Apparently there’s a blog on here for Muslim folks who are LGBTQ+. As a non-Muslim I’m not really prepared to weigh in on how accurate/helpful/whatever they are, but I’ve heard great things, and what I’ve seen on their blog (admittedly not that much, and a lot that I really don’t know much about, eg. stuff from the Quran, etc.) seems to be really great.

Anyway, check them out and let me know what you think? Be great to have something like this I can add to my bag of resources.

For the record...

As salaamu alaikum, good peoples.

As you travel your respective journeys back to Allah, The Most Merciful, please be mindful of the struggles of your fellow Muslims. So as we strive to attain the pleasure of Allah, Ta’Ala, we are encouraged to remember that our fellow Muslims should be safe from harm caused by our words and deeds. This encouragement comes from the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, himself in solid, agreed upon ahadith.

May Allah continue to have Mercy on us all.



…Eastern European countries are another story. Your life is more threatened…and the predominant religion there is Christianity. For example, in Serbia, they are Christian, and the don’t like Muslims or gays. In Ukraine, your life is in danger. In Russia, they don’t accept Gay Pride displays. There are Christian countries in Europe that are closer to Saudi Arabia, which just confirms that fanatics exist everywhere.

Michael Sinan, Mr. Gay Denmark

On Being Out and Proud as a Muslim