So after the breakup I had with my ex, I’m once again seriously considering the pros of never having children. 

I’d started to reconsider with him, because, well, he really wants to be a dad at one point (and despite my own feelings about him currently, I do think he could be a good father if he ever has children). 

But even while dating I was and am very much of the thought that do not want to have biological children of my own. Ever. There are children out there that would benefit more from me adopting them, because otherwise they may end up just another part of the system until they are 18.

That said, I don’t really want to do that at this point either. 

Children make things more difficult, and don’t come free (or cheap). 

Whoever my future partner ends up being, I would rather children not be part of that. 

Whether that means I put myself forever on birth control or get myself sterilized at some point, I don’t know. 

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Bard, I have a confession to make. I think I love you. You smell like spiced cookies and autumn air, your voice is calming and you always seem to have a kind word and a hug for anyone who needs it. My nature makes me want to bestow gifts onto you, but I know you don't need them and may not accept them. So instead, I'll just repeat myself. Bard, I love you.

Oh dear. 

Love is a relative emotion. Many types of love exist, and since you have not precised which one possess you when i am in your mind, i will go through the most likely ones.

A family love would be most heart warming: seeing me as a figure of wisdom, safety and guidance. Like a grandfather who smells like fresh cookies. That would be rather amusing. Cookie grandpa.

Platonic love, as i like to call it, means you see me as someone close to you, with no ties to blood. However, sexual and romantic thoughts make you uncomfortable. Then again, i do not feel okay with any sexual organs coming close to me with the firm intention of “freshening my wood”.

Romantic love is, to me, the most mysterious: i do not understand it, yet it do. Living beings love, but i cannot. Nor do i wish to: romantic love is a level of attraction beyond the others, a depth i fear to thread in, due to my responsibilities upon this realm.

Love is strange. Mystical, even. Perhaps this is a crush? I do not know.

My love for all is platonic. Do you need a hug?

I think I might stop watching the creatures. I used to love them so much but I keep forcing myself to watch their content. I’m so proud of them hitting 1 mill but I would rather spend my time doing something else so i guess this is good bye? Before I unsubscribe and stuff I just wanted to say to them thanks for making the last two years amazing I love you all you shall always be a great part in my life <3









and on a more serious answer if this is a challenge for me to make headcanon as much as possible i’m not really good at writing my headcanon down but let’s try it (warning: me trying to keep control but eventually lose control in the end)

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Someone offered me a little insight on biological sex existing on a spectrum and it was awesome!

“I love this video and appreciate all the work you must have put into it. I’ve been following you on YouTube for awhile and as a trans woman myself, I must say your ally-ship to trans people feels very real and genuine. I know people who call themselves allies of any given group as a badge of popularity of sorts, and think that it makes them immune to criticism, but you seem to know what being a good ally actually means, even to the point of having the respect to bring others on your channel to speak for themselves on this topic rather than trying to speak for us. Thanks for that. <3One thing I would love if you could try to include in part two is a bit more explanation of the idea of biological sex, and specifically that it’s not nearly as binary or immutable as most people seem to believe, and it’s not necessarily static. The exact definition of “biological sex” is somewhat elusive, even. Is it genitalia? Chromosomes? Secondary sex characteristics? Hormones? A messy constellation of all four? All of the details that people claim determine biological sex vary greatly from person to person, and some people have some of them on one side of the spectrum and some on the other.I will also just say that in my case, I was assigned male at birth owing to my being born with a penis, but not only is my gender female, I consider my sex female too, particularly now that my hormones and secondary sex characteristics are tipped well towards the traditionally female side. Some would call me delusional for saying this, particularly because my chromosomes are most likely (I don’t actually know because I’ve never had them tested) XY and I cannot produce female gametes (which I say is neither here nor there since I’m essentially sterile anyway, a fact I really don’t mind at all), but I think that with a concept as messy and multifaceted as biological sex—even if hardly anyone realizes just how multifaceted and messy it is—it’s entirely reasonable for a woman like me to claim that I’m biologically female at this point.Do note that this is not in any way a tearing apart or dismissing of your video. I loved the video and I understand that with everything you have to cover here, it’s very understandable you wouldn’t go too in depth into any one thing. But my point is simply that if you are able, it would be lovely to see even just a few-second disclaimer in your second video that the idea of “biological sex” is more complex, fluid, and socially-constructed than most people seem to think, and that we do have some control over our own sexes through medical transition.”

I would have no friends if I treated them the way I treated myself. No matter how hard I try, I can never not put everyone else’s wants and needs before my own. I would rather make everyone in my life happy than be happy myself because I value them so much more. I still never understand why people choose to have me in their life and I will always question it silently to myself no matter how much validation I have or don’t have. I’m annoying and loud and full of useless information that makes sense to few people.

