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Do u want to buy my snapchat and I'll ANYTHING

Out behind the shed is a massive ball-peen hammer… If I ever pay anyone to see things I can easily see for free in almost every corner of the Internet… I would hope those closest to me would take me out back and cave my head in 


“I’m pretty blown away by Benedict Cumberbatch. I just love his absolute commitment to his characters. He’s so ballsy. He’s so unafraid to really go there — to commit physically, to commit emotionally, to commit verbally, like he’s just very clear and very specific about his characters, and really unabashed in embodying them.” — Tatiana Maslany. (x)


TVD Meme: Klaus’ villainous moments

Testing new brushes and techniques :^)

Now I’m not a fan of begging for money, but I’ve opened up a Patreon because I’m not very rich, so your support will be much appreciated and would help me make more art.

I also don’t like to restrict people from seeing my works through pay walls or anything like that, so I don’t plan to have any reward tiers. The best I could do is to hold a commission raffle every month if I reached a certain amount.

And of course, it’s donating is completely optional, but every bit counts.

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(Actually I'll send an ask and we'll run with it from there. I'm also going to leave it pretty open for what you can do ok?) "Talk. To. Azrukahl." the ghoul growled as a few strands of red hair fell in front of his face. He seemed unamuzed and unwilling to deal with anything right now. He was hungry and tired after spending three straight days awake and eating very little. (Charon-andthe-wanderer)

"Listen, I’ll pay you for this job! I just need the help now!" Doll stated, clearly in a rush. The woman kept glancing behind her back as if she was expecting to see someone. She had done something that she shouldn’t have, but Doll was hoping that it would bring a positive change.

What had she done? Well, that was a bit harder to explain. Originally, Doll had worked as a scientist for a group of people who seemed to be searching for a way to reverse or fix the problems from the nuclear fallout that had occured. However, when she realized that they were actually trying to use all the nuclear radiation they had aquired from the affected dirt to experiment on people, Doll had stolen the research plans and escaped. She was sure that they knew of her betrayal by now and there was no way that they would just leave her alone. They would definitely want the plans back and Doll was sure they would take her life as compensation.

Biting down on her bottom lip, she glanced at the ghoul before questioning, “What do you want? Food? Money? I have plenty of both, I just need you to take this escort job. I’m not asking for much! The trip should take about a week tops and that includes breaks along the way.”

(I tried to make it interesting! Sorry if a few things don’t make sense. My mind is all over the place right now. charon-andthe-wanderer)


Hey there everyone! I’m a jobless artist who has to pay for food and rent somehow, so please consider commissioning me, and if you can’t a signal boost through reblogging would be much appreciated!!


  • Payment is upfront (I won’t start a commission until I receive the money) and sent through Paypal only
  • These prices are per character, so 2 characters would be double the base price, 3 characters is triple, etc.
  • If you want to see sketches/WIPs please ask me! I’ll happily share progress with you if you want to see it
  • Please tell me if you want anything done by a specific date so I can plan ahead! I’m a full-time university student and I’m ill very often as well, but I always try to get commissions done asap anyway!
  • I’ll draw pretty much anything! OCs, fanart, gore, nsfw material, etc.
  • Experimental commissions mean you give me a reference and I draw your character(s) using a technique I really want to practice more, sort of like a mystery bag sort of thing!
  • Something you want not on the price-list? Just ask me about it! I’ll be happy to work with you to draw exactly what you want

If you have any questions, or are interested in commissioning me don’t hesitate to email me at dichordart@gmail.com !! You can also check out my site here for examples and follow my Twitter for sketches and progress shots here!

Okay guys I have a serious question and I'd like your feedback

So I’m good at hand embroidering and my mom also has an embroidery machine 

and I’m making an etsy account

Sooo I was wondering if I took requests would you guys want me to make things per request???

Some things I’ve done in the past was:

-embroidered my brother’s name in pillows I made for him

-embroidered song lyrics on white shirts

-embroidered quotes on napkins/handkerchiefs 

Really I could probably do it on anything you guys want

The reason why I’m doing this is because I’m trying to earn money to help my parents pay for my mom to see a special doctor at the mayo clinic because she’s very sick and she has to go see an expensive specialist 

Okay, so....this is how that damn dream went

Me and 3 of my close friends we’re hanging out at one of the coffee shops, talking about everything and anything, checking the guys out and stuff. They were actually acting a bit strange but I didn’t pay much attention to that ‘cause they always did act strange. After a few moments, all 3 of them went to use the restroom leaving me alone at the table. Knowing that they would be there for ages, I started checking my FB, Twitter and Tumblr to see if there’s something new on there. Reblogged, retweeted and liked a few post, taking a sip of my drink, not realizing that someone was sitting next to me.

