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When Taylor followed me this morning, it exceeded my wildest dreams. I want everyone to feel this!! I’ll be making special follow lists throughout the month (& beyond) in the hopes that one day you to will wake up with a follow from Aunt Becky herself. Please don’t be discouraged if you’re not on the first one. I’ll be stockpiling lists in the drafts. Love you all!

  • Wake up and open your curtains. Your windows too.
  • Drink some tea or coffee, whatever pleases you. Notice every sip.
  • Have some fresh fruit and finish breakfast feeling full.
  • Stand outside and feel the air. Cool or warm, it will make you feel real.
  • Get some exercise. Yoga to soothe, running to breathe, lifting for strength.
  • Take care of your body. Have a nice shower and pamper as much as you want afterward. 
  • If you’re going to work, remember you have the chance to make anyone’s day or to ruin it. Act accordingly. 
  • Weed out the bad language. It’s only creating tension in your body and mind. Kind words are infinitely more appreciated.
  • Take some time each day to improve your mind. Keep reading that great book. Listen to an incredible piece of music. Practice an instrument or a skill. The progress is its own reward.
  • Pictures will help you remember how wonderful life is. But spend less time on your phone and more time seeing the world face to face. 
  • Go to sleep knowing that you have done well. Tomorrow is there with room to become even better.

-Notes to myself on how to become a better person this summer.

this needs to be addressed

Yes, The 100 fandom has a racism problem and it has a homphobia/biphobia problem. I am not denying that and I never will. It is something that pisses me off more than you can know.

Do you know what else it has? A bullying problem. People are getting hate every single day over ships and characters. Cast and crew on twitter and tumblr are sent all sorts of vile messages. This fandom is no longer a safe space. Where are the posts calling for it to end? When are we going to wake up and realize that we’ve turned into one of the worst and most notorious fandoms on this site for ship wars and hate messages?

I’m going to repeat something I said on my blog yesterday that seemed to have an impact on a few of my followers. Please, next time you want to send anyone hate, send it to me instead. I will take all the messages and death threats. You know why? Because I just feel sorry for the cowards who can’t grow up and deal with things like a decent human being. Also, I would rather get these messages than have anyone else torn apart by them.

If you actual give a damn and want to change things, maybe start with spreading some positivity. It’ll go a long way.

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You ever notice how many people on tumblr want to be treated like mature adults while simultaneously behaving like childish brats? "boys are stupid throw rocks at them uwu also take me seriously while i pretend to understand political matters or ur ableist and sexist!!!!!1"

Typical youngsters. We all remember our “I want all the privileges of being an adult without any of the responsibility” phases we went through. Kids today just have a place with no supervision to act that way and instead of “wake up and smell the roses kid” they’re given a pat on the back and “I know right? We’re like so much more mature than our parents”

-the Polish one

“It’s a surreal to think, today is our wedding day. That after today, I’ll spend the rest of my life with the person I want to spend it with the most. And it’s safe to say that it wasn’t love at first sight between us. And I love that. I love that it took us time to posses what we have today. That I’d wake up, wondering what your day would be like. A slow, strong bond had been built without either of us even realizing it. To one day, knowing that I could never lose you. That I would always keep you & Scarlet in my life. Nothing in my life has felt more meaningful & more of a family than you two in it. That with the three of us, I’m confident that anything is possible. No matter where the three of us are in life, through the good or bad, everything will work out. Because together, we are a strong, unbreakable bond. I love you Kait, and I love you Scarlet.” May 12th, 2015.

I love Mileena but I can’t deny that while she was an empress there was at least one occasion when she threw herself onto the floor in the throne room in front of the court and threw a temper tantrum complete with beating her fists on the floor because someone tried to tell her she can’t do something that was literally impossible

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I wish you would write a fic where it's literally just the "Steve Rogers Is a Waste of Space show" (which you mentioned in one of the fics in the series). His headspace is kind of scary when he's hating himself. I want more. :)

The worst part is, this is all his fault. 

Steve has plenty of time to think about this when he’s supposed to be sleeping. He lies in his cramped little cabin on the Bus, breathing in the recycled air and waiting for sleep to come, and praying for sleep to come; but dreading it, too, because it will bring nightmares with it.

At least he’s no longer waking up Bucky every time. He’s set the Bus like an alarm clock to wake him with a Glenn Miller song whenever his heartbeat gets too high; and how creepy is that, that the Bus can read his heartbeat?

