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Top 5 Shun scenes :D

Alright so elaborating on my fave scenes was gonna make this post like 5 miles long, so I’m just gonna answer in text. One of these days I’ll make individual posts elaborating with pictures on each scene. 

Ok so first, honorable mentions (BC I CAN’T JUST PICK 5 OK? I just can’t):
BITCHSLAPPING THE POPE (yes he did he totally did go back and check episode 46)
The moral of that story is DON’T MESS WITH SHUN’S TARDIS CHAINS.
(Also technically Shun got to the pope first. Just saying.)

Intro scene in Legend of Sanctuary b/c it’s hilarious how Saori reacts.


His fight with Jabu in the Galaxian War (beginning of the anime arc-I’ll elaborate in another post.)

Ok now for top 5- I found it REALLY HARD to rank them even up to the typing of this post T____T but oh well

5. Fight with Aphrodite
We see him use his most powerful attack for the first time, which was a great relief for all Shun fans everywhere:

Aphrodite: Hahaha cherry face you suck lmao you haven’t hit your seventh sense yet like wh-

Shun: *using nebula storm with a goddamn bloodsucking flower in his chest* I’M SORRY WHAT WAS THAT?!

We also see him as a complete badass when he was training. 
Shun: ok teach I know i’ve been acting a wuss but now that I have the cloth lemme show you my awesomeness *PUNCHES A GODDAMN MOUNTAIN*

4. The Libra Temple Scene-
B/c my hardest ship EVER set sail with this scene and, in turn, inspired me to begin writing and being creative again- which hasn’t happened in like 10 YEARS. 

Also b/c we actually see Shun using his cosmos the way he actually wants to- to save his boyfriend. Even if it means sacrificing himself. He doesn’t care if it means it’ll help someone else. And Hyoga’s reaction when he finally wakes up is priceless.  

3. His fight with Sorrento. 
Ok so this is from the Poseidon Arc, which you haven’t seen yet. In short, there are marine generals that work under Poseidon, who is bad and they have to stop him. Siren Sorrento is one of them. However he has no idea that someone else is doing stuff behind the scenes to manipulate Poseidion, and he’s actually not all that bad, just following orders. Shun sort of sees that and before he kicks his ass with Nebula storm bascially begs him to stop b/c he knows Sorrento isn’t a dick. I think it really represents both Shun’s physical strength and his mercy.

2. When he strangles himself while being possessed by hades
My feels about this are in this post In short Shun is awesome and REALLY STRONG GUYS, LIKE REALLY STRONG.

1. When he fights against Io in the Poseidon arc. Once more, a summary:
Io is another one of the Marine Generals, and his scale (that’s what their cloths are called) is basically made up of six different animal-based attacks. So there’s Shun getting his ass kicked by each one and you’re there thinking “oh great he’s getting owned alright ikki time to show up”

But no. 

Instead, he starts changing the shape of his chains and one by one starts breaking each part of Io’s scale. 
Shun: *breaks some part of Io’s chain with attack we have never seen before*



Shun: OMG OK FINE! *uses chains again with new attack*

(this process repeats like 6 times)

I remember seeing this scene with my jaw dropped to the floor and turning to my husband like- “….WHERE WAS THIS SHIT LIKE 50 EPISODES AGO!?!”

….and he proceeds to never do it again.

So yeah those are my top scenes! Hope you liked it! :3 Stay tuned as I kind of really want to make picset posts for these scenes X,D


Ok, I think I’m finally ready to talk about the ‘Emma in the library with the stare’ scene.

First of all, I think we ALL can agree it WAS intentional. Seriously though, if you think it was just a camera slip you are delusional. 

Now, I’m gonna be honest. When I was watching it the first time, when I had no idea what uckery was upon us i seriously saw it as a jealous!Emma scene and thought the episode was gonna be awesome. Although something did feel off in that scene. (especialy after watching it 100 times while making the gifs)

But anyway, knowing all the facts now, it feels more like Requiem. Well, you know how it is. You watch something then some crap like Emma’s sacrifice happens and when you rewatch it you think to yourself ‘shit, all the signs were there’.

