I remember many years ago watching a film when this graced the screen:

I remember thinking that he was cute and that he was the one thing that stood out for me in the film.

Fast forward a few years and i went to see The Fantastic Four and this came on:

I again thought he was pretty hot but didn’t know he was the same dude from Not another teen movie.

Years later i went to see The Avengers and saw Captain America and was blown away. I mean how can you not be:

I kept thinking that i knew the Name Chris Evans from somewhere (other than a radio dj in England) so i did some research and what do ya know it was the same dude i had a thing for from all those years ago!

Since then i have seen nearly all his films and have a vast Evans DVD collection, and fuck load of pictures of him on my laptop.

And that my friends is how i have been tormented by this human meatball for the past 13 years!

rogersromanof asked:

I saw a thing that said seb hasn't seen a script for cap 3 yet and he doesn't know how many more marvel movies he'll be in (I'll link if you haven't already seen it but I'm on mobile right now)

Yeah I remember seeing that but I think he’s also playing coy for the interviewers. Because for example he said he didn’t know they’d use Winter Soldier for SDCC and I’m pretty sure he would’ve been alerted ahead of time in terms of contracts/scheduling, etc.

From all the rumors it seems like Bucky is one of the main characters and has a big part in Cap 3. Remember Anthony said he didn’t think he’d be in Avengers and turns out he will be.

We’ll find out soon enough by Seb’s hair.

As for how many movies he’s doing, I think he’s going to be in Cap 3 and the two Avengers movies (the Infinity Wars films) so that’s 5 out of his total. Super optimistic speculation on that one, I’ll admit.


Funny how the heart can be deceiving.

Do you think that while other soldiers carried pictures of their wives and girlfriends, Bucky just had a photo of Steve, tucked right next to his heart?

And do you think that when Schmidt’s men stripped his unit of their belongings, Zola recognized that photo as the man from Erskine’s experiment? And that’s what made him choose Bucky?

elleracket asked:

Imagine an all-Avengers nerf gun fight in which Bucky is the single most terrifying man with a plastic orange gun in the whole univer. He, Clint, and Natasha team up and take it way too seriously, eventually pinning all of the others down in one of the dens. Tony cheats and asks JARVIS to locate them, but it doesn't do any good, since they're too well-coordinated and fast to be defeated.

JARVIS dislikes it when Mr. Stark makes amoral requests of him. This happens fairly infrequently, and there has never been malicious intent behind such requests, but he does find being asked to edit the wikipedia biographies of high-ranking governmental officials both repetitive and dull.  

Running a tracking algorithm of the sort he uses in the Iron Man suit to identify hidden hostiles against Mr. Stark’s own friends within their own home, however, settles poorly in his circuits, especially as they have no such advantage in this mock-war. Mr. Stark is already operating with an upgraded nerf weapon with a targeting system and has constructed a very sturdy barricade in the labs with the help of Thor and Dr.s Banner and Foster, although Thor had been lost in the first skirmish with the team lead by Captain Rogers. 

Although he dislikes doing so, he begins tracking the locations of the remaining ‘hostiles’ on Mr. Stark’s phone. He watches quietly as Dr. Banner is sent to liaise with the Captain’s team at their fort behind the couch in the lounge. Rogers declines the invitation, as do Agents Hill and Wilson, but Miss Lewis accepts, although JARVIS suspects that her reasons for doing so are not purely motivated by a desire for victory.

Before Dr. Banner and Miss Lewis can begin the journey back to the labs, the Rogers fort comes under attack from the vents. Hill manages to take Agent Barton out with a stunningly good shot involving a ricochet that should not have been possible with a foam bullet. In the end, Barnes and Romanoff get all but Mr. Wilson and Miss Lewis, who manages to escape at the last second as Dr. Banner takes a shot meant for her. 

JARVIS takes stock of the situation. Wilson and Lewis have made it safely back to the Stark barricade. Lewis, Wilson, and Dr. Foster are all quite fast and very good shots, and Mr. Stark has gifted them with the advantage of superior weaponry and intel, including the locations of the last three ‘hostiles’, who are operating without communication devices or upgraded weaponry. Despite this, JARVIS assesses that minus the intelligence he is providing, the terms of the final engagement should be evenly matched. He cannot disobey Mr. Stark’s order. However, there is one person Mr. Stark has not ordered him not to speak to, primarily because he believes her to be out of the game. 

