(Raph here just attracts attention and judges you. Or me. Or everybody.)


Do you, guys, know about this site here? It has tons of pretty palettes and colors so I figured we can do this: you choose a palette (or just type whatever in the search box and choose from palettes you find) and a theme, word or, dunno, teenage mutant ninja turtle (e.g. “sea”, “cat”, “book”, “Leonardo”), then I’ll draw something in my nearest free time. 

I Work Out MBLAQ

Girl look at that body

Girl look at that body

Girl look at that body

I work out.

(Anyone else sing the song while looking through this post?)

I think they should change from MBLAQ to SBLAQ: 


I’m sorry Mir is not in this 3:

I’ve not lost a pound and kept it off consistently for a long time, so really this image makes no sense in context.

HOWEVER, last night I bought some new shorts. Not Large. Not Medium.


This image makes more sense.

A pretty little girl like you shouldn’t be carrying those heavy boxes…
—  This moron then took the boxes from me, and couldn’t carry them himself.    So I took them back, and the priceless look of embarrassment on his face was almost worth the sexist bullshit. 

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