Q: Each member’s sleeping habits and their jobs/positions in dorm?

Himchan: I’m worrying about my roomate.. I sleep very weird and Jongup takes pics of me sleeping in a horizontal line to show it to me in the morning

Q: I wanna see Jongup oppa mad

Himchan: You get mad at me easily cus I took a pic of you sleeping. GET MAD!!!


TRANSLATIONS BY b2ngyonggukz


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i think we’re all a little threatened by that tooth dog.

i feel like now marina can truly begin to heal and move on

maybe she’ll fall in love, maybe she won’t

maybe she’ll fall in love with adam or nine…

or a cute and hot and lovely college guy who has dark blonde hair whose smile flickers with mischievousness but when he looks at her it’s the kindest marina has seen in a while. he studies journalism or art or engeneering but his great dream is to be a writer and he decides to fight and join the human-loric resistance and when marina sees him for the first time, she doesn’t think twice about him, until he talks and directs his eyes to her and she sees that his eyes are just…the right shade of green

he doesn’t look like eight at all; his personality is also different but when he smiles, it feels like home

(just like eight)