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That last scene on the latest Chicago PD episode broke my heart, the fact that Jay made the choice to cool it off with Erin so she didn't have to choose between him and Voight just shows how much loves her! The way Erin leans into him though as well! Like she's wanting and needing him to comfort her :( I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen in order for Voight to improve

Right? It was so heart breaking, yet beautiful. Ah, maybe one of them gets shot or something now that would be bad but would cause lots of drama haha

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Hey, would you consider making a part two to release?

You know, I received a review from lala-kate  about this as well, and a couple texts from feistyvagabond and trina-deckers with follow up questions, and I might. I don’t have any solid plans for it yet, but that’s mostly because I wrote the majority of that one shot yesterday, slept on it, and posted. 

I have a few ideas, but is there something specific ya’ll want to read about? I think I have a pretty good guess already. Haha. 


Friends meme | five friendships ↦ 05. Joey & Rachel

why don’t you love me like I do? 
I love you however painful it would be.
you are the only one I need.
my heart is so full of you.
my love ain’t going nowhere.
love turns to anger.
I wanna be loved so bad.

Melinda May | Favorite Relationships { Eyewear }


every westallen scene ever (27/?)


(i want) to share your mouthful

college!au where harry and louis have been best friends forever but have only recently started to experiment.

And then they were both laughing, and laughing turned into muffled giggles in between kisses, and kisses on mouth turned into careful lips on neck.

Louis was panting by the time he patted Harry’s shoulder to get him to look at him one more time.

Harry’s eyes were dark when Louis met them, and he had to stifle a gasp. He couldn’t remember ever being that turned on before - every cell in his body was awake and his thoughts were getting incoherent.

”Let’s just-” Louis gulped. ”-go slow, okay?”

louis/harry || 6k

One of my friends and I want to do a small group cosplay of Avatar!Assassins. I of course would be Korra since, well, I already cosplay as her, haha.

I’ve had this design for her outfit floating in my sketchbook for more than a few months now, along with another design meant for Assassin!Kyoshi, but I’ve never really gotten around to just sitting down and drawing out templates and patterns and just making it. So here’s my motivation! I’ll do a digital mock-up of her back as well as attempt at some colored versions when I get back from moving a friend to Seattle. Cheers!

Check out my Facebook page for updates.

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can you share your step process when sketching to line art? i dont think im supposed to draw something in one try lol but i dont know when to add layers, i would appreciate it, even if its just the basics that you do

I mean if you can draw something in one try that’s awesome, it’s not that you’re not supposed to do that, it’s just a lot harder!

Ok I’m gonna use my most recent drawing as an example of this

well for me, I start with one layer with a basic sketch, a sketch that gets what I’m planning on drawing across and lays out the basic anatomy shape etc.. it tends to look something like this for me

beautiful right? haha ok after that I lower the opacity and create a new layer, and that’s when I start the actual sketch with the details of the characters, but it’s still rather messy

this sketching sometimes takes place on several different layers, sometimes I want to focus on an area without worrying about messing up another area so I create a layer, so layers are really just about helping you control and better navigate your drawing, but in the end I normally end up merging all the sketch layers into one. but again, it can take several layers! There’s no rule about this, it’s whatever makes you most comfortable to get the drawing across

once I have a sketch I’m satisfied with it’s time for line art, which would be another layer, and I need to add a disclaimer and say I don’t really do line art in the traditional sense, I just kinda clean up the sketch a bit, but either way it’s on another layer, and this is strictly one layer for me

at this point I turn off visibility to the first undersketch that I did (which I forgot to do in this little screenshot sorry :/), but I always keep the original sketch with lowered opacity under the line art because I like the way it looks and again, I’m lazy. And you can see there are changes from the sketch to the line art, I use this part to finalize and really carve out how I want the drawing to look, but my style is just inherently sketchy

and then it’s time for coloring, which takes a bunch of other layers! one layer for base colors (which actually, what I do is I have each separate color on it’s own layer, and then once I’m satisfied I merge the layers together

then shadows

then detail and lighting

then all the adjustments and other details each on respective layers to make the drawing pretty

so yeah, that’s pretty much my process. Layers are just to help organize and make the process easier. Honestly, compared to drawing with pencil and paper, it’s almost like cheating ;) Make a new one when it’s beneficial  to help save your work and add a new layer of dimension, and when you mess up it becomes a lot easier to fix rather than having something all on one layer and you end up erasing things you didn’t want to erase. Hope this helps!!


