Minding #05: Mind Games

Welcome to Wayne’s Wired iWorld! The iEyes of our Brave New iWorld shed some íTears for a dear friend of ours. Now it’s time to walk out on the street! Start a new iGame with just another iCoyne – and be surprised what’s the story in tomorrow’s morning glory.

Don’t worry about money – or something like that. You get 1001 Linden-Coynes a month and your individual and anonymous tracked iBenefit of the MEDIOPOLITAN iDomino Games in the name of 90.5 FM. Enough for everyone in the world to live on the bright side of life. We all need some light! So just look forward to play lots of fascinating Collective Mind Games (CMG) with 7 billions of folks around in our iAmbient Environment, on our iMedia Stages and in our iSports Arenas. The MEDIOPOLITAN iSatellites will connect you with everyone on our iWorld in at the max 5 steps to go.

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