I’ve made the mistake of letting a few people take advantage of me to the point where I let them beat me down. I kept a dirty secret for one while she took advantage of me, bullied me, and was absolutely shady and said awful things about me until she was caught. I let another almost break my relationship of 6 years over stupid jealousy. I can never ever let someone try and break me again. Kindness is not weakness. 

my love for others is so consuming. i dont think ive ever mastered loving lightly. i have either felt everything or nothing at all. if it ever came down to why i suck at relationships, it is because i love them before I loved myself. i took away my self-love and gave it to you. I was taught that love was sacrifice. and if i had to choose anything, i would rather not sacrifice the very thing that makes me strong. i won’t sacrifice myself for anyone anymore. i am more than a half.

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If you had to chose would you rather they made a Warriors movie or Video game? And would you want them to be the same story from the books or a new story in the same universe?

Oooo!! Okay so, being a huge gamer myself, I would have to choose video game!
And I love RPG games, so I would love it to be where you make your own cat and story happen by the choices you make through the game ;w;

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That's a little harsh don't you think - calling Rosie rude and a hypocrite? People are talking about them a lot right now because her and Rose just got married. So if you think she's a hypocrite because she's bisexual isn't that kind of moot now - she married a woman. I mean you're totally entitled to your opinion I'm not saying you aren't. Just seems like you could have just said no I don't rather than attack one of them. Don't you think?

You are wrong in your assumption that I dislike Rosie Spaughton because she is bisexual. That’d be ridiculously silly to say, as I am identify as bisexual myself. I’d appreciate it if you’d cease to assume things about me in the future.

I dislike her because she is a hypocrite. If you put up content on YouTube saying which YouTuber you would shag if you had the chance, and have a great time elaborating on that, and then simultaneously call out fans of YouTubers that make edits and fan art on tumblr and calling them pathetic, perverse and what not, then I am going to say she’s a hypocrite. And since I’m entitled to my own opinion, as you said, I personally do think she’s extremely rude and obnoxious as well. 

So no, I don’t think I was harsh. I think I was being factual.

When I was in my teens my dad use to always say to me that lying to him was disrespectful. I always felt that he was wrong. I lied to keep from hurting him or making him mad at me. He said lying doesn’t protect a person’s feelings. It hurts them worse. It shows you have no respect for them. Let that person decided if they can handle the truth or not. Being honest with some one is being honest with yourself. Lies breed more lies. Lies can only cause more hurt and anger. Would you rather be respected for telling the truth or be hated for telling a lie? My dad was right. I realized now how much I can’t stand a liar and how I don’t want to be one myself. littlescarletbird

It bothers me, That after watching all these food documents about food and eating a plant based diet, in which they stated in every SINGLE one that eating a healthy plant based diet will help the environment, help you body and lower your chances at getting ill…. and they don’t choose to teach these things in schools or have them more available.
I sought out this information myself, long ago.
Even if the meat industry is huge. it should still be said. I guess its kinda true about what i read about medicines that they would rather you pop pills then do natural healing because the industry of medicines is too large and wealthy.
This is whats wrong with the world. It makes me so angry that they would rather people be ill so they can make money, then let people eat healthier and use natural medicines.
Small steps, small steps.


Hey everyone I was just laying in bed when I should be asleep and decided to ask you something. Have any of you ever been in love or are you currently in love? I wanna know your experiences and how you know/knew what love is like.
I have been in love before, twice actually. I might be in love right now but I’m not entirely sure. I would rather keep myself at a distance and not get my heart broken then tell them how I feel. So for now, I’m going to keep it to myself and hopefully I will get over this. Now, let’s talk about what love really is. Love is a strong word, when you love someone, you will do anything to talk to them. You might ignore your friends or family because to you, they make you so happy and you just enjoy their presence. The thing about being in love, they can make you the happiest person you could ever be, and the saddest person you ever will be, but all of that is worth it to you because you love them and will do whatever it takes for them to love you like you love them.

Okay so I think that’s enough rambling so please tell me what you think about me posting my opinion/experiences/advice about some topics with you!! Question of the day: Have you ever been inlove? I hope you are all having an awesome day, stay strong everyone ❤️

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oscar levant

  • First thing I saw them in: I think… it was The Band Wagon.
  • Favorite work of theirs: The Barkleys of Broadway, hands down. The sass, the piano playing, EVERYTHING.
  • Least favorite work: Rhapsody in Blue, not because of him (he was the only saving grace in the movie), BUT BECAUSE THAT MOVIE WAS WILDLY FUCKING INACCURATE DOYOURRESEARCHPLEASE oh my god (one fine day i will make a video of myself complaining about this fucking excuse of a biopic)
  • Actor I’d love for them to play against in a movie: I wish he’d done more movies with Fred, tbh, never get tired of them.
  • Would I rather marry/be best friends with/get adopted by them: BESTIES HELL YES.

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Would you like to have a discourse on the things we disagree on? I'm just very curious that you tell me I'm misinformed but don't want to talk to me about it.

