Happy anniversary to the man who commits himself to making sure all the in between moments are as full as the moments you see on here. Who wakes up trying to make me laugh and smile and light up. To making sure every second you do not see on this internet is even better than the moments you do see. Who cares very little for what I write or the photos I take of him or how the internet perceives him, but who makes me breakfasts every morning even when they are never photographed, who walks Darling always even when it gets mentioned in no tweets, who kisses me every morning knowing that the second there is all we have. I am honored to have married a man who has taught me that living simply and well and without recognition, but with joy on the inside, is far more admirable than living an empty, recognizable life. He deserves the world because he would gladly give so much to it, quietly, humbly, and always with a sense of humor. I love you, Ryan. You’ve kept every vow you spoke to me two years ago and you’ve made every moment full of life. I’ll always choose you.

“Awright, so it didnae work fur thon Lady Gaga, or Madonna, or Kylie Minogue.” conceded Dave, from his Glasgow love nest. “But ah’ve high hopes fur Michelle Keegan. She’ll phone.”

“Aw aye, she’ll phone.” he added, straightening the red sheets on his heart-shaped bed and unbuttoning his shirt a bit more. “Any minute now.”

Dadbod: Part 1

From my bedroom window I could see right into their backyard. It was a mom, dad, and two kids, and boy was the dad a hunk. I had just moved in and it was summer time, which meant they were always out by their pool, which in turn meant I was often at my bedroom window. I know this sounds a bit creepy, but this man was gorgeous.

He was maybe about six foot, with broad shoulders and dark hair. His hair was short and his face always covered in stubble, sometimes almost a beard. Dark hair spread across his chest and belly. Not a rug, but just enough to run your fingers through. He had light skin but was tan from all the summer fun. The best part though, was his stomach. He wasn’t fat by any means, but certainly packing on the pounds. He stomach was soft and maybe about ten or twenty pounds overweight. Miniature love handles had begun to form above his board shorts. When he sat down it was obvious he was a little chubby, as a distinct fat roll formed.

On this particular day he was just watching the kids play, stretched back in a lawn chair with a beer in his hand. I admired his gorgeous body from afar and felt myself getting hard. Eventually, one of the kids, a girl, got out and tried to drag her dad into the pool. She yanked at his hairy arms but his body, and beer gut, stayed motionless. After a little begging he scooped her up and jumped into the water, causing a huge splash. After some giggles and laughs he climbed out of the water- a sight to behold. The pool water slipped off every hair on his body. The laced up board shorts had slipped down a little revealing dark, rebellious, pubic hairs. He pulled his shorts up while adjusting his crotch. I was so turned on it was ridiculous.

A little bit later he sent the kids in and began to barbecue, shirtless. I was once again glued to my window. He took great care of the food, focusing on the seasoning and how it was cooking. I was entranced as the steam circled around his curvy form. The way his body moved as he breathed was mesmerizing. His thick chest heaving up and down, barely visible under a layer of fat and hair, I soon was stroking myself. About midway through he leaned back, nose in the air, eyes closed, and gave his belly a slow rub. This was too much, I was about to blow. He opened his eyes and to my horror we made eye contact.

I quickly ducked down incredibly embarrassed. Could he tell I was jerking off? Would he confront me? Should I say something next time I see him? I went to bed with these thoughts rushing throw my head, along with images of his tanned body growing bigger and softer.

The next morning as I was taking the trash out, he came running towards me. Oh god, I thought. Don’t look at his body. Don’t seem pervy.

“Hey my name’s Kevin. My wife and I are having another barbecue tonight if you’d like to join us”
“Oh,” was all I could manage to say.
“You don’t have to come I just figured-“
“No, no I’d love to come.”
“Great be over at 6, wear swim trunks.”
“Great, see ya.”

As he walked away I admired the tight jeans hugging his plump, rounded ass. A skin tight  T-shirt rode up a little on one of his small love handles. My cock was stiffening and I rushed inside.