But it’s his own fault if it creeps him out. He’s the one who rejoined SHIELD. It all goes, he had said to Nick Fury. And a few months later he signed up again, like a dog returning to its vomit; so stupid, such an idiot, a fucking moron, one of Bucky’s favorite phrases –

“Chattanooga Choo Choo” begins to play. Steve’s heart rate, already too high, spikes. He chose Glenn Miller music because he used to find it soothing. 

He turns off the music. He sits up, head between his knees, and breathes.

A knock on his flimsy plastic door. “Steve?”

“What?” Steve snaps.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes.” He’s not going to be a burden on Bucky. Bucky is in Coulson’s clutches entirely because of Steve; and he had to put up months of Steve yammering on about how SHIELD was different, was safe, and God only knows what Coulson was doing to him – what Coulson might do to Steve, if Steve doesn’t get a hold of himself, go to sleep, at least calm down –

“Steve,” says Bucky. “Can I read to you?”

“Go away.”

The silence that follows is so long that Steve thinks maybe Bucky has followed this command. But then there is a rustle of cloth, of paper, and Bucky begins to read: “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

His voice is so soft that Steve probably wouldn’t be able to hear him without his serum-enhanced hearing. Steve sits in the darkness staring at the closed door for the next two paragraphs. Then he summons the energy to lean across the cabin – he doesn’t even need to get out of bed – and open it.

Bucky practically falls in Steve’s cabin when the door opens. He must have been sitting with his back against the door.

“You realize this makes us both look insane,” Steve tells Bucky.

“Come out so I can read to you in the common room, then.” Bucky is lying on the floor, head tilted back to look at Steve.

Steve rubs a hand over his eyes. He is so tired. “Why do you put up with me?” he asks.

Steve didn’t mean to say that. Talk about burdens; that question must weigh a thousand pounds. 

Bucky has his hand around one of Steve’s ankles. He tugs. “Lemme read to you,” he says. “C’mon, Stevie. I can’t sleep.” When Steve doesn’t respond, his voice sharpens. “Dammit, Steve,” he says, and drags Steve out of bed by his ankle.

“Sorry,” says Steve, even as Bucky says, “Oh, fuck – ” And they both fall silent at the same moment.

“Sorry,” Bucky says, soft-voiced, and he hands the book over to Steve. “Maybe,” he says, and there is a faint tremor in his voice, “you could read? If you don’t want me to.”

So Steve reads. It’s the least he can do, he thinks; because on top of everything else, he thinks he has made Bucky cry.

See You Again -A Joshifer one shot-


When I get the call for the callback, I’m in my truck with my daughter, Cali, sleeping in the back, driving with the windows down. Her head is tipped towards the door and we’re driving through an alley of pine trees, and the cool summer air is coming in and caressing her hair back from her eyes. I keep a loving eye on her as I answer the phone, making sure to keep my voice down so she’ll stay asleep. It’s not easy to put her back down once she wakes up. “Hello?”

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I want to talk to Jeremy...

Nicholas: W-When he wakes up! I’m sure he’ll have lots to say! He’ll even crack a few jokes I bet! Cause that’s how the man is; always joking around and putting a smile on people’s faces. He can’t talk now, b-but you’ll be able to soon.

Nicholas: W-When he…w-when-ah…he wakes….when…

Nicholas: I want to talk to him too.


*shivering, moaning, sobbing*
“Baby, wake up!”
“Lisa, ouvre les yeux! C'mon… Darkness take you! Wake up…”
*panting, gasping for air*
“It’s alright… just breathe… C'mon, look at me…”
“I… I was…”
“You’ve seen a bad dream.”
“How do you know?”
“Well, you don’t cry in your sleep when you see a good one, do you?”
“I’ve seen Doctor Sullivan…back at the hospital… he said things… he wanted to…”
“No matter what he wanted, he won’t do it. Poor son of a bitch is living his last days at the hospice, he can’t hurt you. Not as if he could do it if he was in a good health. I’m great at killing people, remember?”
“He’s still alive? How do you know?”
“It my job knowing everything about everyone.”
“I don’t want to see these dreams anymore… They frighten me… Make it stop!”
“I wish I knew how, mon ange.”
“But you can make me feel better, when I get sick…”
“Nightmares aren’t a flu. Trust me, you don’t want to start seeing things that I see. So how about good old chocolate latte instead?”
“With strawberry syrup?”
“With double strawberry syrup.”
“Only ask Benny to make it… I don’t want you to leave.”
“The kitchen is just a few feet away…”
“Ask Benny to make it!!!”
“Alright, alright. Whatever you say, commander. Huh, I wonder where did you learn to be so bossy? Sounds utterly familiar…”

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What do you do if things are going bad and things won't get better and they don't go away even if you close your eyes and you just want it all to end

You curl up in bed and you count how long it takes you to breathe in and how long it takes you to breathe out and you keep counting until you fall asleep and when you wake up you have a nice big meal and take a long hot shower and you go outside and you look at the sky and you say “damn, this is an incredible world I’m in.”