Mainly your viewpoints on feminism and antagonism of men. I’m a feminist myself, but I see the effects of enraged feminists who believe they are making a difference by demeaning men to mere pigs, what it does is repulse men to the idea of a feminist rather than show them the beauty of true equality. I also believe that men can be feminists as well, although feminism was obviously founded by women the idea in and of itself deals with the breaking of strict gender regulations to achieve equality in all areas of life, excluding men from that would be like a corrupt war where a nation promises to help another, but instead destroys it in the meantime (lol like Americas never done that). Feminism is also about ending misogynistic psychological standards that men have, so it is also for men as well. Thanks for asking, and please respond with your opinions because I’m very interested in hearing your side of the argument. (Please note that this is the only thing I’ve found that we disagree on and I’m not discriminating against any personal aspect about you).

I just need to kind of get this off my chest because it’s been bothering me for weeks now. If you know me personally and you see this, please don’t be bothered that I didn’t tell you any of this in person, I’ve just been having a hard time dealing with this lately and I never know how anyone will react.
Recently I’ve been self-identifying as nonbinary and I can honestly say I feel so much better thinking about myself in this way, it reflects how I’ve felt my whole life. However, outwardly expressing my gender has been difficult because everyone I know thinks of me as only female and my passing as anything else is nearly impossible, but being seen as female is something I really dissociate with, and I would much rather be addressed as they/them but I don’t know any way to go about making that happen. I’m not even out as pan (i go by fluid) to most of my friends and I feel as though I’m hiding this huge part of myself and lying to everyone around me that I care about. I really wish this didn’t have to be such a hassle but coming out as nonbinary or agender or anything besides male/female is such a hard concept for so many people to understand for some reason. Thankfully, I’m graduating soon so I can start off next year introducing myself with my preferred pronouns and appearing how I want. Until then, I’m probably just going to try my best to outwardly appear how I feel on the inside. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with this kind of issue, anything is welcome, and if anyone has questions, I’m happy to respond as long as they’re respectful. I doubt anyone will read this, but just in case, please don’t reblog.

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How are you arrogant? You're like the most open minded person in the tdr tag, but whateves it's your decision so I'll definitely follow you even if you don't post in the tdr tag because you're fantastic

Ugh, who knows…
From what I’ve been able to gather, me having opinions that differ from the current judges makes me arrogant for thinking I can do a better job than them and me voicing those opinions publicly makes me self-centered because obviously the only reason I would ever say such things is because I have no life and want attention and therefore am stirring up drama for no reason to draw focus away from the current contestants and towards myself??? rather than the actual explanation that I think there are a lot of things that could have been handled better so far and I feel bad that the contestants are getting the short end of the stick…they seem to have been conditioned to not speak up if they have any problems so I thought maybe I was helping them but apparently not so there’s nothing left for me to say.
Basically, a community that is run with no room for suggestions or discussions and by people who lash out with personal attacks towards anyone who questions them is not a community I want any part in.
Thank you though <3

[this will be the last time I publicly address this topic by the way. I’ve spent enough energy on this already, and the person who sent me the long tirade earlier requested that I not turn this into a huge public issue because, again, that would mean I’m taking attention away from the contestants]

Not Coming Out This Weekend

Well I think I have decided that I am not going to come out to my parents while I am home as I originally planned. While I feel like I am ready to start transitioning and I really want to start I do not feel it is the right time to come out. It just doesn’t seem like the right time to come out and I would rather be out to more people before I do. I want to be farther in the process of transitioning before I tell them so I have more to show them when I come out. 

While it sucks that this is the conclusion I have come to I think I am going to commit to making progress. I am going to start coming out to more people and I am going to find a way to start hormones. I really feel like I will be more confident and sure of myself once I have made some real progress. Hopefully I can start really making progress instead of just being hung up on coming out to them.

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I, 69(sorry haha) , 88, and 180

oi! Not sure if that first one is a 1 or a typo but I’ll answer it anyway:

1: How’re you doing? I’m ok. Little stressed, little lazy. eating food now so things are a OK

69: what are your favourite books?The Collector by John Fowles and Venus in Furs by leopold van sacher masoch

88: are you more like your mom or your dad? Hm, I would have to say my dad. He’s super chill, independent, very quiet (this tends to make for poor conversation skills between the two of us when we’re hanging out), my dad likes to make people happy and isn’t very confrontational, so if he wants to do something someone is opposed to, he won’t argue with them about it, he’ll just go and figure out a way of doing it without getting noticed. I was always more like that, kept to myself, prefer to just do my own thing rather than getting in a fight. We both like drinking? ha. I’ve got some negative aspects from my mom though that I’m always trying to work on, like being a bit of a control freak, being paranoid/untrusting of others, taking things people do way too personally. 

180: share a song that takes you to a certain memory in the past: “breathe me” by sia will always make me think about the first time I heard it, a girl in my video production class in college played it in a project, and I asked her what the song was, and that got us to talking, and we’ve been best friends since. I’ve got a spotify playlist that goes back about 2 years, and everytime I hit a certain group of songs it takes me back to the period of time I added them, which can be kind of hard to explain, cause it’s not a certain, specific memory, but more of a general feeling from a period of time? Like really vivid nostalgia. 

Thank you for the questions!