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how did I know this was coming ;)

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains: Kurt, since he’s taller. Blaine always squashes his coif.
  • who is the grumpiest in the morning: Kurt literally 1000% of the time until coffee happens. Blaine knows to wake him carefully.
  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt: Blaine, though not by a huge lead. Neither of them is particularly reliable when the other is injured.
  • who plays pranks on the other: Neither, because Kurt’s not that kind of guy and Blaine doesn’t have a death wish.
  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa: They are equally apt to do this. Fuckin’ cuddlebugs.
  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other: Blaine is 90000% more likely to use pet names than Kurt.
  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep: Kurt. Man sleeps like he’s dead.
  • who says ‘I love you’ first: Canonically and always, Blaine. Kurt sometimes sneaks it in early, though, and then smiles proudly for the rest of the week.

This is a repost.

52 weeks or 1 year ago I posted this (Aiman Azlan’s Facebook status). For me, as a man, this posting is very meaningful. Some of us might even wonder, how on earth could this be possible to find or happen.

Well, I guess we just have to keep searching, praying and hoping for this to happen. Always try to be the best person, first.

May Allah bless us always and granted us with the best partner in life. Ameen.

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i think sm should bring them to more popular tv shows. media play / reality appearances are very important to put a group in the public eye and get people more interested on them, check their songs, etc...

there’s not a lot of variety shows out there right now that accept idols on often. from what i’ve read they don’t always bring in ratings anymore - at least not as much as they did a few years ago, and shinee’s been on a few very good ones already over the last week. “abnormal summit” is one of the most popular variety shows in south korea at the moment and “snl korea” is also very, very popular. i would love to see them on “running man” but they only do episodes with full idol groups once every blue moon and big bang just filmed for it so it’s doubtful that they will during this promotional period; the same goes for “happy together”. i’m holding out for appearances on either “sketchbook” or “weekly idol”, especially the first because shinee has appeared on there for virtually every promotional period since 2012, but we’ll have to wait and see. i’m also hoping that they get scheduled on more radio shows (like fm date, dreaming, shim shim tapa, ect.).

Will? Will, is that you?”
“Alec? Is that you?

The Shadowhunter chronicles: The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I always lose my shit over this because Tessa walks in on Jem playing the violin and he says that, then, over a century later, Clary walks in on Jace playing the piano and he says that. 


Parabatai love is the shit, man. These books are basically my religion.

Take Me to Church ch22 preview

“So, my boyfriend’s fucked up and I made it worse. What’s wrong with your life?” Steve takes the beer Sam hands to him with a sigh. Sam shakes his head, looking into the dregs of what looks suspiciously like Irish cream liquor in his glass.

“It’s… Look, I’m gay as fuck, man. I always have been. I drink Baileys when I’m upset, for fuck’s sake.” Sam sighs hard. Also Steve is giving himself mental points for identifying shitty liquors on sight. “I dunno how to love a woman, but I do. I have no fucking idea how to act like a straight guy and have a girlfriend and…”

“Sam, having a girlfriend won’t make you straight.” Steve reaches out and squeezes his shoulder. “Everybody has exceptions. You can be gay as a fucking rainbow and still be in love with Natasha, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s such a thing as bisexual too, y'know.”

Mega Post (28th May)  # 2


(2/1)  Oh snap, and once again the beverage I’m having (tea this time) ends up my nose *snigger*: Clicked on the link in today’s Cumbernews (always some gems to be found there, thanks Ballsy!) and was greeted by “Chinese fanfiction might be Benedict Cumberbatch’s best role yet” (Well, it’s definitely NOT his portrayal of a blissfully married man), plus love the fact that the bit you quoted also doesn’t mention Sherlock, but the actor who plays him. Didn’t the journos get the “Much Straight” memo? Tsk.

Ballsy:   PSA for the day.  Don’t read and drink. ;)   The “so straight, much no-homo” memo apparently got lost along with my eVite to the wedding.  At least on the way to China.  Perhaps he SHOULD have taken her along on his trip, adding a few “cumberpoints at bump” photo ops to drive that home?

(2/2)  When will the world’s longest pregnancy ever end? Will I still give a fuck when all this is over and done with? I don’t think so. Have had a clear out recently of my room. Bubbles stuff included. Think am almost officially done with this sham.