So this scene was (like she said in the EF) Emma “seeing Regina’s ‘happy ending’ happen”. But that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. I mean, come on, would you call that face a happy one? Or any of these for that matter?

Emma never looks happy or interested or enthusiastic (and I believe gal pals usually do) when Regina talks about RH.

Well, except that one time when Regina told her they’d broken up

Ok, maybe not ‘happy’ happy (probably because that would be rude - Regina’s just lost her ‘TL’ after all) but definitely relieved and relaxed: everything returned back to normal - there’s no one between her and Regina once again (Hook does not count because she can get rid of him whenever she wants).

So, I strongly believe Emma is happy for Regina because to truly love someone is to wish them to find their happiness. Even if it’s not you. But at the same time she’s jealous and whishes it were her.

And I don’t care if all this is is my headcanon. I believe it because tbh this is the only explanation that makes sense to me. If you’ve got another one, please, do share:)




RM made this gif for me because I was rewatching the show and forgot all about this gem of a scene. Not only do we see jealous, broody, pissed off Mulder (HOT) but we also see the moment where the guy realizes that Scully is in love with Mulder. With just this tiny interaction. The guy had been watching Scully for MONTHS. Stalking her…and yet…didn’t realize until this moment that she was in love. Such a good scene. Also, the power of Scully is amazing. One touch from her and a look is all it takes to calm him down. Sigh. These two are so awesome. 

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Ugh somebody came up with a gif set of why Hook is gonna play a main/central role in S5 and honestly I zone out when Hook is on screen but it makes sense. I thought Emma was looking at Regina when she disappeared but she wasn't. I've watched that scene a 100 times now and realized she looks at him. Then they do a wide shot of her looking at her parents and Hook but not Regina. It also doesn't help that in the cap w/ Regina is Hood. I feel like S5A will now be Hook/Charming family heavy. :(

No, I’m sorry, anon. The argument doesn’t make any sense. I completely disagree with your interpretation BUT MORE THAN THAT DO YOU NOT SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Do you not see that CS had to go to CAMERA ANGLES to desperately try to make the sacrifice scene about them??? Omg. HOW ARE YOU LETTING YOURSELF BE INTIMIDATED BY THAT??? HOW?? IT’S SO FUNNY LMFAO. THIS IS JUST MAKING ME MORE SMUG HAHAHA. 

I’m going to let a nice little convo with coalitiongirl and ethan-8 about this take it home:  


To become a Yokozuna with a body such as mine… something that even the great Yokozuna, Yamato Kuni… that’s what I want to achieve…! I won’t be content with just “becoming”… I will “surpass” Yamato Kuni, that’s what I’m fighting for!

Watching the Carmilla behind the scenes video like:

That’s gonna get gif-ed, that’s gonna get gif-ed, that for sure is gonna get gif-ed at least 30 times.

I am trash, I will gladly go down with the ship.

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If the deleted sense come with the dvd all I'm gonna be looking at is atj crotch to see his boner

i mean i cant actually belive they’d have to re-take scenes BECAUSE HE HAD A BONER BUT THEN 

AND IM LIKE 80% SURE ITS NOT EVEN HIS BONER ITS JUST HOW HIS PENIS IS OKAY HE’S LIKE THAT IN EVERY PICTURE EVERY INTERVIEW EVERY GIF THIS IS JUST CRAZY OKAY as far as i remember most of aou scenes are either too dark or if they’re bright, they have just face shorts, not full body ones and that makes me reallly sad but also makes the fact that they shot them that way because of his fried really possible

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Can you find me a gif of the scene in "Story for Steven" where young Greg is like "That's gonna be a problem...YOU'RE ALL I WANT!" AND THEN ROSE'S EYES TURNING TO STARS PLEASE

Episode: Story for Steven