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i love how “angel martinez” is written normally while the rest looks like a kindergartener typed it blindfolded.

I didn’t even notice that oh my god

Just siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

How can they even stand it? I’d get so tired of typing like that after the first sentence

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Okay this is mandatory for when people get to know me. I have a flaw. I DON’T LIKE CHEESE. I mean on pizza yeah, and mozarella and colby jack are fine on certain things, but everything else is a NO. I’m weird, I know. Especially parmesean.

ehhh I’m the same way a bit. My mom can eat blocks of it and it grosses me out but I’ll still eat it if it’s not too much.

As long as you like tacos we’re good. That’d be my deal breaker.

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Fuck yes. All the potatoes. The only food i will never get sick of. Potatoes are my life. Except cheesy ones i don’t do that. I’M TALKING ABOUT POTATOES LIKE THEY’RE DRUGS.


Except not really because potatoes are better than drugs lets not kid ourselves here



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Well the worst that could happen is you could be discovered my a talent agent specializing in toothpaste commercials.

I’m going to start going through tubes of toothpaste a day. Did I brush my teeth? I don’t know. Oh wait the toothbrush is still in my hand. Before I know it I’m just constantly brushing them.

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Okay okay okay, a lot of these One Direction "fans" (i say that lightly because real fans aren't sadistic little fucks) were fans of Taylor before there was potential she was dating Harry, and now are at her throat. They need to grow the fuck up and come to terms with the fact that Harry was never date them anyway, because that's what it comes down to. Stupid overreactions get you nowhere, girls.