Ballsy:   I think a lot of us are well and truly done with this sham.  Just waiting for the finale now.

(2/3)   Ah, love those compilations, always nice to witness the up and down belly, but seriously: Even in the pic of her wearing what looks like seven coats/jackets on top of each other she’s clutching the top one closed, is it too much to ask to display the ‘subtle’ ring any other way, maybe by picking her nose or (gasp) touching BC with her left hand so you can see it?! Plus the one in the wedding gown (on the couch) - I wouldn’t have recognized her if I hadn’t known it’s her. Oh well *shrugs*

Ballsy:   Ah the “couture of many layers”.   Ring?  Well, there’s the other option.  Draping her hand over Ben’s shoulder possessively.  Surely they have some of those big giant baby safety pins by now she could use to hold the coat closed?

(2/4)  “ is currently on recon for me. Well, a bit - he said something about going to Alcatraz?” Alcatraz? Your lovely Baileys-bringing home-to-you Hubby is in my neck of the woods? well hell, I’d buy him a pint or gallon of his favorite libation if I knew who he was. Be prepared, he will leave his heart in San Francisco. ;-)

Ballsy:   Yep, Alcatraz today (he called it “the big house, the slammer”).  He says it’s foggy right now, white out at 9am.  He’d take you up on that I’m sure!Just head to Alcatraz and look for the goofy guy doing silly photo ops and acting dorky.  I know he’ll do that.  Yeah, I have a type. He said something about looking for gold next tho.  IDK?

(2/5)   State of Emergency anon here. Funny the fanfic thing should come up, ballsy, have I been salty in regards to TH’s friends with benefit thing with the Olsen and Tom Hardy’s state of marriage post having his picture taken in a hot tub with Leo and naked models. I just can’t believe anything anymore thanks to BC and creature of the sea. I mean when the original, humble, genuine British dork messes up like this, how am I supposed to believe anything anymore?“I want to believe” ballsy. I just can’t.

Ballsy:  I know, it sucks - but some people in the public eye who need to promote themselves for their careers will very much use whatever they can about themselves to their advantage that way.  And yes, that includes shilling the “public” version of their private life for publicity.  We all just didn’t think Benedict would stoop quite this low.  And I don’t think he wanted to, not to this extent.  PissyBatch.  But Toddles will, he’s done it before.  And look, he has a new gal and we know all about their texting right when he has a film coming out he needs to promote, colour me not surprised. ******************************************

(2/6)   Gonna agree with 1/8 Anon.  Marvel will likely keep him busy beyond his commitments with Hamlet and Sherlock.  I wouldn’t doubt they’d want him out at SDCC 2016.  He’s pretty much got the next 18 months booked, during which time who knows what new projects could evolve.

As for the rest, I say HIS PR announce the birth with a request for privacy (do stay low Benedict) and one week later announce paternity tests revealing the child to not be his.  Best do this before rehearsals for Hamlet, so he can just focus on work, to get his mind off the heartbreak.

- Pupok the Scorpion

Ballsy: They’re not doing this year’s Comic Con in SD – but bet your bottom dollar they will be there (and so will BC) for next year’s.   And from then until November – it will be full on Dr Strange promo.   Agree with the “out”.   Announce, then be quiet.  Hamlet.  Controlled interviews for Hamlet promotion.  Then come out the other side having poured all his hurt into the role.  Emerging cleansed and ready for Dr Strange.  But then we’re talking his PR here … so …   

(2/7)  Ok, I clicked on the link about Grace of Monaco, and basically it is about 1) the first - bad one - edit of the movie was the fault of the french director, only then there was the 2nd edit /HW’s/ 2) the screenwriter says this about HW: Harvey was a gent all the way through. He gave me editors and tried to save the catastrophe. I mean i think it’s a case of a bad movie flopping despite the producer, not because of him. how’s this relevant to this particular trainwreck?

