You ready for this one? This is an inert cube of tungsten. It’s “geometrically perfect” in the sense that, uhhh, it’s a shape that exists in geometry. Tungsten is a dense element, so the cube is heavier than it looks. That’s it. That’s their entire selling point. This thing is so unspectacular that their Kickstarter page is full of misdirection and chicanery.

Yessir, those are definitely some elemental properties of tungsten. 70% denser than lead? Only 100 parts per billion in the earth’s crust? Take my money already! Specifically, take $209 for one kilogram of Tungsten. Hey, I wonder what the actual market price of tungsten is.

Oh, it’s $33/kg and falling. Well, surely the $176 price differential is due to manufacturing costs, right?

Haha nope. A bunch of Chinese manufacturers will sell you tungsten close to the market price in whatever damn shape you want for your desk or fuck room or wherever these people want to put their idiot cubes. You can also buy the stuff on Amazon (it’s used to balance pinewood derby cars, and I guarantee that’s how this guy got his dirty mitts on one in the first place).

But whatever. Why should we begrudge Jaime his success in arbitraging a random metal by bamboozling thousands of people who could maybe name a dozen elements on the periodic table, tops? Instead we here at YKS are going to join him by launching our first Kickstarter! Announcing Liquid Fusion Mega: Denser than Nitrogen. Called the “essence of life,” Dihydrogen Monoxide is a Space Age molecule capable of catalyzing fundamental biological processes. Scientists believe it’s the reason why the first living cells evolved. Why Dihydrogen Monoxide?

- 50% more viscous than petroleum

- Found in exotic creatures such as auks, mola molas, and the dreaded rhinoceros

- When turned solid, it actually increases in density

- A component of nuclear weapons

This is the ultimate conversation starter. The first 500 donors will get early bird access to 1 gallon containers of Dihydrogen Monoxide for the special Kickstarter price of $179.99. Get yours today!

Forge Solid KILO: Denser than solid uranium by Jaime Raijman

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  • (My sister, recently a 1D fan, sent me a series of emails to cheer me up. She knows I have a weakness for puns.)
  • Me:I AM JUST SAD. I feel like I felt when I finished the last Harry Potter book.
  • Sis:Well, the band couldn't go in one direction forever.
  • Sis:They will have to change up their styles.
  • Me:They sure will.
  • Sis:It's pretty zany that they will no longer all be together.
  • Sis:ZAYN just wants to live while he's young.
  • Sis:One Direction is pretty fireproof, they'll bounce back.
  • Sis:They will always have their midnight memories of their time together.
  • Me:MORE.
  • Sis:I'm going to be up all night working on it.
  • Me:THESE ARE THE BEST. This is making me so happy. I love puns.
  • Sis:Me too. 1D really stole my heart over these past few months, so this is my way of coping.
  • Me:Aw now I feel bad that I lured you into the fandom because ONLY HEARTBREAK WAS WAITING FOR YOU.
  • Sis:It was almost like some sort of stockholm syndrome. I fought against it for so long.
  • Sis:We will treasure the moments of 1D forever.
  • Me:You betcha.
  • Sis:Zayn won't forget where he belongs. I'm sure he would happily do it over again, and he must have been up all night agonizing about the decision. He will accomplish more than this! We should be proud that he's not afraid to take the risk to live while he's young. He's just gotta be himself right
  • now and enjoy the little things. In in the end it's just one chapter of the story of his life.
  • Me:I am so impressed and also cheered up.

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top 5 fiona quotes ?

  1. they did it all, no thanks to you, because you weren’t here
  2. yeah? well i’ve never been on a plane!
  3. don’t ever hit one of my kids again
  4. i don’t mean to be an asshole, it’s just genetic
  5. i just want to give these kids everything they deserve because they’re great kids, and they deserve better

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This girl, does she have a url we can find/have?? I think we'd all like to see her and her blog if there's one

Well, I follow her, reblog from her a decent amount but I’m not too sure if she would want me to actually say her url and idk its a weird question to ask haha

Who the fuck is Женька? (South/North/York)


(Summary: North accidentally calls out South’s real name during sex with York. York has no idea who the fuck that is, but he’s determined to find out.)