"Miss Potts, if I might have a word?" 


Tony and his team are approaching the enemy encampment when the tracking program on his phone shuts off. he frowns and checks to make sure the phone still has battery. 

"Tony, where’d our intel go?" Darcy’s voice hisses through his earpiece. 

"JARIVS! Come on, buddy, fire it back up, don’t leave me hanging here," Tony whispers.

"I’m afraid I can’t do that, Sir," JARVIS says tonelessly, and for several long seconds, Tony knows the meaning of true, pants-wetting fear. The he feels a sharp tap in the middle of his back, and whips around to see Pepper leaning against the doorframe, casual as anything. 

"Stark, are you still there? What the hell’s going- aagh!" Sam cries out in his ear, and seconds later Tony hears both Jane and Darcy go down. 

"They’re efficient agents, Tony, but did you really think Barton and Barnes were working together that well without someone organizing them?" Pepper smirks.

"Don’t try to use JARVIS to cheat against me again, he doesn’t like it very much," she says over her shoulder, she saunters out of the room, gun at the ready. Tony thinks that even though she might be up against Barnes and Romanoff, the game is far from over. 

Deleted lines from The Avengers script #488
  • Tony:Would you like a drink?
  • Loki:Stalling me won't change anything.
  • Tony:No, no no, *threatening*. No drink? You sure? I'm having one.
  • Loki:Uh, no, I'd better not. Alcohol plays havoc with my bladder. You don't want to be in the throes of battle and then suddenly have to stop mid-fight to have a piss.
  • Tony:Oh...?
  • Loki:Yes. Learned that the hard way after some pre-battling mead led to the lot of us urinating like Frost Giants crying in a jungle stream.
  • Tony:I'm sure I'll be fine. It'll get soaked up by lunch.
  • Loki:Lean protein and slow-release carbohydrates? Because anything else will make you tired, irritable and sluggish, and therefore ill-prepared to battle anything other than the violent stirrings of your own colon.
  • Tony:
  • Tony:Yesterday's pizza.
  • Loki:
  • Loki:The heartburn is coming. Nothing will change that.

Because I’m lazy I made it Fourth of July themed oops sorry Jess

But Happy Fourth everyone!!

No but seriously ...

Can we talk about the first time that Bucky really helps save New York. Falcon drops him off in the middle of the fight, Cap throws him the shield to protect himself from incoming artillery, in return Bucky lobs it at some baddies that are getting to close to Steve and it ends up frisbeeing back to Cap. Iron calls out that Black Widow has a Colossal of an attacker on her and he has her pinned her down on her knees and about to snap her neck and Bucky asks for a drop off, as he producing some stunners from a compartment in his arm. So he gets a lift right above the dude and totally WAILS on him with the stunners, and snapping his neck, and guiding his massive body away from Black Widow.  As thanks Black Widow points out the 3 Colossal attackers on Hulk and they decide to do the same to them. At some point he gets pinned down by a couple of the bad guys and it looks grim as all the others are preoccupied, but then Thor appears out of the blue sky (literally) and helps him out.  And Bucky is awestruck and they fight side by side. And Hawkeye calls out the positions of some snipers he can’t get too because… reasons that’s why.. and he’s able to snipe the snipers without a single civilian casualty.

And when it’s all said and done they all so proud of him, and he makes the news and he’s all humble and shit.

But the next day Hawkeye wants to take him on something he calls “Vocational Rehabilitation”. Bucky agrees, because he sees a kindred spirit in Clint, someone else that did things that they would have never done otherwise, but was forced to live with the memories.

So they go to Central Park and they stand behind some trees and Clint tells him about Twitter. And that during a battle New Yorkers play a game called “#spotthehawk” or something like that. And it’s just basically trying to find Clint’s perch without giving him away. He shows him on his smartphone.

Bucky thinks it’s all intriguing but has no idea what it has to do with him or this “Vocation Rehabilitation” that he wants to do. But then it happens. A bunch of little kids start talking about the Avengers latest fight and Hawkeye gets his attention and says “Just listen.”

"Didju guys see the AVENGERS last night!"


