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joeyjojo-shabadoo said:

Hey, I was just wondering- I'm a junior at a school in Georgia, and I'd like to know how the grad school process was for you. Why did you choose the school you're at now? How is it being a PhD student? What exactly do you do in a PhD program? Thanks! :)


So I’m studying music theory, and in this field in particular you’re essentially setting yourself up to teach music at the university level. To do that you pretty much have to have a PhD. So by my senior year at Butler I knew I had to go through and get a PhD. My advisors suggested I get a masters degree first, and not try to do a five year graduate study at one school. That would give me extra time building up teaching experience and an opportunity to work with a wide variety of professors to learn different approaches and analytical methods within music theory.

So I applied to about eight different masters programs and got accepted into the program at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Their program is very pedagogy heavy (meaning: studying how to teach), so I got great teaching experience. The program is very interested in modern/contemporary music, so I was able to write about film music for my masters thesis.

I then applied to about ten different PhD programs, and got accepted to The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Kansas, and UC-Santa Barbara, all schools with music departments that are known to do research into film music. I went with UT because the offer was great, I’d get lots of teaching experience, and the cost of living in Austin is relatively low.

I took about two years of classwork here at UT, and have taught for four years. I started out as a teaching assistant, teaching lab for a class with a different, primary instructor. I then became an assistant instructor and lead my own classes. I’ve taught mostly freshman music theory and aural skills, but I have also taught an introduction to film music class to non-majors a few times.

Right now I’m a PhD candidate, meaning I am ABD (all but dissertation). My week is mostly teaching and writing my dissertation. I’m writing about the music and sound design of Doctor Who (mostly the classic series).

The grad school you go to should be based on two things: will they pay your tuition and give you a stipend (or give you a nice fellowship or scholarship in return for teaching or a research assistantship), and are there professors there that are well-known in your area of interest. I only applied to places with professors that had given papers and published extensively on the topic of film music. That way I knew I’d work with people that knew what I wanted to do and would help me be the most productive with my research.

Hope that helps!


iamelectrogirl replied to your photo: guys erin and i are adorable with our pink and…

What did you guys use? I used Manic Panic on Louie’s hair when I put purple streaks in.

we ended up using two types, manic panic and something else. we used the something else first, and i’m pretty sure that manic panic is better than the something else that we used. mine only has the crappy kind in it and it keeps washing out pretty quickly. 

Today is going to be filled with Job hunting and maybe some homework.

I skipped school again. Mainly because I know I am going to fail both of these classes, and so I figured what’s the point? I know I really should go regardless, but whatever. I will e-mail both of the teachers and explain it to them. Thought I don’t really know what to say… besides “I fucked myself over”.

I am also debating whether or not to take next term off. I feel like if I do I will just end up not going back to school, But I also don’t know if I could even bare to take more classes next term.

But on the AWESOME FUCKING FOREVERAWESOME side of today, Jade bought me a ticket to LeakyCon 2013.