I was tagged by thisisaprettyimportantpage (yay thanks Nala :D) I’m on mobile so I couldn’t Reblog and write :c

1) I have like at least five. Most call me ely, my big sis’ calls me elymer’ tho.
2) Brown.
3) Brooooown.
4) This ones hard um… I’m a big movie person, like I’ve probably watched every movie they’ve ever made ever.
5) Lilac c:
6) Oh gosh, I have to say Boston, Massachusetts or New York. I just love both of their pizza. (But now that I’m saying this there’s this place in Rhode Island where they put BARBECUE ON YOUR PIZZA. BARBECUE.)
7) Uff, I don’t what to say… Dylan O’Brien ‘cause I love watching Teen Wolf.
8) I’ve always live Armadillos since I can remembers but elephants are the best animal ever.
9) In this moment it has to be After The Storm by Mumford & Sons, Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood, Mr. Bright Side by The Killers, High Hopes by The Vamps, Satellites by Sleeping With Sirens, I really love Kari Jobes album and so much moooore.
10) Of all time has to be A Series Of Unfortunate Events (the entire series) by Lemony Snicket. I just love all of them.

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Are you guys even 20? Aaaaahhhh I couldn’t think of anyone else so I tagged as many as I could! God bless and have fun guys :)