"Yeah! And dah way dat cap’in ‘merica just frowed his chield at dat guy in da black and den he tru it wight back!"

"OOOHOOH Or when dat nice bwack window wady was gonna get skoooshed and he zapped em and tossed ‘em and den they went and hepped out da Hulk!"

"Yeah yeah!"

"An-an when does big dudes were all ober him, I thoted for sures he was gonna get fwattened and Thor sabes him!"

"Yeah! That was sooo coool!’

Clint elbowed Bucky, smiling. Bucky smiled, blushing a little.

"Didja see how kick butt dat Fawcon wuz. How cool wuz he! He liked swooped down and dropped off dat guy and went and hepped Iron Man."

"Oooh Ooooh! My brudder won #spotdahawk on twitter last night! He even got a fumbs up! He says he helped da hawkeye guy find da snipers dat the guy in black shotted, but I think he’d makin’ it up." The boy says as he got out his smartphone and showed the other kids.

"Ah, dats so cool dude. He gots a fumbs up! Dats nice ob him!"

"Hey, I wunner what dat guy in blacks name wud. They didn’t say it on da news. And Daddy and Papa readed me da papers, and they didn’t hab a name for him neither."

"Hrmmm" they all stopped to think.

Suddenly they weren’t behind the trees anymore. They were about five foot from the sand box. “James Buchanan Barnes.” Clint offered politely, Bucky gaped at him. “But we call him Bucky for short.”



"I. Win. #spotdahawk." the girl said as she stuck her tongue out and tried to take a good picture.

"Smile for the young lady, Bucky."  {{{JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL THIS TOOK ON A LIFE OF IT’S OWN!}}}}

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Im so fuckin happy marvels snagged the amazing gingerhaze to write a new runaways and oh my god sanford greene’s character sketches for jubilee and buCKY and cloak and dagger and my chiLD AMADEUS CHO IM S O

it’s hard to be more interested in characters than plot because creators obviously prioritize plot development over character development and i’m like “okay this is a cool storyline but there were no meaningful interactions between the characters at all so what’s even the point”

Attack on Titan Avengers AU

Yes all I think about is basically aot and I probably need help

So, imagine the Attack on Titan characters as the Avengers…

  • Captain America- Erwin
  • Iron Man- Levi
  • Hulk- Eren
  • Black Widow- Mikasa
  • Hawkeye- Jean
  • Thor- Reiner
  • Loki- Bertholdt
  • Nick Fury- Shadis
  • Maria Hill- Rico
  • Coulson- Hanji (????)
  • J.A.R.V.I.S- Armin
  • Pepper- Petra
  • Winter Soldier- Marco 

Earth 3490:

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Wow guys, tons of fics this round, great work!  Let’s all make the writers feel appreciated.  

Round eleven will go up tomorrow at 9 am PST and if anyone wants to come chat you are all welcome.  (Looks like I might have to do Sunday morning prompts for a while, I don’t think I’ll be getting a Saturday off for the next few months.)

Thanks writers!

"DeeDee, I need you to come see something," Sam says, grabbing at the bags in Darcy’s hands and following her into her apartment.

"It’s not office hours. No can do, Wilson."

"It’s not an Avengers thing. I swear to Thor."

"That’s what they all say. FYI you need to stop saying that."

"I swear to Thor or calling you DeeDee?" Sam grins, setting the bags on the coffee table and peeking in the one from Steve’s favorite bakery.

"What do you think? and hands off the goods," she says, slapping his hand away from the bag. She misses, rolling her eyes at Sam’s beaming grin. "Look, Samuel, my feet hurt and the only place I am going is to get my jammies on and rescue the last carton of Ben & Jerry’s from behind the frozen corn, before I Skype Rogers." she mentally adds cupcakes to the list but Sam really doesn’t need to know her future calorie intake.

"Nobody eats frozen corn."

"Duh," Darcy smirks, unwinding the damp scarf from around her neck and looping it over the hook beside her coat. "And Steve likes frozen corn."

"He doesn’t count."

"You’re telling me that Captain America is weird?"

"I didn’t say that, but it’s true enough. I don’t know how you can stand to live with him."


"Nope. No, nada. Do not want to know," Sam says making a cutting motion with his hands. "So…?"


"What if I told you I left James in charge of my sister’s kids?"

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