Ashton wanting to spoil you with credit cards, flowers and restaurant runs because he wants the best for his girl, but nothing can make you as happy as seeing his face light up and that shit-eating smile when you tell him that waking up to his arms wrapped tightly around you every morning is the best gift he could ever give you

i. five years old and slipping
kindergarten indifference off of my feet
like muddy play boots: we chase each other
in circles around the playground
where the grass withers away in sections.
i am all four of the anemoi but
when i’m slapped “it”, the bright-eyed boy
who deems me his successor looks me
feet to mismatched pigtails and says
“you jiggled when i tagged you,” smirk
smeared on that sorry face,
well-versed in the delicacies of
tiny girlhood. almost tiny girlhood -
wannabe tiny girlhood where i can count
my years on one hand and my preoccupations
on two. i want to shrink.

ii. i blow out my thirteen birthday candles
and give way to sleep with the vain hope that
i will wake up having grown out of
the lightning caressing my stretching thighs
because sooner or later,
it is bound to start a fire.
six months later, i am up in flames and,
as the skeletal girls at my middle school stand
side by side and see how much light
shines through their negative space when
their toes are together and their spines
are steady,
i inhale their ashes, their grayscale ribcages.
i am icarus with melted wings.

iii. my favorite dress hangs off my body
like a national flag without wind to carry it
and a grown man approaches me
at a grimy streetcar stop to tell me i’m a pretty baby
with sugar stuck between my bones but
i would look a lot better if i lost twenty pounds.
i stare ahead like the indifferent marble statue i’m
constantly warned against becoming,
to which he counters “what,
do you not speak english, you cunt?”
in a slithery pack-a-day tone. my spine writhes
and, as i board the dimming streetcar, i realize
this is the world my friends have already
been sworn into: the world where my bust
and waist do not belong to just me, but
men who hiss and glare.
i pull down my skirt.

iv. i record my affirmations in the
spidery scrawl that causes my teachers
to mark me down: my eyes are not the dirty,
incessant brown of too many watercolors
mixed together by a clumsy hand.
they are so bright they could rival the sun.
my voice is not deep and clumsy but
dusky and thick, settling in layers
over audiences and temporary friends but
most of all, i will not be loved more
when there is less of my body to love
and splitting myself into small, methodic sections
will not relieve me from whatever
leftover sorries lurk below my slipcover.
i can be celestial without constantly
sucking in my stomach and trying on
disguises with the labels 120 110 100 90 -
and i am.
i am celestial.

—  i’m figuring out that i belong to me / mg
10 Music Shuffle Tag

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You can tell a lot about a person from the kind of music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and post the first 10 songs without skipping. Tag 10 people after.

1. Battlefield - Jordan Sparks
2. What You Do - Crisette Michele
3. Single Ladies - Beyoncé
4. Blue Ocean Floor - Justin Timberlake
5. Iktara - Wake Up Sid
6. Kangna Acoustic Mix - Dr. Zeus
7. Tati Vao Na Lagaee - Bhai Harjinder Singh Srinagar Wale
8. I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
9. Bills, Bills, Bills - Destiny’s Child
10. Dumaaliyan Wale - Immortal Productions

I tag innocuousprocrastination soulonlockdown biculturalist broptimus-prime zikr-e-qalbi neymarbles brownboilovely suhaagan bmaan

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Where are you? Why can’t I find you anymore? Why did you disappear? Where’s the person I fell in Love with? Where’s the person I wanted to start a family with? Where’s the person I could tell anything and everything too? Where’s the person I would stay on the phone with until we both fell asleep on the line, and waited until the other woke up so we could pick up the conversation again? Where’s the person that would split everything in half and share with me? Where did you go? Why are you’re eyes so empty, and cold? Where’s the person who would give me a reason to want to wake up, and be alive? Because now I cant even fall asleep. Now I don’t dream. Now I just eat half, and leave the rest there. Now I wonder if i’ll ever have a family, Now I trust no one with my secrets, Now I stare at my phone, and wonder if you’ll ever call. Now I stare in the mirror, and see the death in my eyes. Now i’m losing faith in Love. Now I’m wondering if that was even you who I was with for all these years. Now I don’t even know who I am.
—  Heartbroken Anxiety