Michelle & I failed at tht #vogue pose 😳😂 #Sisters by @forevermoore2013 “Sisters. Three stair steppers… I’m not sure how they grew passed me, even in five inch heels I’m still the runt! Although my mom dressed us alike as children eventually we identified our individual style.
When we were little girls they played with Barbie, I played with a Cabbage Patch. They designed Barbie clothes, I made pancakes out of PlayDough. They asked for Barbie cars, I asked for tea sets. Both of my sisters use their talents on stage [one acts in plays, the other raps] while I prefer behind the scenes of organizing posh parties and home design. They prefer to vogue in pictures while I just smile. 😃 My Mom would say these are the talents we honed in on as children.
Success is doing what YOU love, what you’ve been passionate about for years. Success competes with no one, she works hard to accomplish what her heart has set out to do. It comes in all different sizes. It’s whatever passion that makes your heart beat. Be yourself, there’s only one of you. #QueensSaluteQueens #Respect #Empower #Support #Inspire #Serve #Sisters #40Under40 #I10Media” via @PhotoRepost_app