Can someone please explain what exactly you think Zach should be doing and what opportunities he is just letting pass him by? I feel like some think Zach is this scared little boy that won’t leave Mommy and Daddy. But what I see someone is overwhelmed but he wants to take advantage of what he can. He has filmed his third cameo on Bold and the Beautiful and CBS obviously wanted him for TAR, he was upset it didn’t work out. YouNow is keeping him in the public eye and until his contact is up he can’t do anything else unless CBS approves (which I think is unlikely because they obviously see the value in Zach) He went to NYC and stayed for awhile because he was basically living for free at AJs grandparents house. If he moved to LA or NYC now he would be having a hard time making money and would have to pay rent. What he is doing is smart saving money and doing what he can to stay relevant until his contact is up. I just don’t see what opportunities people think he is missing out on?

He is not Frankie he doesn’t have that level of fame. Frankie also obviously had a completely different contact that was not as constrictive. (This is not in anyway taking away from Frankie’s accomplishment because I am so proud of him and he has put in so much work to get to this point.)

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What if you have gender euphoria? I'm bigender because I don't experience dysphoria but I do experience gender euphoria

I don’t even understand.

You’re bigender because being bigender makes you happy? How did you ever get to the “I’m not happy being cis” part if you didn’t have to deal with dysphoria? Cis people..for lack of better phrasing, get to take their gender for granted. I don’t think they really pay much attention to it since it’s basically a state of being they never had qualms with and constant reminders of those qualms. But with that said, there’s probably people out there rolling in their…agab-ness. Feel like it wouldn’t really be seen as anything other than self-assured pride or something. I don’t think “gender euphoria” would apply here really…it’s possible…but I don’t see it. They don’t have to go through the bad to see the good so I imagine it just “is” to them….

Trans people may feel the euphoria after transition or on like good passing days or something along those lines… So, what I’m getting at is basically I’m not understanding how you went from A to C by jumping over B. How did you know you even had problems with being cis if there was nothing in your mind saying so? Did you just like…read about bigender one day and get all warm and fuzzy inside so you decided to go with it? Which…would be odd.

In other words: If it was never broken then what prompted you to try and fix it? “I’m bigender because I don’t experience dysphoria” really doesn’t make much sense to me.


if y’all could do me a solid whenever possible, if you remember, because i would definitely forget if i were you and this is something i should reeeeeally probably remember to check on myself

if y’all would give me a heads-up if i am shouting about watching/reading/otherwise consuming something if it’s going to feature alcoholism and/or abusive fathers, i would very appreciate. <3 it’s not gonna stop me watching anything, because i am a) stubborn and b) am FINE TOTALLY FINE AND HAVE NO ISSUES, SEE?

but it’s…something i should probably be paying attention to

I’m seeing this gifs of Liam talking on the Late Late Show and the only thing I can think about it’s: I miss Zayn. I miss Zayn’s look to Liam when he starts talking nonsense and gets so cheerful about it. When he started talking about the bowling/zamboni thing and everyone was minding their business and paying a slight attention to him I know Zayn would be the one staring at him with heart eyes and making Liam know that he is listening and that anything he has to say is very important.

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I dont get why that picture of Harry at Irving's desk is so important. It would be really helpful if youu could explain what difference does it make that the uncropped version was released before tour?

It’s just very odd. Why is the full version of the photo coming out five months after the cropped version? Why now? I don’t know if it correlates with the tour, but the Cardiff concert is being broadcasted (I think? Correct me if I’m wrong.) which is a business endeavor that Azoff has been advocating for his clients. He wants to see pay-per-view concerts, which would be a match made in heaven for a band like One Direction. It’s also odd because I don’t know about you, but I don’t just go hanging around my friend’s dad’s office. I would think he would go there for business, to strike a deal, or to sign some papers.

It doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. It’s just very odd timing and with sketchy sources.







