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do you know what's the difference between living in seoul and living in other cities like daegu, busan, jeonju, & etc? I always hear idols who didn't originate from seoul talk about it. I live in the US, so I know nothing sorry.

seoul is like new york in a way. it’s a busy bustling metropolis

busan is a port city, it’s a large city, second largest in sk but it’s also a port city so it has that countryside feel. lots of mountains and beaches, very chill

daegu is like the fourth largest city (or something like that, i forget) and in comparison to seoul it’s a countryside. lots of valleys and hills and more villages than you’d find in seoul

jeonju isn’t even on the list of top sk cities and it’s what’s referred to as a “traditional city” which kinda just means it’s the countryside

i know nothing but what my friend tells me so if he’s lying let me know so I CAN PUNCH HIM