- Dr. Meredith A. Lane, in Roles of Natural History Collections (1996)

I’ve never read anything that so clearly explains why I spend so much time on the internet, sharing my love for natural history and the collections that maintain our knowledge of it. When Dr. Lane wrote this in 1996, less than 1 in 10 Americans had access to the internet, yet, just prior to this selection, she accurately predicts the ways in which the Internet will be used to connect with and entertain the public, including everything from Twitter chats with curators to the thebrainscoop and amnhnyc‘s Shelf Life.

Beautiful words from a visionary.

In September of 2013, a YouTube channel named Webdriver Torso went viral when it began uploading strange, 11-second videos consisting only of shifting red and blue rectangles accompanied by a tone of varying pitch, paradoxically managing to still be more interesting than 99 percent of the other channels on YouTube. The channel added a similar video nearly 80,000 times over the next several months — an average of one every 20 seconds — with names such as “tmpP vnyF” and “tmpvqA58q.” Obviously, those are either English approximations of some cryptic alien tongue, or the Great Old Ones finally figured out how to work their newfangled smartphones. We’re being facetious, of course, but we’re only slightly exaggerating the press reports. The videos were clearly some kind of encoded message of mysterious origin, and everyone from the BBC to The Washington Post speculated that the videos were the modern equivalent of numbers stations — shortwave radio stations that are said to have been used for spy communications during the Cold War. But what was the message being sent by Webdriver Torso? Who was it intended for? Would we ever know?

THE LUDICROUSLY SIMPLE ANSWER: whoever was behind Webdriver Torso totally Rickrolled the conspiracy theory-spouting masses. Engadget finally closed the case once and for all when they approached Google’s Zurich office for an official statement:

We’re never gonna give you uploading that’s slow or loses video quality, and we’re never gonna let you down by playing YouTube in poor video quality. That’s why we’re always running tests like Webdriver Torso.

5 Creepy Mysteries With Simple Solutions No One Saw Coming


Desarmando “Desarmando a Podemos”.

Ayer os puse el original (después de que esta crítica fuera borrada de Youtube) y hoy ya lo tenemos resubido. Enjoy.

All of us have thoughts that are insensitive or reactive and driven by emotion, or simply not well thought out, or a product of our blind spots. Twitter is the ultimate means of blurting those thoughts to the world, which means you can’t take them back. Kids who come of age with social media learn this young, often by trial and error. Childhood and adolescence can be thought of as laboratories for trying on social behaviors and figuring out what works—and what doesn’t—with the goal of having gotten through a bunch of the errors before they really count. Mercifully, at age 12 or 15, the consequences of blurting 140 characters to the world are usually minor.

But consider those of us who grew up with party-line phones and manual typewriters. For us, the trial-and-error starts at a time when our utterances have far heftier consequences, especially if we have been successful enough in some arena to attract a following.

The Earth Story has won the Best Education Blog in the 2015 blog awards and it’s all because of you guys!

Thank you to everyone who voted- it means a lot to all of us here on the TES team.

Here are some facts you might not know about TES:

•TES started in 2012 and has been host to many different admins, some have stayed the course, others have strayed, but every member has contributed to the success of the page and added to our story.

•Since the page started, we have shared more than 5,000 posts on the page across numerous countries and age groups.

•We have admins from all over the world: America, Ireland, Australia, France, New Zealand, Amsterdam, England, Wales, Greece….. the list goes on and on. The diversity of admins means we can offer an array of local and detailed knowledge across all time zones.

•Even more varied than our nationalities are our backgrounds- we host admins with backgrounds in Geology, Environmental Science, Petrology, Mineralogy, Technical Writing, Marine Biology, Dendrochronology and essentially every avenue of Earth Sciences you can imagine.

•Most of us have never met! Yup, the majority of the admins on this page only know each other through TES. That may be strange, but it’s amazing how quickly you can build relationships with people, even if you have never stood in front of them- perhaps someday we can all meet for a TES party in a neutral location (I’m hoping somewhere warm!).

•We read the comments and we often reply (sometimes as ourselves)- we care what you guys think and often we get corrected by a ‘fan’ or someone sparks an idea for a new post. Reading the comments means that we are forever learning, growing and trying to provide you guys with the information you want.

•We do this in our spare time, for no other reward than the joy of spreading a little bit of information- and we love it.

Thanks again everyone, together we will ensure that The Earth Story is one to remember!