3600 word fic, South/North/York

Rated M, but there’s no actual porn scene. if people actually want one, i will write one for the end. but i am not expecting this to be a popular fic, haha.


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Friends meme | five friendships ↦ 05. Joey & Rachel

why don’t you love me like I do? 
I love you however painful it would be.
you are the only one I need.
my heart is so full of you.
my love ain’t going nowhere.
love turns to anger.
I wanna be loved so bad.

every westallen scene ever (27/?)


“It’s ridiculous, Sam. Every time I turn around she’s waist deep in monsters and demons. It’s like she’s a magnet for trouble. And she loves it! I just want her to lay low; to be careful for once.”

“Well she’s a good hunter and she’s stubborn, like someone else I know. Would you listen to yourself if you were her?”

“No- but that’s different! Who’s side are you on?! You two are going to be the death of me… again.”


so the thing i was practicing was in fact pixels! i haven’t done them in so long and i happened to be playing pokemon ranger and, well… i had this craving for pixel art all of a sudden. the base took a while but i’m happy that they all came out pretty well!! look at how cute they are

in order, they are….





ask-dr-radical! i removed the little smile because he didn’t seem like the guy to smile, but… i couldn’t fit a little frown in there ;w;


and ultimaakuma!

sorry to the people i didn’t do! i only did traditional earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns.

Don’t make me call you Euphraise young lady.

(if you had not read phantaire's awesome Princess Diaries fic yet, you really should, just saying)


via capricorn-truths

1) I cover up my insecurities with arrogance. 

2) I don’t mind being the bad guy when it comes to the well-being of my loved ones. As long as something is for their own good, they can hate me all they want. I don’t mind. 

3) I never let someone comfort me. I find I don’t deserve it and I don’t know why. 

4) Because I’m horrible at expressing my emotions through words, I use my actions instead. But I notice that sometimes people don’t understand my intentions and I’m learning to become more vocal with how I feel and care about a person. 

5) Writing, art and music are my sanctuary. I feel safe within their arms. 

6) I can’t stand when someone doesn’t trust my intentions. Despite my cold exterior, I only do things if it will benefit everyone, not just me. 

7) Everything is all or nothing for me. If I won’t give my all in something then I find it pointless to pursue whether it’s a career, chore, or romance. 

8) I actually get hurt when someone misunderstands me and calls me “unromantic” and “hard to love”. I’m really not. Just show me you care about me as much as I care about you and we’re good. 

9) Libraries give me a strange sense of comfort. 

10) So does nature outings such as forests and rivers. 

11) I try hard to be more understanding to people and sympathize with them, so it really kills me when they don’t return the favor back. They just write me off as too “complicated” and throw me away, even when I constantly try to see things from their perspective. They just don’t bother with me. 

12) Respect is number 1 for me. If I meet someone who is disrespectful to me and others, I won’t hesitant to drop them. 

13) My thoughts are constantly in motion. So when you ask me, “What’re you thinking?” Believe me I wish I knew. 

14) I have no filter. I say the first thing that pops into my head. While some find this odd, others appreciate it because that’s how they know I’m always 100% honest with them. 

15) I care very much about my appearance. Not even just clothes wise, but hygiene and the way I carry myself in public. 

16) I’m looking for a partner in crime for my life. I need someone who is as much of a dreamer as I am. Who won’t be threatened by how ambitious I am and how much I want out of life and instead is just as enthusiastic about it as me. 

17) I give up on people if I don’t see them worth my time. Harsh but true. If you don’t treat me right or are just a constant waste of time, I’m saying goodbye. 

18) I’m scared of leaving this world with the thought that I could’ve done better. Not differently, just better

19) I feel like I don’t deserve love. It’s why I always help my friends with their romantic lives while I let my own suffer. 

20) If you can make me laugh once, you’re in. No questions asked. Humor is like a rite of passage to me. 

What kind of Capricorn are you?

"Oh it’s pretty late already — well I’ll paint this simple thing, it won’t take long" and next it’s 5am and I’m too tired to notice any mistakes to correct

happy AU where only Johnny’s horse dies and he has to borrow a ride  from Gyro and falls asleep and everyone lives happily ever after yup