Well, hello everyone! It’s been a while and I thought, well, why not do a new follow forever? I wanted to do this when I reach 3K, but then I got lazy and didn’t work on it for two weeks or so and then I reached 3.5K today, so I thought maybe I should finally finish and post this one. :)

I started following some brilliant new blogs in the last few months, especially since I joined the Merlin fandom, so yeah - the list got even longer! I guess that’s a side effect when you have a multifandom blog, haha.

I just wanted to say that I love each and every one of you and I’m happy that you all make my dashboard such a nice place. Of course there many more blogs that I follow, but couldn’t include in this, so just for the record: I really do love all of you, that’s why I followed you in the first place. You’re all awesome and beautiful, never forget that!

I also wanted to thank every single one of my followers! You manage to make me smile every day with every like or reblog or nice message. Watching that little number grow makes me incredibly happy and sometimes I can’t believe that you all chose to follow me and actually like the stuff that I make or my writing or whatever. Thank you so much for that! :) I love you all so much! ♥

Note: I follow you as travelling-in-a-tardis-firstblog!

The bold ones are mutuals. :)


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hi hello i started a fob sticker set a long long time ago (back before pete dyed his hair lavender haha) but i’m prob gonna scrap these and redraw them bc i can do a /lot/ better now

but yeah i haven’t posted any bandom stuff in a while and a bday anon wanted pete w/ flowers so here u go

Don’t make me call you Euphraise young lady.

(if you had not read phantaire's awesome Princess Diaries fic yet, you really should, just saying)

Wait for me to come home

So, I finally had to courage to write something and post it here. It’s my first time posting something in english, so I’m sorry for any mistakes, but I’m so excited for the next ep that I just want to write Klaine nonstop haha. The fic is kind of inspired on Ed Sheeran’s Photograph and it takes place between 6x02 and 6x04. Hope you enjoy it :) ~ 2,500 words.

When Rachel announced that she would be hosting a party at her dad’s house to celebrate the new New Directions members and the return of the old ones, Kurt already knew it wouldn’t end well. But when Mr. Schue became aware of the celebration and suggested that they also called Blaine and The Warblers, to try to become friendly again, Kurt was sure he was screwed.

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I Should Be Over All the Butterflies

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern Day AU where they grew up together as neighbors

Rating: T (Language and sexual implications)

Words: 8366

Notes: An anon on tumblr asked for a story that showed Eren and Mikasa falling in love with each other as they grew up together. I’ve always wanted to do a story for them by age and I thought this was the perfect time to do this! It ranges from ages 9-19 with a drabble for each age; its Eren’s point of view so it’s really him falling in love with her cause its Mikasa, we already know she’d be in love with him from a young age haha though I did try to show it in his eyes as well, the things he might not have thought much of that are telling from her. I loved writing this one, its possibly the cutest thing ever and long because I couldn’t control myself. The title is from “Still Into You” by Paramore.

I’ll be at Katsu all weekend! So I wanted to leave you guys with something :3 This is probably one of my favorites, I hope you enjoy it!


Nine Years Old

Eren had lived in the same neighborhood all his life, granted he was only nine years old but still. He knew all the names of his neighbors, especially Armin who was his best friend and Jean who Eren knew he’d never like. They had all been the same for as long as he could remember which is why he found it so strange to see moving vans in front of the house directly across from his.

He kept staring out the window of the living room, watching the movers bring in furniture, boxes, containers, but he couldn’t actually see anyone.

“What are you looking at, Eren?” he heard his mom call from the kitchen.

He turned his head to see her looking at him while she was drying a pot. “There’s strange people moving in across the street.”

“And what makes them ‘strange’ people?”

Eren shrugged. “Cause I haven’t actually seen them. Do you think they’re invisible?”

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