Ballsy:  Harvey’s dispute was with the Director, not the Writer.  The Writer defends him and vice versa.  Tho the script was criticised heavily also.  What Maddsie was referring to was that Harvey effectively buried the film, it was not really released and went straight to cable instead.  He has done that before.  He will do that.  Bury things.

(2/8)  I wonder if BC realizes that SH will forever be known as his first wife, & even if they pull a “not real” baby bye just a fakey that goes with SH when she disappears, it will be forever recorded that he has a child. Those are things they need to think about too. I don’t want to see a real child dragged into this train wreck. I’m hoping that somehow with this whole thing about the other train wreck, they’ll just come clean with it & say they were forced into it. That’s my hope.

Ballsy:  I’m sure he does.  It might be part of him pushing the “look at me, so loved up” image to save face. 
But to keep up the lie, essentially his whole life?   Look how it’s done him in in just 7 months!
The truth may set him free, if he’s willing to be honest and try to win back some integrity – and it’s done right. 


(2/9)  Mrs and Mr Cumberbatch are the perfect example why it is not worth selling your soul to the devil for fame and money. Particularly when Karma is a bitch to them and causes all their efforts to backfire.

Ballsy:  Maybe they should consider Karma Cumberbatch as a name for “somebody”?

(2/10)  catnipped1 said:

“Don’t know if this is appropriate to ask, but I wonder how many people would prefer to see a SLE rather than have an actual living being brought into this mess.” + “I prefer neither. Shout “not mine” and let her try to prove otherwise.” <<< Yeah, but calling “not mine” would still involve an actual child and then that poor baby would be left with the nitwit without even the little bit of good attention Ben could provide. I prefer the fake SLE myself, not that I think they’ll do it.

Ballsy:  Or there’s the vague one I suggested earlier.  Don’t say much, just “not together, not married, Benedict is not a Father nor expecting to be at this time, please respect privacy”.  Vague enough to actually cover (1) whole thing fake (2) SLE, stress dissolved relationship or shotgun no more (3) not his, marriage annulled.

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Firstly I already LOVE your thought process so so much please continue talking. Secondly I agree one hundred percent. I've seen people complain about how "Sarah is ooc for caring about anyone who's blood related too her" I disagree, Sarah's always valued family, she's just opened her heart to her family being more than Felix and Kira. And yes I ADORED how she unhesitently saved him, he clearly didn't think she would, even he was fighting her. And he does say Rudy would have killed her! (cont)

(cont) In episode six he says “It was terminate or take her with us, I made the call.” I definitely think he was saving her life, and he either wanted to help her escape at some point or something. He jumped at the opportunity to help Paul do so. And while I know they didn’t interact that much in episode six, seeing her not lashing out at him or being angry for putting her in there was a nice little detail. I think she gets he was saving her life. 

Thank you, I love talking to y’all. :)
Oh please, “out of character”, what is Sarah’s character then, not caring, reckless, irresponsible young mom? Yes, I also disagree. Because that is who Sarah is, she isn’t irresponsible, or careless, the opposite she cares the people who are her family, in fact, she values family, she needs a family. Look how pissed she was when she found out about Mrs. S’s betrayal, look what she said to Felix “Who am I meant to call family now?”. Do you think she would be that mad, if she didn’t care about family? She sees Siabhon as her family, but Helena is her family too, so her betraying her sister is like a really big thing for Sarah, it’s ultimately a reason for her family to be torn apart, and Sarah doesn’t want that, she cares about her family, and she needs it to stay together. She doesn’t wanna lose them. If Sarah was a completely self-centered character, she would have never come back for Kira. She already knows that Mrs. S is taking care of her better than she could ever do. Yet, she feels the responsibility and the guilt of abandoning her daughter behind, she cares about her daughter, she knows that she is blood and family. How could she not? She is an ORPHAN! She knows better than everyone how it is like to be abandoned by the people who should have loved you the most, she knows how it feels to be alone. Sarah might seem reckless, and irresponsible at some point, but in reality she is not, and she is most definitely not carefree. So as she cares about Kira and Felix and Siabhon, she cares about her sisters (and Tony) and now her brother too, weather blood or not, they are family, and you don’t abandon your family when they need you the most. Mrs S. didn’t abandon her when she needed her the most, she took her and gave her a family. I think that is the reason she is so mad at S. Because she is the one who taught her what family is, and how much it is valuable.
And yes, Mark cares too. Look he was ready to harm Sarah when they confronted, he put a gun in her head, and was going to pull that trigger if he had to, but he got so mad when he found out that she was his sister. Like they don’t know each other, they aren’t even friends, yet Mark values blood and family, he finds it morally so wrong to harm someone who is family. He is so desperate for the fact that maybe it is a lie, maybe she isn’t his sister, so he could maybe do something to her without getting regret. I think his affection for family comes from Coady. He grew up with his brothers, and that is his only family, and he knows how important it is.
I really hope they would reunite again, because I need to see that brotop! :)


