[30 Day Challenge][Challenge Source]

  1. Greece - I have been to this place numerous times but because I fell in love with it the first time, I would like to go back there again and beach hop. It was just so lovely!
  2. Perth - to meet lee patootee!! ;)
  3. Hawaii - I’ve seen pictures and I just want to see what all the commotion was about.
  4. America - I’m not too keen on going here but I’d like to see how it is there.
  5. Japan - I want to shop for cute outfits. 
Hang over, Sleep Deprived & Anxious

I had such a lovely time with my family last night, as my uncle and his wife arrived last night, they kept wanting me to stay even though it was already 4am to them considering they were from Greece, it was most likely only 8pm or something lol. I gave up and went to bed. I was supposed to get my nails done early today but failed to wake up, thanks Lee for the effort unfortunately I was really conked out that even your texts and calls I did not hear, heck I didn’t hear my alarm! haha! I woke up because the drapes were moving around due to the fan and light was flickering on my face and it annoyed me. haha. 

I am now off to see Josh, as he has my t-shirt for White Day, it’s going to be so awesome, I might take pictures later, or not, probably just surprise you guys tomorrow. I also have to get materials for White Day. I have a massive headache from the glasses and glasses I drank last night, though I was not drunk, it was just the mixture of all the grogs that might have given me this unbearable headache. I feel like if I make sudden movements my head will explode. See you soon Josh! You’re not replying deuche.

2669 messages since Lee an I started using this app! Haha!

Poor Lee was bashed by a couple of idiotic incompetent retarded goons last night and had to get stitches :(

iamleerhoi replied to your photo: Lee patootee! look what I have! A secret I will…

*drooooooooooooooool* XD why do you have to take a pic. of it?? huh?? :-/ lol….I know that “secret” for ages….. I always do that..or with a cadbury bar as well…lol…if you’re a real fan of nutella then you have tried it as a hot choc… :))

“sarap kaya try mo” lol true lee! if you are a nutella fan there is no way you haven’t tried putting nutella in anything. LOL. This should be the first one you’ve done. However I was just sharing a lovely information to my followers! ;)

iamleerhoi replied to your link: PHOOOA. I want a Samsung GALAXY S II

lol…that’s the next phone I want to have…Samsung Galaxy S (the first one is awesome) I’m not sure with this 2nd..but I suppose..hahaha… :D lets go get it together… :D♥

Well check out the link i posted, its supposedly even better than the first one! :D so yeah! ahihi! Yeah we can get it together ♥ libre mo? Sige ba! haha! Mayaman ka naman eh :p loooool! It runs on android i think, that means it has textme hhahaha!