"So, you like my band, huh?"

"Your Band? Who do you….HOLY SHIT!" I said looking at him realizing that it was Jack.

The Jack Barakat from ATL. I just sat there staring at him while he was laughing with that laugh of his I could listen to all damn day long. After getting my shit straight, which took a while, we started talking, getting to know each other and stuff. After some time, we went for a walk around town, during which he constantly held my hand, kissed me on the cheek every now and then, making me turn red like a chilly pepper. In the end, we ended up in the house he and the boys were. The same moment we both walked into the living room, the guys ran towards us, gave me hugs so tight that I almost ran out of air. I wasn’t complaining tho. Who would? It’s not like you get a chance to meet those 4 idiots every day. Blushing again at all the compliments they gave me after those hugs, I started giggling like an idiot. But the thing Jack said to them after all of that made me melt completely. And that thing was - “Back away guys. This pile of cuteness over here is mine.”

And this is where I woke up crying my eyes out ‘cause - NEVER GONNA HAPPEN…NOT EVEN IN A MILLION YEARS….

"I think everyone hates millie for a stupid reason, of course she is gonna pay no attention to her child who haS A BROKEN SPINE. her other kids dont need anything from her they were adults, do you see other cats doting on their full grown kits, no no you dont. because they are adults and dont need to be coddled. obviously she is going to give special care to her child with a permanent injury to think of anything else of it would be cruel." ~anon

Confession #: 344

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Here's an idea. So during a battle between Big Hero 6 and some bad guys, Honey Lemon throws one of her chem balls at them, but they knock it back at her and it blinds her. How would she react and how would the team react?

Oh, ouch, yeah chemical blindness would NOT be fun. Scarring, burning, just…not nice things.

All in all, I think the team would handle it really well. Honey Lemon seems like the cheerful sort who will bounce back from anything, although obviously she wouldn’t be immediately okay. I figure she’d do her best to keep up her spirits to make sure the rest of the team doesn’t worry too much. GoGo, of course, will see right through her, but she also understands what Honey’s trying to do so she doesn’t call her on it. She offers a lot of support in private though, and becomes super overprotective.

Fred I think would obviously be super generous without even having to think about it. He would pay for the plastic surgery she’d probably need for the chemical burns, hire someone to teach Honey how to read braille, and pay for any equipment she needs such as a cane or seeing eye dog. He’d offer her whatever she needed, and would refuse to treat her differently. I figure he canonically does a lot of charity and volunteer work, it’s completely possible that he’s worked with the blind before and puts that experience to good use.

Wasabi would be really awkward around her at first, treating her like glass, which would probably annoy her a bit. But he’s also the one that organizes the lab and her home so that she can learn to navigate based on her memory of where things are, and he’s very fanatic about keeping things in their place so she won’t trip on them or run into them.

Hiro would also be really nervous and awkward around her as well for a bit, especially as he’s still at that age where he thinks everyone is invincible. He also naturally tries to invent something to get her sight back, spending many sleepless nights on his project. Maybe he succeeds, maybe he doesn’t, but Honey Lemon really appreciates that he’s trying.

And I’m sure Tadashi programmed Baymax to deal with blind patients, so he’s probably the most equipped out of any of them to deal with the situation. He handles it like a champ, and kind of becomes a rock for everyone as they learn to deal.

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Red sighed as he walked through the city of Inera, questioning why Shaian would send him all the way here. She said he had to find something, it was important too…..yet he didn’t find anything at all. The demon shook his head, letting out another frustrated sigh before accidentally bumping into someone. He mentally cursed that he had been to lost in his thoughts and didn’t pay attention to were he was going. 

"I’m sorry, I didn’t see you….are you alright?" He asked.

As some of you may know, aside from being the critically underpaid moderator for ruffalumps, I am also a full time student and cat mummy to quite a few cats I have rescued from scenarios ranging from severe abuse or `stray living. As my studies don’t allow the time for getting a job that would adequately pay my way forward, I have been attempting to subsidize myself running a cat sitting service in what little spare time I have. Unfortunately, business is slow right now. And having had a spate of kitty illnesses to pay for (Gypsy-Dancer is on daily meds and Tony Stark is frequently back and forth from the vets suffering from rhinitus as well as an undiagnosed underlying condition), my funds have been almost completely wiped out. I have just about enough to see me through a few months of cat food and emergency trips, but barely anything to feed myself, pay for the basics and otherwise survive to a reasonable extent. 

I feel very cheeky for doing so, but I have added a donation tab to the top of my blog in my effort to try any means I can of acquiring a little money to get by on so I’m not left with the option of ending my studies. My dream is to begin my own cat sanctuary, and ending my studies would effectively end that dream. I’m sorry for resorting to a donate button, as I know a lot of people have things a lot worse than I am. And I hate asking for any kind of help. But I’m flat broke. 