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Why black guys always so bitter when a black girl with any man other than a black one???? Like and then when a brotha with a white woman, well it's all high-fives and shit. Like fuck y'all. We want to be loved and appreciated by whoever we choose, and if it ain't yo ass, then there's a damn good reason for it. Shit I might get salty, but at least people like some salt in they food, ain't nobody like bitterness *sips tea*

Lmao! It’s kind of like, I don’t want you but I don’t want no one else to have you and I hate that. I don’t get mad at all when black men date outside their race I don’t care but what I get mad about is when they dog black women out. And step all over us to reach the pedestal that they put white women or whoever else on. Some black men call us out of our names and say they hate us but seem to forget that their mother is black, grandma, and sister etc and that’s crazy to me. So it’s a lot of reasons for that, and I don’t what to even get into that but why people get mad about something that they can’t change . We are going to be with whoever that’s checking for us.

SO HERE I AM on lunch hour in my car, typing porny things where my coworkers cannot see. also, this was supposed to be an ask, but it got too long. ALSO, i wish my damn phone would just let me copy-paste from my long word doc that already has all this. /o\

for me, there’s two sides to old man dirty talk, but i will get to that in a moment.

so i imagine post-seine javert to be, even if not consciously, always a bit grateful and awed that valjean is comfortable enough around him to allow their relationship to develop into the physical. he’s thankful–and nervous–every time valjean lets himself be undressed, no matter how many times they’ve done the same previous. it always feels new. hard to believe.

so of course, all that gratitude and all those nerves manifest into javert being a little chatty in bed and all too happy to linger over every inch of valjean. because valjean definitely deserves someone kissing, licking, and whispering into the crook of his knee, the skin that remains tender and sensitive inside his thighs, his sides, chest, everywhere.

except javert tends to start out blurting really incredibly shallow things. he’ll talk about how attractive valjean is, how much he likes every curve of muscle, praise every visible cord and tendon as he works his way up. only he loses track of his mouth (metaphorically) somewhere along the way. probably somewhere between the cut of valjean’s hip bone and the lowest portion of his stomach.

by the time he’s at valjean’s chest, licking over a nipple, he’s talking about how strong valjean is and doesn’t mean physically. by his shoulders he’s babbling about how Good valjean is, how admirable, how worthy of love.

and once he’s at valjean’s eyes, he’s horrified to hear himself talking about the beauty of valjean’s soul of all things. he’d be embarrassed, except valjean would finally shrug off his own embarrassment enough to act and draw him in and any worries would be lost after that.

the flipside, for me, is that valjean would want to reciprocate. being doted on would make him cringe inwardly and he could barely stand it, but it feels really good too. it’s so good he craves it after even if he can’t barely sit through it as it’s happening. and valjean would register all the stuff javert says, etch it right across his own heart to hold there forever, but his big takeaway was the end–the part javert still flushes about if he brings it up. the part where he felt loved and he would want javert to know that he is loved as well.

so valjean would take it upon himself to try to reenact with positions reversed, only he’s not so glib. he wouldn’t have said a word at all as he works up javert’s calves and knees and hips and further. and he’d feel guilty because javert had showered him with adoration, but every word that comes to mind freezes on his tongue awardly.

