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You described Owen's feelings for Amelia perfectly. Thanks for adding the gifs! I love how relieved he looked while he was holding her as she was crying. I really hope they are together before the fall! I can't wait that long! I loved their scene on Thursday, and I think it went a long way towards mending their relationship, but I want them back together too. Do you think we'll have to wait til s12?

Thank you! I really hope we won’t have to wait until season 12! I have never been without grey’s that long! I finished the show right after the last hiatus ended, so I could just join the weekly ride. I think we definitely will have some owelia scenes in the final, but I don’t know if they will be back together yet. Did they already renew grey’s for a 12th season, because I don’t think it was official yet and that makes me really anxious. I’m so scared they won’t, even though they probably will. But I’d rather have Owelia getting back together in 11x24/11x25, so they won’t leave things unfinished.

 I loved that scene too! It makes me upset every time I watch it because of how Amelia said “he died”. It just made the fact that he was dead so much more real! I was screaming, when he kissed her hair; it was just so cute!!