I just want intimacy right now.

I want someone I can snuggle on the couch with and eat pizza and watch netflix. someone I can kiss whenever I want. I wanna give someone a massage and help them relax. I wanna listen to music with them. I wanna be able straddle them or tease them whenever. I wanna be able to be romantic and sexual and sensual with someone. someone I’m comfortable with. someone I have fun with. someone I can stay up late talking about random things with. someone who wants all of these things with/from me, too.

Thallen Week Day 5: Coffee Shop AU

It was strange how all his senses were sort of muted to everything else around him, but heightened when the cute blonde barista was nearby. Barry enjoyed it, though. He enjoyed noticing the scent of his deodorant when he walked by. He enjoyed hearing the sound of his voice when he’d ask if Barry wanted an extra shot of espresso in his coffee. Speaking of his which, he could feel it going cold. 

“I knew I’d find you here!” Iris came up from behind Barry and scared the living crap out of him. At least she snapped him back into reality. “Seriously, I suggest this place once and you’re back here like every day. C’mon it’s not like the coffee is that good.”

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lil hemmo (like six or seven years old) biting a tiny piece of a froot loop off to make a lip ring just like daddys


okay so luke and baby boy jay were eating cereal out of the box in their underwear, watching ninja turtles on tv. and they were sharing a box of froot loops. “hey daddy look!” jay smiles, poking at his daddy’s arm. luke turns to look at his son, and his heart melts. “daddy, I look like you now!” jay squeals, pointing at the blue froot loop that was hanging on his lip. luke wants to squeal like his son from how adorable he looks right now. “you sure do, bud. you look just like me,” luke smiles, ruffling his son’s blonde hair.

daddy!5sos night with ashtonangst and assholelukey! feel free to send in your own blurbs and requests!

Again rather short. I am still working on getting back to the daily writing. :s
Pairing: Jason/Percy Words: 620 Rating: Teen & Up

“I don’t think they’re coming.” Jason throws Percy’s drumstick in the air again, watching it spin before catching it back in his palm. It drives Percy crazy, and he doesn’t even know why, but right now he’s really tempted to just push Jason over, or punch him in the face. Maybe he wants to pin Jason up against the wall or down on the couch a little as well, but that’s beside the point.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Percy mumbles back instead of voicing any of those thoughts, slouching even more over the couch in the back of the room. He has one leg draped over the backrest and his head is dangling off side, Percy’s just a little too tall to really fit but that sure isn’t stopping him from trying.

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Outlander finale

I watched it. I survived it. (I am so hungover right now.) And I have a lot of thoughts on it…including what was so so right and what was so so so wrong.  But I’ll post that after everyone has seen it. I don’t want to spoil things for anyone.

Needless to say, and I’ve been saying it from the beginning, take care of you first. Only you know what will affect you, and don’t be ashamed if you know graphic rape will hurt you on your journey. No shame in that, whatsoever.

What I honestly need right now, is to cuddle with someone and watch FRIENDS. I want to forget about everything and just relax.

Art Dump Part—
In Order from left to right;
1. My suggested Rayquaza sona (who’s also shiny now~ X3)
2.Kira’s Yveltal Shadow (coincidence at its finest, I designed it before I even knew what ‘Yddi-????’ Was! omegaman255)
3.Pikachu OC?? I dunno, I was bored ;;
5.( niv-ryo, don’t question what happened here, I just wanted to draw a nivvy-type-thingy /)x(\)
(I would totally elaborate more on the story, iF I HAD MORE SPACE)
8,9&10. I have been watching. FAR. Too much adventure time,
Cookie to those that know Samantha QVQ

Last day of the fertile window!

Oh shit, growingbabysunflowers! I forgot that some people out there want to follow ttc blogs but not hear about all the nitty gritty details!

My mother would say “the kind of woman who wouldn’t say dick if she had a mouthful!”

ETA: Outlander gif because it’s Outlander day. And I already watched tomorrow’s season finale. Yay for ondemand and yay for Outlander being one of the best shows on tv right now.

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AJ was afraid. She wasn’t about to deny that. But she wasn’t going to run from him either. She flinched, couldn’t help it. Smaller hands trembling slightly as she pressed her palms to Dean’s back. Daniel had shouted at her. Every time she did something he didn’t like it was all raised voices and threats. Crowding her into corners and spitting his displeasure.

Dean shouted too. But he tried not to shout at her. Tried not to. Now he was in distress and fuck… AJ either wanted to shout back or run away. To just leave him to his meltdown because it was always those surrounding Dean Ambrose that were hurt the worst. Right now he was hurting himself; both mentally and physically. And she couldn’t just stand by and watch.

“Dean… I can’t… I’m not going to. Come with me…. Come on, Dean… Please…”

No. No no no no.

Repeating it in his head didn’t steal it off his tongue any faster. Rocking at the edge of the bed, leg shaking and eyes wide, didn’t drag the refusal from his throat. What did it, eventually, were those hands—too warm and welcoming when he felt so goddamn cold—pressing in against his back. Trying to soothe. Trying to chisel away at something unseen and spiraling up along his spine. Thieving the shine from his eyes and turning blues so very very dark.

