“now we know the character will never be portrayed as the character”

literally fuck your racist ass lmfaoooo why is izzy’s character purely defined by her being white holy shit

why is it so important that everyone on screen is white

why are you so determined to throw poc under the bus

why are you so “upset” that latinas are getting more representation

why are you so RACIST

remember at every award show when taylor’s personal life was treated like a joke and sometimes they would even make fun of it WHILE she was there…like what was going through the writer’s minds….“you guys..holy shit..you know what would be FUNNY?? LMAO..LISTEN TO THIS - A SUCCESSFUL YOUNG GIRL. SHE DATES. WE SHOULD MAKE FUN OF IT. HOLY SHIT…COMEDY GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!”…like honestly…i didn’t realize it at the time but it was SO fucked up and so wrong and disgusting and i’m still upset about it lmao

I had this dream where Kindaichi fucked up and made Kunimi upset/angry, so in guilt Kindaichi told Kunimi to hit him once. And so kunimi was about to do it but holy shit has he a bad aim or what and accidentally hits Iwaizumi instead who was about to step in and tell them to calm down.

are truscum genuinely stooping as low as making fun of people’s appearances. didnt we all learn that doing so accomplishes literally nothing except making an ass out of yourself. i dont care if a tucute does it to you bc them initiating doesnt justify it.

attack an argument make fun of their stupid threats all you want but can we not make fun of things people cannot easily change about themselves ? holy shit.

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im freaking out bc its seems too god to be true and im just somethings gonna happen to levi after this omg im sorry im anxious holy shit i dont trust isayama

oh shit i was so upset/excited/confused i forgot about this manga and what it probably might mean for levi

isayama i will give you anything i will call you senpai-sama jUST DON’T TAKE MY SUNSHINE DON’T DO THIS TO US FU CK K K

There was a period of my life where I had to have daily fights with the person I loved about the fact that I had the right to not have sex with him. There were times when I literally had to have this fight once or twice a day!! I felt bad!!!! Because he was so obviously upset and mad about not having sex. but I had to have an argument every time we were alone together about how I didn’t want to have sex! What the fuck! I was literally having to defend my own bodily autonomy every single day, AND I blamed myself when I gave in, too!! I apologized, to him, for having sex when I didn’t want to, because “it made me afraid of sex” and that made him feel bad. I apologized! To my rapist! For being raped! What the fuck!!!!!!!!

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Oh my god I can't stop thinking about pregnant calum. He'd look so cute and he'd wear cute things thatre super comfy :-) and his hair would get longer and curly and fluffy!!! And he'd be SO clingy and temperamental but sooo cuddly and even when he snaps at Michael, Michael wouldn't get upset bc calum is literally making THEIR baby!!!

all of these mpreg asks are making me so happy… i want everything to be mpreg all of the time

but CALUM with his SHAGGY LONG HAIR is what i am All About holy shit he’s such a cute lil pup, I BET MICHAEL WOULD ALWAYS CALL HIM THAT. Calum whining bc he’s hungry and craving panda express so Michael rubs his tummy and gives it a lil kiss and says “I’ll be right back, okay pup?” and then he leaves and Calum ends up taking a quick nap so when Michael gets back Calum wakes up again and rubs his sleepy eyes and makes grabby hands at the food, saying “Gimme my panda” and Michael calls Calum a grumpy pup who doesn’t know how to say please, but he doesn’t wanna get his finger bitten off so they cuddle on the couch and eat together 

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Also, Dan sort of exploding over "Jonah who do you not get that you're being molested?" gave me all sorts of feelings. Also Jonah's assistant is my new favorite idiot. Also Amy looked like she was about to almost-cry again. Also I'm rambling because of emotions. Sorry.

Oh my god the LOOK that he gave Teddy was incredible. Honestly, like, on a meta note, I’m so glad Dan is written as a terrible shark person but he still gets upset about sexual harassment? I feel like a worse show would have him be like “Hahahaha Jonah’s getting molested, nice” but NO he got, like, genuinely angry??? I AM SO UPSET THIS ENTIRE EPISODE IS GIVING ME WEIRD FEELINGS



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ok but "grammar nazi" is such a disgusting term to use anyway like why would anyone self-proclaim to be nazi-like in any way? it makes them seem antisemitic like why? why? i get so fucking uncomfortable when people call themselves or others that term. it makes my skin crawl. the nazis fucking slaughtered millions of my people. it's not a fucking cutesy term holy shit

ahh yeah i gotta agree with you, it’s definitely not a term i feel comfortable using. i think people in general don’t know it’s offensive, though. they just think it means you like to correct people. sorry if it upset you! 

also that video of the kid screaming because he’s upset about xbox live being canceled is so fucking cruel to laugh at he’s p robably neurodivergent because holy shit i scream like that i DO that when something severely upsets me and tl;dr if you reblogged that  video fuck  off??? literally stop laughing at people having non-neurotypical reactions to shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!