hi everyone its daiya here (the bald one) and i have something very important to ask of yall (which i hate doing this but i cant put it off any longer as things are getting worse)

  • i have no job (but im currently looking for a new one since the last job stopped calling me in and only paid me when they felt like it)
  • im no longer insured bc i finally dropped out of college due to mental health as in my therapist literally told me i wouldnt get better unless i took some time off bc school is literally a trigger for me
  • i need medical stuff (the most pressing one is a biopsy to make sure the growth on my cervix isnt cancerous that’ll cost $200 bc i have to get it done at a hospital but the lab tests will cost another $70, in a year or so im gonna need to shell out another $200 to get my birth control implant removed, i need to see a dentist about a tooth which will cost $300, i need new glasses and contacts because my glasses are a lil fuzzy and i drive a lot that’ll be about $200 including the test and for a year of contacts, my inhaler is almost and my asthma is getting worse)
  • i suffer from body dysmorphia and am looking to have a breast augmentation so that i finally feel comfortable in my own body instead of getting panicky and depressed and hating myself and being misgendered as a man by strangers (this would cost $5,000 its a long term goal i hope to be able to achieve. i spent all my money i had saved up for it on my last hospital bills)
  • i need gas to take my gf (pictured) to and from school ($40 a month bc of my fuel efficient car, but oil changes are also $30 and i have to long distance drive to help family members)
  • i need to eat (recovering from anorexia means i cant afford to skip meals bc once i do its hard to get back into the habit of eating again)
  • i really would like puer kim’s korean vowels album ($10)

my mom is already working full time + a side hustle and helping my sister with her student loan debt. my dad is retired on a fixed income. my rich aunt refuses to help. my grandma is getting weaker and while i would like to work, it comes down to me to watch over her, cook all our meals, and clean since my mom is busy and when she comes home, is tired. im asking that you all could like, idk spread this around see if anyone has any change left lying around? the job market where i live is getting discouraging as heck and i feel bad that my mom is struggling so much, so im not telling her about the medical things i need even tho theyre really important.

here’s a link to my donate page which includes the paypal email. even if you cant donate, please reblog this because i have been struggling the past 6 months with my mental and physical health and worrying about money is just making everything worse.

anonymous asked:

my thighs rub to together and my jeans always tear at that spot and I don't know how to fix the problem or should I just stop wearing jeans. My aunt always says its cause in too fat but I feel like it would happen even if I wasn't overweight.

First: you’re not too fat. I want you to say that to yourself.
Second: Girl, thighs rub together that’s just what they do. It doesn’t matter what size you are if you have thick thighs they are gonna rub. I wear out my jeans like that and I just go and replace them. Send them to the great Jean Beyond and head to the mall to get some more because I mean what can you do. If you want to try to preserve them a little longer, you could try putting patches on the inside of where they rub the most. To try to make them more durable. My only advice really would be is love the body you’re in and get new jeans when they fail you. Hope this help. Remember you’re beautiful and amazing and those jeans just couldn’t handle your greatness 😘


what losers

(lmao i still cant draw hands but ily lots)

I’m gonna be very honest right now. I’m seeing a lot of tao stans saying that if tao leaves, then so will they. as a kris stan, I faced this dilemma, too. there is never going to be a shortage of people who will make you feel like you don’t belong in the fandom anymore. you’ll lose touch with some friends because they refuse to accept or support your bias. people will attack your bias in every way possible and it’s no longer going to be just cfandom wars. you’ll get anons telling you your bias is ugly after leaving and choosing to look how he likes, instead of being at the mercy of someone else’s stylistic choices. people won’t hesitate to be as nasty as possible. just a couple days ago I saw an ifan saying they didn’t like kris and luhan anymore because they “resembled farmers”. 

it’s worth it. it is so worth it to have your bias disappear for a month and then resurface with full cheeks and brighter eyes and healthier skin. it’s so worth it to know he gets to go home to his mother’s cooking whenever he wants. he gets to take whatever job he wants and it’s so comforting to know that he gets every dime he earns. if he’s ever uncomfortable with anything he doesn’t have to feel obligated to do it anymore. there is nothing forcing him. 

the pride is worth it, when you see his face in HD, 30 feet tall on a screen, doing what he’s always wanted. the tears that come when you watch him tear up on his birthday because he’s grateful we’re with him are worth it. the tears that come when you hear him sing his own music for the first time are worth it. 

exo’s not the end. go with your bias, and enjoy him, support him, encourage him, and be patient with him, because the coming days are going to be the most difficult for him and he needs you by his side more than ever. the rewards are better than you can even imagine. 


                                              Hello everyone ! :> 
I’ve reached another small, yet significant milestone of mine so I decided to make another simple ff to celebrate my precious followers and my lovely mutuals~ It’s amazing how people still follow me even though I’m barely on anymore and I make gifs probably like…once every 3-4 months OTL. Don’t do college kids. It’ll ruin you. Just kidding. Please go to college. ;;; Things are gonna get even more rough for me in the future because I’m applying to dental school very VERY soon. And once I do get in, this blog will most likely be forgotten due to the massive amount of studying and lab practicals I’ll have to do =(. But until that critical point, I’ve decided to enjoy this community and the fandoms I’m in to the fullest before I can no longer do so. I look forward to spending this next year with all of you! 


Correcting Bad Husbandry:

Okay fishblr. Not gonna lie, this subject really pisses me off frustrates me. So I’m going to skip the censoring here because I’m no longer able to stay calm while discussing this after reading some of the comments and posts on the subject that have been going on in light of the recent discussion.