Thank you.

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You know I used to get annoyed by his "overconfident speech" and at times I still do, but I've come to realize Val comes from a competitive background, I'm sure when he used to compete he and his partner had to think they were the best. I think it's his way of staying focused. I mean LeBron James or Kobe bryant don't approach the court saying, "I think we'll win, or I guess we're the best." You gotta gotta be in it to win it, if not y bother...

This was beautifully said. Especially from someone who used to think otherwise about him. I’m glad you came around and think differently now. Sure he’s confident but, as you said, he’s had to be in his background. Plus I think his biggest competition and obstacle is his own head. If these people criticizing him would pay closer attention, they’d see him talk shit on himself more than anything. He’s no longer a rookie on dwts but he’s also still against many who have won before. So it’s him and his partner against the world. Someone has to believe in him and even tho all his fans do, he still has to push himself to be THE person who believes in HIMSELF. Cuz, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters and makes the most impact and difference. But really these people need to give him a break and realize what a sweet, humble, funny guy he really is.

See, a while back I watched Captain America. The first one.

And there was that dude, that fell of a train? Just like that. He dead now.

I was impressed!

That guy was his friend! And they just killed him, like it’s no big deal. Ice cold.

Heh, ice cold.

In a movie like that, anything can happen, so sit up and pay attention!

Then yesterday I started thinking.

Who is this winter soldier fella? I never saw the sequel, didn’t read the comic.

Wait a minute…

He ain’t dead! Nobody dies that easy! Nobody dead unless you see the body.

I get it now. Freeze one, freeze ‘em all.

Freeze me once, won’t be frozen again.

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so youre basically alright with movies being leaked online and all.... tbh it makes me kind of angry i wish people would pay to watch movies like there is so much work behind it it deserves recognition

Okay YES I’m glad you brought it up because this is a huge topic for me. I respect your opinion, but I work in the film industry and I strongly believe that torrenting is acceptable in certain situations.

Let’s say I’m a wee little filmmaker who hasn’t done anything too special or big. I don’t have any money to release my little film with a big studio, so my best bet is to take it to a festival and see what happens. Now let’s say my film does pretty well at a festival, but a big studio doesn’t buy it. Some no-name studio that can only afford extremely limited releases buys my film. What does this mean? It means practically no one will see my film. 

There is nothing more discouraging than knowing that no one will see your work. But, check this — if people torrent it, people see it. And you might say, “But hey, this filmmaker did all this work and now he’s not getting any money and this is uNFAIR” but wait. Hold up. Before you can make money in the film industry, you need to gain popularity. Popularity is just as valuable as money. That may sound strange, but like…okay. Picture this. My little film isn’t doing well in the big wide world of Hollywood with its no-name studio and puny release, but the Internet LOVES my film. People are torrenting it left and right and my name is getting onto film blogs and Rotten Tomatoes. 

That’s really good.

Once I’m popular, I can get more investors. With more investors, I can make bigger and better films. Torrents aren’t always good, but they can be a huge help to small-scale filmmakers. That’s why I’m okay with torrenting — sometimes. Only sometimes. But like…how do you think someone like Xavier Dolan got enough investors to fund The Death and Life of John F. Donovan? He got it from worldwide popularity, not the fact that he’s rich. Popularity comes from people seeing your films. Popularity doesn’t require money, but if you have enough popularity, your career will skyrocket. That leads to money.

Moral of the story: torrenting is not always bad, but you shouldn’t do it excessively. And you definitely shouldn’t do it if you have very easy access to a legal copy of a film or television show. 

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Have you done strip poker? (Cause I feel like mabel would cheat to see dipper in the nude lol) maybe nsfw?

I dont know anything about poker.

"Hey, Dip," her grin frightens him. He doesn’t like it.

"What?" he asks afraid of the answer.

"Wanna play a game?"

His eyes narrow, “What game?”

"Strip poker."

"I can’t believe I did this."

"Quit whining and take them off," she grins even more. He lost every round and now he has to pay. He cn’t believe how well Mabel is at poker. How’d she get so good?

"Do I have to?" it’s his last piece of clothing left. Underwear. He doesn’t want to.

"Yes. You lost."


"No buts except yours. Now take it off!" she exclaims. She didn’t spend all her time playing for nothing.

He sighs, “Fine,” he slowly grips the edges of his underwear. His eyes close tightly to avoid hers, “I can’t believe…” in one quick motion, they fall to the floor. He sucks in the air, “There.”

"Wow," she gasps, "This was worth cheating for."

His eyes shoot open, “You what?!”

This was rushed. Sorry.