can we have a moment of silence for everyone out there having to put up with working in destructive, unhealthy, manipulative, emotionally draining environments daily at their jobs that they can’t easily get out and cursing their boss out, calling HR or up and leaving – for whatever reason – just isn’t an option for them  because their situations are fragile and their survival depends on that shitty job

also– location: ‘african coast’

what the hell. no? that is not a location. are we in the mediterranean, along the coast of algeria? tunisia? we hanging out in the red sea, along the coast of egypt, sudan, or eritrea? no? that was a bigger looking ocean yeah–arabian sea maybe–that could be, what, the coast of somalia then? 

oh, atlantic you say? big ocean– clearly we’re on the atlantic coast of africa. that’s good, yeah. alright then: would that be the atlantic coast of morocco, western sahara, mauritania, senegal, the gambia, guinea-bissau, guinea, sierra leone, liberia, cote d’ivoire, ghana, togo, or benin? how about the atlantic coastlines of nigeria, cameroon, equatorial guinea, gabon, congo, democratic republic of the congo (it’s a small coast line, but it’s there!), angola, or south africa? how about namibia’s roughly 1572 km of atlantic coastline? we maybe somewhere in there?


it’s weird i’m kinda sad right now and everyone is asleep although even if they were awake i wouldn’t be expressing my problems to them anyway like i just hate bombarding my friends with negativity about my own life. then there are people in my life who care a bit and ask me what’s wrong but i’m not close enough to express myself to them so it’s always a lose-lose