-The TES Team.

posting the vday vid?
i’m gonna make this clear ok this is all you ever need to know
it’s a fuckin dick move to make
it completely goes against dan and phil’s privacy, and when phil took it down in 2010, it was meant to stay that way.
i ship phan like a fuckin crazy person, but i still don’t pressurize dan and phil by talking about, posting or fangirling over the vday video.
it was a joke.
people are just taking it way too fucking far by repetitively posting it online, causing the wrong ideas to stir around which then-fore causes dan and phil to hate us and black us out and not interact with us (it also causes fuckin big ass shitstorms).
and then lil bitches start goin ”!!!!!!!OMG!!!!! PHAN IZ REEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!1” which then makes the video spread like a fuckin wildfire
and for ya’ll to understand the embarassment:

posting the valentines day video is like your friend posting your nudes online, have it spread around the world to lots of people, and then somehow ending up in front of your grandma
is it nice? mm.. no i don’t think so
i hope this has been helpful and i hope you understand the seriousness of this all

“Internet” Art by Tomcii

Every so often, I like to disconnect from my life which solely revolves around computers and the internet. Spending a few days camping or traveling to an area that doesn’t have WiFi is tough to do, but can really rejuvenate your mind and body in the long run. I really don’t recommend going completely “cold-turkey” on the whole disconnect though. I’d like to pack something like this in my go-bag so I can hang it up in a room wherever I find myself as a sort of reminder that it’ll be there when I return.



A huge precondition for the sharing economy has been a depressed labor market, in which lots of people are trying to fill holes in their income by monetizing their stuff and their labor in creative ways. In many cases, people join the sharing economy because they’ve recently lost a full-time job and are piecing together income from several part-time gigs to replace it. In a few cases, it’s because the pricing structure of the sharing economy made their old jobs less profitable. (Like full-time taxi drivers who have switched to Lyft or Uber.) In almost every case, what compels people to open up their homes and cars to complete strangers is money, not trust.
31 de marzo de 2015

Fue dramático y emocional cuando le conté a mi mejor amiga que me gustaban las mujeres. Pero no me sentí mal como cuando se enteraron mis compañeras del colegio. A la distancia pienso que fue una boludez, pero sé que vivirlo puede ser muy traumático.

Un día, a la salida del colegio, iba hablando del tema con María, mi mejor amiga y nos escuchó un grupito que empezó a correr la voz. Era el último año, tenía 17, pero eso no hacía que fuera horrible que todos hablaran mal de vos y te señalaran como si tuvieses una enfermedad terminal. Tenía pánico, TERROR, que el rumor le llegue a mis viejos. En el pueblo del que vengo las noticias corren rapidísimo.

Un día llegué a decirle a María de no juntarnos más porque sentía que mi mera presencia la perjudicaba y no quería que se le arme quilombo. Me dijo que era una locura hacer eso y seguimos yendo juntas a todos lados, a pesar de que también la “acusaban” de torta a ella.
- ¿Así que sos tortillera, Jimena?
- ¡Y la cantidad de veces que me desnudé adelante tuyo!
- ¿Te gustan los pitos de plástico? ¿no sentís que te falta algo?
- ¿Por eso venías a casa todas las tardes a hacer la tarea? ¿estás enamorada de mí?

Ese tipo de frases escuché miles. Una, incluso, me quiso llevar a hablar con el cura del pueblo. El último año fue duro. Todo el colegio me hizo a un lado, menos María. La ignorancia en sociedades pequeñas es terrible puede causar mucho daño. Ese año moldeé mi personalidad, tuve que defenderme muchas veces, educar gente que no quería ser educada, luchar contra el desconocimiento, la falta de información y la no apertura mental.

Sé y estoy segura que en otros lugares es incluso peor de lo que yo viví. Que el bullying es aún mayor, que las/los intentan “curar” y que la violencia es tremenda. La homofobia, desgraciadamente, existe todavía y en muchos lugares incluso algunos mueren por el simple hecho de ser como son.

En ese sentido, creo que internet es una herramienta enorme para darle apoyo a esas personas que la están pasando tan mal. Si alguna persona que lee esto está atravesando una situación similar, quiero que sepa que lo que está viviendo es una mierda, sí, pero que va a pasar. Que las cosas, por más que suena a cliché, se ponen mejor. Que ahora parece que el dolor, la vergüenza y el sufrimiento no se van a terminar, pero sí se termina. Ánimo :)

Singapore blogger jailed for critical Lee Kuan Yew video

Singapore police arrested Amos Yee, a teenage video blogger, according to a statement released by authorities on Monday. According to the government-aligned daily newspaper Straits Times, at least 20 public complaints had been filed to the police since Friday that called for Lee to be investigated.

The complaints were in connection with an eight-minute video Yee posted on YouTube on Friday in which he criticized the policies and political heritage of the late Lee Kuan Yew. The video, called “Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead!,” has been taken down from Yee’s YouTube channel, but is available on other channels.

In the video, Yee also compared Lee to Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Jesus Christ. News reports citing police said that Yee’s arrest was due to the religious comments, which are tightly restricted by the government.

Read more.

Image: Youtube