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all i can imagine is smitten sugar daddy! steve

Steve wanting to spoil student!Tony silly because he takes joy in making sure his loved ones are well taken care of, but also not wanting to scare Tony off.  The thing is, Steve doesn’t spoil people with material things, necessarily.  Like, he’ll secretly pay off Tony’s tuition, and probably pay Tony’s rent until his graduation, and maybe get Tony a new car, but nothing that’s too flashy.  

Steve would use his connections to ensure that Tony gets an amazing internship or job with the most prestigious technology company in the country, and if Tony ever needed anything, like new school supplies, Steve would make sure he had the best.  I can’t see Steve as ever being one to indulge in luxuries as much as a CEO!Tony would–he’d def have an amazing house, and nice cars or something, but he wouldn’t just toss out a half million dollars at a casino, y’know?  Regardless of how rich he was. 

And maybe Tony would first think Steve was some spoiled, rich kid–after all, his name was in the papers and on tv more than enough, and usually linked to hot, young actors or models, and he inherited his father’s company at a young age–so Tony wouldn’t be impressed with Steve’s money at first.  And really, I think if Tony were to be impressed with anything about Steve’s position, it would be Steve’s power and influence (Tony likes to roleplay, and one of his favorite fantasies is pretending he’s the hot, young intern at Steve’s company). 

But Steve does what he can to make sure Tony is comfortable, but nothing in excess, and Tony’s grateful for that.  Tony learns very quickly that Steve’s still a very down-to-earth guy, and that’s what he loves about Steve so much: how Steve can be so young, powerful, and rich, but still be the boy next door. 

PWYW commission sale!

SOO i have $5 in the bank rn which isnt great cause i need about $30 a week for bus fares etc. my last job ended in me melting down from panic and stress and im not ready to try again yet so id really appreciate any commissions!

this sale is pay what you want - say what youd like to see for however much youd like to pay, and ill draw accordingly! the stuff below would range from $10 to $50 but even if you only have $2 to spend i can still draw you something.

i draw lots of stuff, including people, animals, fantasy, nsfw, piss, honestly just throw anything my way no gods no kings. 

i can do all this stuff in traditional or digital media, and im happy to discuss stuff like groups or reference pics or anything.

if you cant spare anything right now itd be super cool if you could reblog this post for your followers. just send me an ask if youre interested and ill give you my email for any reference pic needs. thanks for reading!!!

PSA: Support your artists!!

I’m gonna go ahead and put this here for people because i feel like it needs to be spread more.

Just a slight ramble, but this one’s actually going to be on a more positive note for once!!

I keep seeing people around lately that are so entitled to artist’s work, that when the artist does something that would help them make an extra buck or so, such as: Art magazines, patreons, art packs, etc. I keep seeing things in their comments like
“You don’t deserve it”
“Ugh why would I pay ___ to get art that isn’t made for me?”
“I won’t pay this because there’s loads of free art I can look at everywhere else.”

Now ok, noone is forcing you to pay anything to see their content. No one is forcing you to buy anything from them.
However, saying things like that, is highly degrading and disrespectful for the artists.

I do not see how this is such a difficult thing to understand??

Artists provide wonderful, free content all the time. And yes there is a surplus, and that’s certainly not a bad thing! But take into account how much time, work, and effort goes into every pixel of their work.
Being an artist myself, and having a few artist friends as well, let me tell you it is -not- as easy as it looks, and it’s easy to take it for granted.
And maybe it’s even easy to take advantage of all the free content the artist provides.

It’s not about sending donations to support them, it’s about not saying unnecessary jerk-face things that put artists and their hard work down. No matter if you like them and/or their work or not.
Money/funding? That’s just a bonus! Artists have lives, and they need to eat and pay bills.
Just like everyone else. And some artists, like myself, do not have the means to get normal every-day jobs, and art is their ONLY source of income.

So think about that the next time you want to write something even remotely degrading.
It’s alright to think that you don’t want to pay for content that wasn’t made for you specifically. Alright, cool.
What’s not cool is how you tell artists that it’s “Extortion” or “they don’t deserve it” or “It’s a stupid idea”.

