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Q: What do you think about the Kouhai-Senpai relationship of Akashi and Nijimura, who appears for the first time in the Teikou arc?
Since he is his senpai, I think there were obviously some concern and respect. I think that when Nijimura was still there, Akashi had his own set/version of behavior/demeanor towards him within the team. However, when Nijimura withdrew his captaincy and gave the seat to Akashi, he himself acquired a set of responsibilities. I think that he began to be more aware of his position as a “kouhai but also a captain”. I cannot tell you exactly how Akashi thought of Nijimura, but he does vocalize words of concern for Nijimura so I do think that (Akashi) did have a proper sense of their relationship as senpai and kouhai.

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“Sorry, excuse me.” Noah had tried running past the person that was ahead of them, wanting to be the first in class so he could settle down in his new surroundings, but that was obliviously not meant to happen. Instead, he bumped into the person, and dropped all of his possessions. Today was not his day. 

and honestly the two interactions/relationships involving lance and bobbi that i desperately want more than anything, and the only ones we haven’t actually gotten yet (aside from that one episode for jl), are jemmalance and bobbifitz

and if they seriously take them away

before i get this

I apologize to anyone who follows me for something other than homestuck, because 4/13 is Homestuck Day AND we got an update for the first time in months, so my blog will likely be even more homestuck-y than usual.

Reblog this if you give a damn about the 30 Ethiopian Christians executed by ISIS

I have seen aboslutely nothing about it on tumblr is and is freaking terrifying me. Do Christian lives really matter that little to this website? If they were Islamic you know that this would immediately be all over everyone’s dashes. 

If you care at all about the murdered, you’ll reblog this.

“consider postponing your graduation until august. this needs to represent your best work, etc. etc.”

it’s here.

it’s my birthday in 12 days. fuck. *slams face into table*