Okay, so this is from ep 5.19, where the Council is talking about sending people after Ahsoka. (Guess why I’m rewatching this scene).

First image is from when Tarkin is talking and saying that Ahsoka is guilty. You can tell that that is the exact moment Anakin stopped liking Tarkin, and threw away his friendship bracelet.

Second image is me trying to cap Anakin’s little head shake after Mace says that Anakin going to get Ahsoka back might make things worse. Anakin does that head shake, and then says, “With all due respect, she’s my Padawan.“ So I’m trying to interpret that head shake: I’m leaning towards it being a “I can’t believe he’s saying that” shake, and trying to clear his head before moving on to his dialogue. After all, it would make sense for him to feel that Mace is disrespecting him by not letting him be in charge or take responsibility for his Padawan, and trying to get someone else to deal with it.

We all have ego and I try to keep mine in check as much as possible, my desire to be Icarus and be more than I am. “Spider-Man” is a great analogy for that. I’m really glad I did it and there’s no regrets I took on that role because it’s always meant so much to me. I learned more about myself than in other situations. It shows you what you’re comfortable with and what feels good to you, and what doesn’t. The Wal-Mart aspect of being involved in a movie like that does not feel good to me, and the loss of anonymity doesn’t feel good to me. I now know that what I love is the acting. I’ve always known that but I think there was a part of that was seduced or interested from the ego perspective of “I wonder what it would be like to be in that sphere, in that realm.” I found out that it wasn’t for me in that respect. No disrespect to the work, because I got to do amazing scenes and work with amazing actors and a great director, great material, but the other thing that comes with it. You know, you try a foreign food or you try McDonald’s. You try something and say oh, that doesn’t taste very good, I’m not going to eat that again. But there are parts of that meal I did enjoy so I’ll take those bits and leave the rest.

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I am livid. This is beyond fucked up now. I don't know what's the truth anymore, but the fans in the Philippines and Indonesia deserve better. This is honestly so messed up.

This is just one more example in a well established pattern of disrespecting people of color. Like you just gonna snatch up their money and DELIBERATELY give them a 4/5 experience? You gonna do that to them INTENTIONALLY? Who the fuck does 1D’s management think they are?? 

And once again, the old this-is-personal type maliciousness of 1D’s team is back on display. Zayn’s rep is being trashed and they knew this would be a consequence. I feel for the fans in Indonesia and the Philippines. I think they should turn the concerts into protest rallies. I think they should bring posters calling out the bullshit and chant their displeasure so loudly it drowns out the music. I think the audience needs to put on a show. It’s the principle. A good old fashioned public shaming that makes international news would be pretty great. I wish I could make that happen. 

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Can u please not use the b word or hoe bc when my ex used to abuse me he would use those harshly thanks.

Look I’m very sorry as to what happened to you and nobody should go through that .

But at the end of the day if someone wants to try me in my inbox I have to clap back .

It’s in no disrespect or agitation to people not even pertaining to the situation

If me swearing triggers you , it would be better for you to unfollow

Not to be mean , but I just don’t feel like stopping the usage of swear words , or tagging them for one person .

this is in no offense or me being rude to you . It would just be best that way 👍

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I don't really like being a woman because of how people treat me and because they disrespect me. My friends are both trans and they say that changing your identity to a masculine one and being nb can really help with getting respect and feeling more comfortable. Can I call myself trans or nb? I don't have any problems with my body and I don't mind being feminine. I feel though that being transmasculine would help with a lot of my problems. A lot of people say I might be trans cause I -

“…am a feminine lesbian and I like other feminine lesbians. I’m really bossy as well and I think being trans would mean that people wouldn’t disrespect me or think that I’m a bitch. Please help.“

No, you cannot identify as trans/nb if you aren’t trans/nb. It’s actually very offensive for people to just claim those labels because they feel like it or just to get the positive aspects of it. Yes, we have a good community and support system, but that’s because of the disrespect and brutality that we have been put through in the past & are going still through currently.

I wouldn’t get caught up in thinking that being trans would be better/easier than being cis, because it’s very very hard to live in this society when people don’t like to recognize that you exist.

