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I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool

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"Every waking is a new journey. Maybe Ven left…because it was his time."

Zayn Malik left one direction to be a normal 22 year old to be out of the spotlight yet he’s been papped now more than ever, there are news stories about him and his love affairs with other women and it also leaked that he’s working on a solo career……shady much


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It Used to Be Black Once

Title: It Used to Be Black Once

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1, 697

Description: A harmless practical joke turns out not quite the way it was expected. Heh.

Author’s Note: Gotta keep it seasonal. (Oh my God.) I haven’t done non-AU in two months and that was eight phanfics ago. Guess I got too caught up in my own world. O.o Title derived from the brilliant short story “It Used to Be Green Once” by Patricia Grace. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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what i want my life to be:

traveling the world, staying in beautiful bed and breakfasts, witnessing incredible architecture, visiting art museums, walking down the streets of beautiful cities, experiencing the culture and history of places foreign to me, eating authentic food, drinking authentic beer and wine, witnessing breath-taking landscapes, exploring said landscapes, and occasionally just sitting down at night in a comfy bed with an incredible overlook of a foreign city and watching an episode of my favorite show on netflix with bae.