would you do in that week?

4. What’s the best food ever?

5. Can you describe your style?

6. Why have you chosen the url that you have atm?

7. Which mobile do you have?

8. Would you rather have a secure life (ordinary job,household etc.) or one with a lot of adventures but so many hardships that those will take your life?

9. Cake, lollipops, chocolate or your bias? Only one! and you’re not allowed to have the other 3 anymore in your life.

10. How will your life look like after 15 years?

11. What’s now on your mind?

dujuns asked:

UGH. Freakin N. I'm sorry but that gif you posted of N ... ugh. why would you do that to my heart? S;LNDV;ASLKGDJHO;GJFjglCN,RH;EOGFJSDVMN,C Okay, I'm leaving now, sorry to be so weird. Oh and I really like your blog okay bai. ;A;

I am here to destroy your heart with amazingly gorgeous Korean men. Bwahahaha~! The second he did that I immediately opened Photoshop to gif it. xD Alsoooo… thank you! ;_; <3

dujuns asked:

BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD!!! Once you are given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks your beautiful inside and out you deserve it lovely ^3^