I am not apart of the WWE Universe

Why would I want to be apart of a fandom that has such blatant disrespect for the WWE superstars and divas. Yes, I have my opinions, but there’s a difference between stating your opinion and being a complete asshole. And I feel like that’s all the WWE Universe is filled with. A bunch of smarks, that don’t know shit about what actually goes on in the WWE, but they like to act like they know every fucking thing that happens in the business.

I have a new found respect for the superstars that can go out every week and perform against all the CM Punk chants. It’s ridiculous that these people don’t know how to move on. Newsflash, CM Punk is gone and he’s not coming back. GET THE FUCK OVER IT ALREADY! Just sit down and enjoy the fucking show. CM Punk left, he left. He walked out. And clearly didn’t give a shit about the fans, so chanting his name every week isn’t going to bring him back.

Daniel Bryan is an outstanding superstar, but he had his Wrestlemania moment. He had two matches to be exact, and the fact that he didn’t win the Rumble this year pissed off the smarks. OH FUCKING WELL! He had his chance, he got injured, and had to give up the title. It happens. You win some, you lose some. But don’t go bad mouthing another Superstar just for getting a push.

And it’s so funny how people wanna bitch and moan about how undeserving Roman Reigns is to be getting his push at Wrestlemania. Who are you to choose who deserves a push and who doesn’t? Clearly people in the WWE think he does deserve this, and that’s all that matters. Who cares if he’s good on the mic or if he’s amazing in the ring. All that matters is that he’s trying to improve, he’s trying to get better. 

Hell most the superstars today weren’t all gifted with mic skills and in-ring talent. And they didn’t have NXT to hone in on their skills either, but they all had to start somewhere, and that’s what Roman is doing. This is just the beginning for him. And he doesn’t need a bunch of fucking assholes talking shit about how the only reason he’s getting this push is because of his family name. Fuck all that noise. Roman’s got a chance of a lifetime because they see potential in him, just like Daniel Bryan, but see Roman doesn’t have a crowd of ass kissing smarks cheering him every week.

For us true wrestling fans, we appreciate every superstar that works their ass off day in and day out, just to entertain us every week. We respect all of the superstars for what they do, and these ungrateful ass childish bandwagon dickriders can go have a permanent seat. They’re a bunch of keyboard Nazis anyway. Talking shit about how they’d be a better wrestler than so and so. Ha! Yeah okay, lets see you try to run the ropes with higher ups breathing down your neck and see if you don’t start crying like a little bitch. SIT DOWN!

So no, I’m not apart of the WWE Universe. Cause real wrestling fans don’t need to be apart of a piece of shit fandom that spends more time berating the talent than actually enjoying the show.  

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I'm a white American and I wear henna just before getting a tattoo so I definitely know I would like it in that position or place. Is that wrong of me? My neighbour is Hindu and says it's fine but I just feel like I'm disrespecting an amazing culture.

Please keep in mind being Hindu and being of a culture that uses henna are two different things. Either way, is there something else you could use? Like lightly drawing it in with a different material?

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Perrie ain't noooo where near as rich as zayn so the argument of "she has her own money" is stupid. If this relationship is real. She's a gold digger, ain't no girl have that much disrespect for themselves and would stay with zayn after all the times he's cheated.

I mean for real tho. Perrie makes darn near as much money as i do compared to Zayn. Like if your arent being abused (physically, emotionally, or mentally) and you are still with a person who is known to cheat then i dont feel bad for you. I just see you as a huge idiot. Grow a dam backbone.

I wanna legit cry. Have you even heard the lyrics to zayns song. It’s like he’s telling us that he knew some of us wouldn’t support him. And I feel so bad right now. Zayn you didn’t have to lie about anything everyone would have understood. I’m so proud of louis for speaking up. At the same time I wanna screw of you PIECE OF SHITTY PEOPLE OVER WHO THINK THAT BEING A EFFING RACIST IS OKAU TOWARDS ZAYN AND ARE FINALLY SHOWING UR TRUE COLORS. Thankyou, and naughty boy can go away just don’t disrespect any fan we want nothing to do with you.

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I bet oikawa would dance genie with those legs of his Seoeoneul marabwa bitches

For the first part yes bc he’s a total kpop fanboy and for the last part I feel like you could have said that a little differently. It comes off as being disrespectful towards the artist (snsd) I’m not trying to sound rude/bitchy or anything, but that’s the way it came off to me.