Artists are not robots, and we love to provide you all content and when people enjoy our work, it makes us feel great! And that helps our drive to get better, and provide more content! But please, please be respectful of them, and overall…just don’t be a jerk. :\

You wouldn’t walk up to a sandwhich store and say “I’m not paying for this because I can make tons of sandwhiches at home. This establishment is rediculous. You don’t deserve it.”
So what makes you want to do that to an artist?

So everyone should thank your artists and support them! Whether that be with money or not, spread that encouragement! Every bit helps! The fact that they choose to give as much content out for free is wonderful of them! And if you ARE supporting them with money, you’re the bomb!! This helps their stress AND finances, and thus creating a happier, healthier artist!

Drawing is hard. Dealing with the stresses of life AND degrading people is even harder.

  • Josh - "yeah Maya you don't even really know me"
  • Maya - "yeah you're right I don't even pay attention to anything you do... I don't know that you drive from Philadelphia to New York, not even looking if you got into NYU just so you can open your acceptance letter in front of your older brother because you love him and and want him to be proud of you. I see the way you are with Auggie a little kid who looks up to you, who you always have time for. And I know even though you would rather stay here with these girls you're going to walk me and Riley home because that's just the kinda guy you are. I like you"
Different Circumstances

My father is never home.
And yours is always home.
My father doesn’t drink,
and right now yours is drunk.
Everyone says I’m spoiled,
after all, I’m my father’s daughter.
While your father hates you,
but you still work and pay his bills
like any good daughter would do.

I envy you, as messed up as that is.
Sometimes I wish my father
hated me; that he was drunk.
Sometimes I wish I had a reason
to leave this wretched house.

But seeing you I know it’s not
that simple, and if anything it’s too
complicated. Maybe that’s why
you haven’t dumped his sorry ass
on the side of the street yet.

I also love you. As messed up as that is.
And I wish you knew. I wish I could
make you feel loved, and take you
away from that wretched place.

I wish we met differently, under
different circumstances.
Maybe then you could love me too.

Darren as Hedwig

I saw the bootleg of Darren Criss as Hedwig last night, and I just had to say something about it.

First, I want to clarify that I am a big believer in paying for entertainment, and supporting the performers and production team etc etc etc. If there were any rational way in the world for me to go see the show live I would have done it. But it would take me a full month’s income just to get to NYC and back, even before show tickets or hotels or any of that.  If I could pay for a professional taping of this show, or a professional album, I would. But Broadway hasn’t gotten smart and created their own version of DigitalTheatre to do that. So a bootleg it was.

I’m a sp0!ler-free writer, so I won’t say anything about specific content of the show. But I feel like I need to talk about Darren’s performance.

A month or so ago someone showed me a bootleg of one of the prior Hedwigs. I’m not even going to say which one because it doesn’t matter. I like that actor. He is a gifted performer, very funny, and very talented. It was a great show.

But when I got to the end of Darren’s show I felt emotionally wrung out. That didn’t happen the first time. Actually it almost never happens to me–I am almost never emotionally moved by shows (and especially a video of a stage play…I didn’t even know that was possible).  Wicked Little Town went around in my head for hours, his voice and that intensity haunting my mind for the remainder of the day.

People keep saying that Darren Criss is a gifted performer, and definitely, he is that. But there’s something there that is more than just acting technique, physical ability, or musical skill. He has an ability to connect with the audience–not just talk with them, but connect somehow–on a deep, genuine, heartfelt level. Fans have repeatedly said that he’s such a nice person and so kind and friendly when they meet him, but even when he’s Hedwig (and being egotistical and raunchy and bitchy) he still can make those connections.

The first Hedwig I saw entertained me. She told me a sad story and I felt sorry for her of course, but I also never had any trouble remembering that it was just a story. She made me laugh, but she didn’t make me care about her.

Darren’s Hedwig moved me. I was pulled in completely (even on a tiny laptop screen). My heart was pulled out of my chest and thrown on the floor and then stomped-on with five-inch heels. For an hour and forty minutes. 

