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Ellow =) Nice to meet you! Just read your mini-bio and you seem interesting! Just figured I'd let you know that...

Someone actually read it? That’s actually a shocker. Haha, I thought someone would only get through maybe the second sentence then quit ! Well it’s nice to meet you too, and thank you for stopping by :) If you ever have any questions, let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them! Have a lovely day!

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are you left handed?
-what makes you say that. ? But nope I’m a righty. :)


Why am I just finding out about this band? Ah I like them!! Phox- Shrinking Violets


Nice web mini series I’ve been watching since I got home tonight… Most black girls can relate to the main character lol.

The Unwritten Rules

Psychology Assignment: our professor wants us to violate a social norm and write about our experience and the reaction of the other person. Any (funny) suggestions?


-stand in the elevator directly facing the other person standing in there.

-sit close to a complete stranger 

-sing at the top of my lungs in a coffee shop 


Wow… what a song. 

I think all of us ladies can relate to what she’s saying…