rondo in MNL,Philippines on tuesday

it’s too impossible to see you in a caged basketball clinic with selected UAAP and NCAA players.

it’s too impossible to see you at San juan national highschool gym, coz i know the school will be exclusive for the students and admins only.. (brgy. corazon?…OMG)

thousands of crazy Celtics/Rondo fans in the Philippines.. only 3 lucky winners will get a chance to have a meet and greet with you with additional autographed swing jersey pa! (i missed the redbull contest..T_T)

sad.. because I’m in the MNL,PI right now but i’m not sure know if i could have a chance to see you.. hopefully may mall tour ka.

if there’s no chance..ok.see you at TD Garden nalang soon when i get there. hahaha!

always look on the brighter side of life. :3

I’m so happy that you will visit the basketball capital of Asia on tuesday! Welcome in advance Mr. Triple Double! :3

juuudez said: i read the article on and kevin said that he still wishes ray the best. i think the other articles are making it something it’s not. kevin’s just trying to make a point that ray is competition now. that’s all.

parquet said: I agree with juuudez! Media’s blowing it out of proportion. I think KG was trying to end all of the Ray questions by saying he’s not even talking to him right now. The kevyandray tag will live on. I found a few more pics. :)

I agree too actually. I’ve been seeing all different things that were said but the way the media is making it seem is horrible. They keep cutting out the decent parts and stuff and obviously not everyone sees the whole thing, just the pieces the media wants them to see. I hope they hug or something the first game. That would make me beyond happy.

Thank you Olivia!! She just fell this morning. She’ll be okay I think! Haha I won’t say they suck but they’re ‘not living up to their potential’ hahaha like what happened. These good players aren’t working. This entire team. Like I feel like a Bobcat fan like when was the last time we won. I feel like it was forever ago.