I just got through 358/2 Days on Day 152 and Axel did his whole “girls are complicated” conversation.
Does anyone else get a little bothered by the brief discussions about girls in KH?
Terra’s “Sometimes you are such a girl.”
Axel’s “Girls are complicated”
Sora’s “You’d kind of be in my way” (that’s less of a discussion but still a bad thing to say)

I even think about when Sora talked to Namine in Chain of Memories. He said that if she cried that he would feel guilty, like he let her down.
That’s obviously not disrespectful, but I think Namine deserved better words. She deserves to be happy. Wanting a friend, wanting to be with someone who cares for her after being alone for so long, is completely reasonable. She was being manipulated by the Organization, and she already feels guilty after changing Sora’s memories.
It comes off badly, honestly. How would you feel if you regretted something but deserved reassurance and your friend goes “I’D feel bad if you’re sad”?

Dear all people hating on the 1D fandom

No. Stop it.
There is no excuse for it.
It’s just rude disrespectful and immature.
How would you feel if it was you?
Just because they like something different doesn’t make them any less.
And no I’m not a one direction fan.
Shhh your being silly.
Zayn is leaving they are allowed to be upset.
No shut up they are people with feelings.
People who are not hating on them, you are good people.
I like you.
Others who are,
No. Stop.

I hate being around my so called “friends” almost day. They are too immature, ignorant and arrogant. The worse part is how they say they are accept gays and lesbian, but act and are homophobic, make gay jokes and use the word gay as an insult, and disrespect transgender people. What makes it even worse is when they talk about lesbians as a beautiful sexualized objects and not just as two people in love. I wonder what would they say and how would they if I told them I like guys and that I’m transgender.

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what happened at wtm?? :0

idk there was a huge group of people waiting out by the tour bus and whenever they saw someone in the band or what have you walk by everyone started screaming and yelling at them. I know they were excited but I just found it really disrespectful. like they are just human beings. if a group of people screamed at me I would definitely not want to go meet them ya feel

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not tryna hate on you but honest question why do you dislike mcr fans so much yo

i dont dislike mcr fans because i kind of am an mcr fan and that would be fucking stupid of me. i dislike people who won’t stop asking them if they’re getting back together and who make all these theories up that make everyone else feel super uncomfortable and i just think it’s better to appreciate what u do have rather than getting yourself into a kinda disrespectful frenzy over something that’s never gonna happen. like i said in my post, i’d much rather have the 4 people i look up to the most being happy, healthy and alive doing separate music projects than have  those people tied down to a band that no longer gives them the life they deserve. it’s just not fair to them at all and it makes me mad 

i cant believe i found out cher is going to be SINGING and WEARING CHER OUTFITS AGAIN when its 2 fuckin 35 and i cant make any noise or blast her tunes to herald her coming like i feel like im being disrespectful to Her? but also it would be disrespectful to my flatmates to truly celebrate and they can actually yell at me so

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Because of the way River talked about sexuality(and that he wrote the campfire scene in mopi) I think he was actually possibly bisexual/pansexual/other. just because he only dated women (that we know of) while he was alive doesn't necessarily mean he was straight! I think it's a little invasive/disrespectful to try to go over it in detail, but based on him saying (paraphrasing here) "love is love. it doesn't matter the gender" does give a little evidence that he may not have been heterosexual.

Maybe he was, I go by what I know from being a big fan for many years, I try and answers the question the best I can, River was river, he loved people.
I don’t feel like I need to know about his sexuality anyway, it was personal to him, fans just like to know those sorts of things, but your right it is disrespectful to pry to much, I would never mean too, I’m a fan who loves and respects his memory.

L x

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I finally watched Being Catelynn, and couldn't believe the way Tyler was talking to Brandon and Teresa on the sneak peeks!! What an entitled little shit. You are not her parent Tyler! You are a biological father and that's it. Frankly, B&T could completely cut out Tyler and catelynn and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Why would you talk like that to your daughters parents?!? Especially when they hold all decisions. I wanted to punch Tyler in the face for being so disrespectful..

Yeah it was really messed up!

I have a feeling if they keep up their “birth parent” overreaching bullshit, Brandon and Teresa will close the adoption.

And honestly, I kinda hope they do, for a little while anyway.