Today my stepfather and I were talking to a nice old-ish man in Dunkin Donuts and he gave one of these to both of us

He said that he usually gives them to cashiers he buys from 

And when we asked why he said “I’m an old guy and I don’t like whiskey- I have a few extra bucks lying around”

i just saw a post w 600+ notes that said gon is “horrifying” and “not one of the good guys” WHAT THE FUCK. honestly? like u can say gon is not one of he ”’good guys”’ sure. but that means there’s only like 2 ppl who u can actually label as good guys - one of them being leorio. and horrifying? u mean ridiculously traumatized and having an extreme mental breakdown at the age of 13 bc he blamed himself for the death of the person who literally kickstarted his life? okay op. okay. lmao.

The post before this one reminded me of this one incident in the airport, so I just wanted to muse a bit.

There was this one time I was walking with my sister to find our terminal and I was wearing America’s jacket from Hetalia, and we ended up going through a part of the airport where security usually passes by. My sister and I are effected by the temperature differently (like it could be hot for her and freezing for me) so I just casually say, “It’s pretty hot in here, I think I’m going to take off my bomber jacket-”

At that instant, my sister’s eyes widened and it took me a split second to realize- we stopped in the hallway, both of us staring at each other jn abject horror. I usually refer to the jacket as America’s at home, but had become used to simply referring to it as a bomber jacket outside in public, so I mistakenly did so in the airport. By the security. With the TSA officials standing nearby, surely keen with their hearing and ready to stop anyone who appears to even look slightly suspicious. I keep the coat on and look around to see if the coast was clear before hurriedly heading away from the hallway and into a more populated one which led to various terminals, but not the one we were looking for.

Needless to say, I ceased wearing the jacket in the airport for a while, but after a few years I did so again. This time however, I didn’t dare to refer to it again and refused to ever mention the incident again, at least until now that is.

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Carmen, honey, what a day you are having. I was at the opening of H2$. M was there, and fangirls were screaming her name in their Warbler jackets and pink sunglasses. She gave out autographs, chatted them up, sat her fat ass dead center, even his mom didn't sit there, so fuck off the bullshit. The older gay male Boadway professionals sitting in front of my friend and I were HORRIFIED, as were we old lady classy CCers, all dressed properly for a Broadway opening, and behaved so. CCer's? "HA!" no.

Oh dear god

Aaron and Eric had me crying last night over how adorable they were. I know most people were just as happy as I was when they came on screen, and that’s brilliant, but when I came onto tumblr I realised a massive proportion of people were horrified.  I just can’t understand how people can get so aggressive and hurtful when they see a same sex relationship on TV. Some of the comments made about the show and it’s decision to introduce these two characters are disgusting. Why do you care? Gay relationships do not effect you.

I hold my mouth a lot but I can’t hold it about this. My faith in humanity has never been lower. When I read things like ‘they’ve ruined the show, I’m not watching it anymore’ I can’t help but get angry at the homophobic scum that walks the earth. Get your head out your arse it’s 2015! Times have changed! Nothing was said about Tara (a lesbian) who was introduced last season. So why, when Aaron and Eric kissed, was there outrage?

If you really believe the show is ruined because they decided to bring in a gay couple (THAT HAVE ONE OF THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS ON THE SHOW!) then you were never a fan to begin with.

I don’t care if I get hate for this, just as long as I’ve got my point across.

rant over

Today on Things I Find Vaguely Fascinating Because I’m Australian: Russell Crowe is apparently planning on purchasing the Leeds United football team, because already owning a Rugby League team just isn’t enough nowadays

so last night i dreamt a fucking terrifying version of Ultron

larger than the mecha titan in legend of korra

and capable of disintegrating every living thing nearby

i don’t think i’m even gonna be nervous about canon movie Ultron after that


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The third night begins! I think?[[MOR] Yeah, I…

((Yeah, stop talking about that darn Asa-Turney already; I’m so sick of hearing about her. …But seriously, haha, would you mind posting a link to your CYOA? ^^ I’d like to try to follow it!))

Well, maybe if she wasn’t so interesting with so many creations I wouldn’t have so much to talk about! See, it’s actually not my fault at all! It’s not my problem that her Tumblr is a seemingly endless rabbit hole of neat stuff.

My writing really isn’t something I’m proud of, but if you want to read it anyway, here it is. If you do end up getting interested, there’s this one too, although that one is a different style and likely won’t ever be finished. But the stuff that is there is of a higher quality than the one in progress right now, I think, especially when it comes to humor. (At least the other one will be finished…)

Bad: having to sneeze with food in your mouth
Worse: having to sneeze with spicy af salsa in your mouth and some of it going through your nose when you try too late to swallow it
Worst: realizing after sneezing that you have to pee really badly but there’s chip remains all over your fingers