“Why?” Too sharp, the fingers dragging down his face stalling their descent, shooting his stare between them as they bridged, out to the opposite side of the room. “You gonna make things all better? Gonna fix Dean Ambrose?!”

Shot up and away, whipped around and slouched so he could slip back in, close, teeth bared and eyes wild with ill-intent, “can’t even fix your fuckin’ self!” Fight me. Written in the lines of his face. Give me a reason. His fists clenched up at his sides. HELP ME. That tiny falter in his jaw before he was righted and storming off towards the bathroom. 

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1:Take a picture of your work space!

The desk is too small, the chair is really uncomfortable, the computer always overheats over the silliest stuff… but it is home. 

5: Who/what inspires you?

MY FRIENDS MOSTLY! but here’s a list of a few really cool and inspiring artists that blow my mind on the daily!  



I have a ton more but i dont want this to be so long you get bored of it @_@ 

11: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Right now I’m binge watching Naruto on Netflix as background noise BUT NORMALLY I’m listening to this playlist on youtube! It really inspires me to animate and its got some great djs! C2C, Flume, 20syl and the like. Real fun stuff! 


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Hey, so I just randomly fell across some old videos that I find really adorable. :3 Apparently Delirious made 3 minecraft pixel art videos??? I didn't know if anyone knew about this so I just wanted to see if you knew?


Guys guys guys haaaaalp

I need a recommendation for a good movie to watch on Netflix! I basically like everything but not so much action and I’m not in the mood for cartoony stuff and don’t want to get into a series right now.


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Time and date: 17:34, 29th of May 2015

Average hours of sleep: 7-8 i’m a healthy motherfucker

Nicknames: Toni, Lamborghini (not so much anymore but i still think it’s funny)

Birthday: 10th May

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: straight

Height: 1.80 m

Favorite color: blue

One place that makes me happy: the old parts of my city

How many blankets do I sleep under: like 4 or 5

What am I wearing right now: white t-shirt and jeans

Last Book I read: i’m almost finished with The Picture of Dorian Gray so that counts

Favorite beverage: water tbh

Favorite Food: Francesinha (!!!!)

Last movie I watched in the theaters: Furious 7

Dream vacation: italy probably

Dream wedding: none probably

Dream pet: dragon

Dream job: architect or engineer 

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you're brilliant and you intimidate the fuck out of me. sometimes, reading posts between you and those you're close with on tumblr is like watching a reality show that i actually like. i want to write like you, but can't seem to even finish something worth posting, so i just read your stuff and the other 'tumblr greats' on here right now, because i am the best kind of trash. but honestly, you're amazing.

Okay, to clear up something super important: I am an enormous, lumbering dorkosaurus, both in tumblr and IRL. I’m have no sense of style, rarely remember to shave my legs, tend to blink a lot when I get nervous, and if left to my own devices would eat all my meals alone in the Taco Bell parking lot., scattering bits of cheese and lettuce on my stained inside out tee-shirt. Please, please, please don’t be intimidated by me!

Downey is a majestic actor in a paradoxical situation: as Tony Stark, in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” he has some screen-crushing close-ups that have more intensity, complexity, and individuality than many acclaimed actors’ movie-long performances. He’s a performer in involuntary overdrive—which may well be the natural condition of all the best actors. And the best actors need a filmmaker who creates a taut narrative and visual frame, an exacting tension that results from precise and even demanding directorial decision-making, which, in turn, provides some resistance to the actors’ furious energy. Absent that tension, actors are flailing in a void, giving of themselves to a camera-view that hardly knows what to take.   There are independent filmmakers—even young ones—who would give Downey a run for his money (even if there wouldn’t be much money), whose scripts, images, and directions would get him not just to act but to react and would provide a pressurized frame to contain and shape his creative energy—and not with fine feelings or complacent doctrines but with a creative rage to match his. I hope that they and Downey find each other. His few seconds of glory in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” his exultant scenes in “Iron Man 3,” are too few and too rare. The question is whether he wants to unleash that energy on-screen in such extended fashion—and what the emotional cost of doing so could be.

The New Yorker

I agree with this very much – bae needs a director who will really challenge him and harness his bounding energy. 

I don’t think anyone has done that in nearly a decade at this point.

The signs at the beach

Aries: no Cancer, I just want to tan.

Taurus: watch me surf guys! *fails*

Gemini: *sips on a drink while tanning by aries*

Cancer: asking aries if they’d wanna build a sand castle with them

Leo: is showing off there built body and probably pretending they’re in slow mo when they run out of the water

Virgo: is burring Sag in the sand.

Libra: is swimming in the water and laughs as they secretly pee

Scorpio: feels the warm water by Libra

Sagittarius: What if a tsunami just hit us right now guys? *says while getting buried in sand*

Capricorn: hey guys look I found a crap. Lol hey Cancer it’s you! *gets pinched*

Aquarius: is pretending to be a mermaid and goes out a little too far in the water

Pisces: OMG GUYS ITS A SHARK! Wait. Nope. Just a fish. OMG THERES A SHARK! Nope. Another fish.