so i saw this comment on a site which is doing a ‘favourite scene’ poll, and dean and cas’s crypt scene is up against the sam and dean scene in 8.23

and it just.. struck me. because yes. this is why i find dean and cas so fascinating. this is why i’m interested to see where it goes.

it explains why yes, i’m interested in the brotherly bond that sam and dean have, but i’ve seen it before. i’ve seen it in full metal alchemist; i’ve seen it in heroes; i’ve seen it in korean dramas; i’ve seen it in other animes. 

dean and cas.. okay, the whole ‘human and not-human’ thing isn’t new (see: buffy and spike) but there’s a certain dynamic to it that’s new to me. and i want to see what’s gonna come of it. 

Hal and Lourdes, as you know, have always had a lil’ something. But then there’s that Maggie situation. [..] Hal and Lourdes are in two different camps in the beginning, so as we come back around, we will see that Hal does care a lot about Lourdes..

- Drew Roy on Hades in season 4


Okay, I think we need to talk about this. «

I know it was a little while ago, but I honestly can’t get over it >.<

Throughout the first minute, Jjong takes little peeks at Key, and stares at the fan in his lap {which is normal, because Key’s moving it around weirdly} but you can also get the sense that he really wants to be closer, …or something….

Then, around the 1:02 mark, he reaches out as he’s speaking, but instead of normally, and more conveniently just placing his hand back where it was on the table, he places it right on Key’s knee.Now, as out of place as this seems, it’s understandable considering their friendship and the more bro-mancy culture of Korea. What I think is strange (BUT AMAZING) is that he keeps it there for the longest time, even when key leans forward {normally someone would take their hand off his knee to let him move, but jjong kept it firmly in place} Notice at 1:25, how noticeably strange it is that he’s still touching him, when it would be much more comfortable to rest on the table, and how Key also notices his hand and looks down at it.

At 1:28, Jjong takes his hand off to make another gesture, but instead of once again, putting it back comfortably, he quickly places it back on Key’s knee. This shows he’s completely aware he’s doing it, and is comfortable with it (which means a lot of this happens behind the scenes) ^.^ aoifahganogoagaognag *wheezes*)

From 1:43 on, the hand stays, and even as Jjong is doing weird things that would normally make him move his hand, he doesn’t, instead he even digs his fingers into the inside of Key’s thigh {2:06 waaaait how did he even get that high? ;) )

2:13… I don’t even know what to even say about what Kibum does, he’s obviously looking down at Jjongs hand, but for what reason? hummmmm (Jjong please stop before I get hard?)

Anyways, I’m probably over analyzing the whole thing, but *sigh* :’) Even if it’s just out of harmless habit, it’s always wonderful to see classic Jongkey brromance T-T