he’d keep working his way up, kisses and gentle nips, and when there was no further to go, and javert looked him right in the eyes, already looking desperate and strung out, valjean would finally find something to say–

and it would be so corny and sappy and accidentally cut to the quick: “you deserve this, too.”

javert would be rocked and aching because valjean is so frustrating: whatever he finally says would be too romantic to not break the mood, because javert is too affected to not be thrown by it. he feels too small in the moment to do anything but shove his head into the crook of valjean’s neck and try to breathe. valjean, so earnest, would be worried he did it wrong, that javert was upset, despite javert hushing every question asking if he’s alright.

and once javert could breathe normally again, and his eyes no longer stung, they’d get back to doing it.

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Ok but I hate Jack and Madison together cause he's smiles always look so fake around her (hers look fake regardless but ya know whateva) and he doesn't deserve to not be happy Idk man

Yea I get what your saying, I’m not a fan of hers either. I don’t ship them at all. She loves the attention way to much. I’ve notice that there has to be a video or a picture every time they are together. She needs to make it known that she is with him. You can always catch her giggling in Jack’s snapchats. Like nothing funny is going on but she has to giggle to make it known that she is there, but at the end of the day it’s Jack who’s with her and it’s his choice, if he wants to be with her or not. If he’s happy and doesn’t mind that she’s practically hit on all of his friends, then alright. If he’s happy with her then we all gotta respect that. We don’t have to ship it, but we should at least respect his decision and not personally send him hate about it. Ja feel?

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Actually, I consider you to be absolutely bloody fantastic. You are a gift to this world. You handle hate flawlessly, you always teach me interesting things, you are bright, and to not even mention how gorgeous you are. I hope you have a nice day.

OH MAN, what a lovely message to receive. You’re very kind. Thank you so much!

Pathetic post to follow....

Excuse me, but I feel like I need to get this out.

Even though I’ve had AMAZING dates with Man Meat (thanks for the name, cosmosandconfetti!), I still find myself reverting to thinking about the ex. The ex that completely and utterly obliterated my heart. Even if I go on a date and I come out of the date feeling like I could one day marry this guy, I always think, “but will I have a connection with him like I did with X? Will it be unbelievably passionate like it was with X? Could I ever love this person as much as I loved X?” And it ruins it. It completely fucking ruins it. And then I sit there for hours wondering what the fuck is wrong with me?!?! And then I end up wanting to call him and ask him why he doesn’t love me anymore. But this time…..I didn’t. Because, let’s be honest, that’s super fucking pathetic and just feeds X’s ego, which he really doesn’t need.

Clearly, X has moved on (he moved on even before we weren’t together anymore) and is still with the whore bag he still claims he never cheated on me with and they’re just over the moon happy with theirselves and I’m over here doing this fucking shit. But those feelings never come up until I actually try to move on myself. I don’t know what I’m so afraid of, but I’m fully aware that these thoughts could seriously potentially ruin my chances at happiness. I need to stop it. I know it’s wrong. It’s SO wrong in so many ways. I think it has a lot to do with feeling betrayed by the person you once trusted with your life and I’m obviously still struggling to get myself back after that and then I feel like a shitbag because I’m still struggling with it. It’s a vicious circle, man. A very vicious circle.

I deserve to be happy and I need to let myself have that. I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. I’ll just keep telling myself that through these pathetic tears. UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH FOREVER.

I hate it when people say that bisexuals are greedy, like no stop.. Stop thinking that all bi friends are going to fancy you or cheat on their boy/girl(friend) because being bi clearly means you have a lack of self control right? Some people honestly think that because someone is bi it means they’re just going to run off with any man or woman that wants them, like how naive can people be.

Being bisexual doesn’t mean that you are desperate or unfaithful because clearly you’re always surrounded by temptation (sarcasm, LOL) - it’s just a sexuality. A bisexual person is still a person, they are capable of love and commitment - just like any other straight or gay person is.

Stop shaming them and labelling them as confused or greedy (or other horrible phrases I have heard with regards to describing bisexuality), you cannot judge or define another person’s feelings or sexual orientation.

Love is love.