And then, in the last few minutes, he literally stripped off the entire facade. Just one man, one microphone, one spotlight…so open and raw and falling apart in front of me so completely that it made me feel put back together by comparison.

If you could see yourself through my eyes..

You’d see pure beauty. In everything. You’d see how beautiful you are whether your in that sexy leather jacket, or you just woke up and have that adorable bed head and that half awake look in your eyes. You would see that captivating look you get when you’re concentrated or how stunning you are when you’re not paying attention to anything, or that amazing look you get right before you kiss me.
If you could see yourself through my eyes you would see a sweet, caring girl who is the epitome of perfection. You’d see someone that is impossible to even consider letting go of. And if you saw yourself through my eyes, you would see why it’s so mind blowing that you don’t believe me

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laysoo is so underrated tbh and idk whyyy. theyre so pretty!! do u have any fav laysoo fics?

sorry this ask got buried and i’m seeing it just now…
Larousse Gastronomique (chef!soo, no smut) and that’s it i think ;-;. but here’s my laysoo tag in case you haven’t checked it out already. there’s some ot3s in there as well.

and sigh i wish people who make things would pay more attention to this pairing, look at them!!

also, can i just…


don’t wanna let ppl forget this happened

I’m Just Jealous//Karmella + Baron

On the outside, Karmella never really showed how jealous she would get whenever someone she liked would be with someone that was just not for them. She wouldn’t even say anything but later she would chew that person out and even say that she would say something. Of course she wouldn’t. It was something that she knew that other people could see but she chose not to even deal with it because it was childish and pointless.“What are you talking about? I don’t give a damn that he’s with her. If he wants to be with her, then more power to him.” She told her best friend Cassidy as the two walked into the arena for a photoshoot for the upcoming pay per view and they had a show to do later that night so it would make sense to stay there and just get ready for the show afterward. “Mel, girl you are playing yourself if you think that you are completely okay with the fact that he is with her and seem to be happy. We’ve been friends for a long time and I know you are absolutely jealous. If you can’t be truthful with anyone else, you can be truthful with me.” Cassidy said as the two arrived at where the shoot would happen.
Before the shoot would start, Karmella saw the one person she had been talking about walking the halls and she rolled her eyes as she tried to not look at him and just act like he was even there although the temptation was very high.”You ain’t gonna say hi to him Mel?” Cassidy asked.”Who?” Mel asked pretending to not know who she was talking about. Just before Mel could even respond to her, she looked to see him with another girl and she sighed to herself and she felt a shiver go up her spine. “That should be me.” She said to herself as she turned to walk away not even knowing if anyone was looking at her.


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I'm a Hermes kid and well, to Leo, how did death feel like and then seeing Calypso? and to Nico, how do you feel knowing you have fangirls but you're gay/homosexual? to Reyna, did you know that people ship you with Nico called Reyco? And Annabeth, did you know Percy kissed Rachel?

Death was boring, because I was just waiting above the underworld, because I didn’t want to pay Charon, cause I didn’t know if I would be able to come back after that. But it was awesome to see Calypso again. -Leo 

I don’t mind people liking me, as long as they don’t do anything weird, or sexual with or at me without my consent. -Nico 

Yeah, it’s weird. Nico is a gay man, and I’m not. That’s really not a mix and match sort of situation. -Reyna 

Yes, he told me. We weren’t dating when it happened, so I don’t really care. I trust Percy, and I know that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Rachel anymore. -Annabeth 

[ happxnstance​ ]

roy was really growing tired of waiting. honestly he didn’t understand why they were taking another test, when he knew for sure it was just going to give them the same answer. they would see that horrible negative sign and would have to start over again. he was bouncing his foot as he waited and couldn’t help but to look over at her every now and then as he tried to give her a small smile. she seemed just as antsy as he was waiting for this. they wanted a baby more than anything else, and hopefully this time all their hard work would pay off. “i wish these were faster.” he muttered as he tried to make her smile a bit, but knowing the only thing that would actually make her smile was if there was a positive sign on that test.