If you CANNOT speak to the owners of poorly treated fish in a way that caters to the owner’s feelings, you have no business whatsoever addressing the subject.

It. Does. NOT. MATTER what you think about the fish’s owner, or how you feel, or how you think you’re coming off, or how you think that person should handle the things you say. It doesn’t matter even REMOTELY.

What matters is how the owner of that fish responds to you.

I don’t care if you think they need to be responsible and learn how to deal with the real world. I don’t care if they’re being childish and ridiculous. Maybe they are super young. Maybe they have mood disorders or something that gives them a legitimate excuse to be touchy about things and deal with people poorly. Maybe they’re just an idiot.

But you know what?

THAT DOES NOT MATTER. You still have no excuse to be anything but exceptionally gentle and kind and polite with those people.

WHY? Because THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD THAT CAN HELP THAT FISH IS THEIR OWNER.  You are talking to them over the INTERNET. So that means your only sway over them is in talking to them and convincing them of your side. Nothing more.

And it doesn’t matter if you are actually being rude or if they just perceive your words as being rude. NO ONE listens to someone that is rude to them, who makes them feel attacked, or, yes, PUBLICLY HUMILIATED.

These people might know better. But more often than not, they don’t. They think they are doing the right thing. They genuinely care about their fish and are doing exactly what whatever random petstore employee told them to do because that’s the best they know. If you politely, gently correct them they might respond positively.

BUT, if you are not polite, they will almost certainly get angry and defensive. They will feel attacked. And their followers, anyone else who doesn’t know better and believes all those fish keeping myths, will come to defend them.

And do you know what that accomplishes? Your husbandry information gets spread, but rather than coming off as a helpful, knowledgeable, and responsible pet owner, you come off as some pretentious ASSHOLE on the internet telling other people what to do. So everyone ignores and discounts your information and the fish stays in its shitty bowl. The fish keeping myths get confirmed in their minds by the massive amount of support they get from the people defending them, rather than dispelled by your post as you intended.


We as a whole, all of fishblr, need to get rid of this. Toss your pride aside. If you are going to try to be an animal advocate, you need to do everything you can for the best of the animal. Which includes sucking it up and catering to the feelings of another human being who is doing wrong by their animals.

If you continue to ignore this, and treat neglected fish’s owners however the hell you want, you are an ASSHOLE. You are actively hurting that fish. You are putting your pride and your beliefs before the needs of the animal. Because yes, all those bettas need space and filters and heaters, but they also need YOU to NOT BE AN ASSHOLE to their OWNERS so that their OWNERS, who have the ACTUAL PHYSICAL CAPACITY to make the necessary changes, can give them all those other things that they need.

This shouldn’t have to be said so many times. But if the need keeps presenting itself, I’ll be that person. I’ll bitch and nag and never post anything again but angry posts if I have to. Because I genuinely care about animals, much more than my pride. So I’ll give up any good standing I have in this community if it means getting it though the heads of those still too stubborn and prideful to do what they need to to actually make a difference in the lives of the animals they want to help.

Iris will learn the truth about what’s going on with the men in her life “a lot sooner than” the May 19 finale, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals. “How that happens and how it plays out with everybody else is going to make up the core of the last few episodes,” he confirms, adding, “She is not [going to be] happy with Joe and Barry and Eddie.”
—  TVLine [x]

Alright, today I saw someone claiming that Killian‘s declaration in the “you are my happy ending“ scene is ”undoubtably coercive“ on a pro-CS post and most of the time I ignore things like these and keep scrolling, but some things just really rub me the wrong way and make my fingers itch to write a little something about them, so here’s a mini-meta that grew a bit longer than I intended it to be.

Let me start with this quote:
“Just a lost little girl who didn’t matter and didn’t think she ever would” - Emma Swan, Lost Girl

For her whole life Emma thought she was unwanted. She thought no one was ever going to love her for just being who she is, or that she was ever gonna be enough for anyone. She thought everyone she ever opened her heart to was gonna grow tired of her and leave her.
The writers didn‘t intend for this declaration to be coercive. What we were supposed to get from this scene was Killian telling Emma he loves her and that he has no intention of letting her down or leaving her like everyone else in her life has so far. That to him, she isn‘t just the Savior. She - Emma Swan, the person - is enough; more than enough, actually. That she makes him the happiest anyone or anything possibly ever could by simply being herself.

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Introvert - a double dactyl written April 16, 2015

going the distance

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEYTON!!!!!!!!!!!! montygreening

Mickey glanced around the hall, making sure it was empty. It was, since they had just got out of practice and always lingered longer than most people. He stepped closer to Ian and moved his hand to rest against Ian’s cheek, stroking his thumb back and forth.

“Everything’s gonna be fine. You gotta stop worrying,” Mickey said gently, smiling up at Ian. He could still see the worry behind Ian’s eyes, but he saw him visibly relax at the touch.


the high school sweetheart graduation au that peyton kind of asked for



I’m in really bad shape right now but I need to make this post, I’m taking emergency commissions because I can no longer afford my medication as well as a bunch of other things like paying my mum back for a cage and rent. My parents are letting me stay at home for free for now but the wind is changing and I know the longer I don’t pay them back the more tense its gonna get in my house.

SO IM TAKING £5 HEADSHOT COMMISSIONS for that you’ll get a headshot sketch like the ones above, i’ll draw armour or clothes if you want them as well for no extra charge. 

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