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Hello, admin here. I hope everyone is doing well! I’d just like to announce that I’m going to be away for the next 2 weeks to visit my friend abroad. I’m not going to bring my computer and I’m not even sure I’ll have internet access, so this blog will be on hiatus until I get back. I will keep the ask box open though (but if you spam it, I will get angry). In the meantime, take care!

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Oh my lord, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore, Fem…


Granted, the mood of the cg’s are different, but Otomate could’ve at least changed the perspective so that it didn’t look too similar. And this isn’t about me being nitpicky either…

                                                                    Oh, try to throw something at Beasty while he isn’t looking? Behind his back? Or at least if he sees an object about to crash course with someone’s head and they’re unaware? You won’t getting far at all at all as Adam has all the top notch reflexes and instincts and senses and whatnot to notice it in some way in a matter of seconds. So with particular things backing him up, he soon has the item in his grasp so quickly. His hand couldn’t help but to leave a good mark on it effortlessly with his strength as he had on it fairly tight. From his attention on what he was holding to the person before him, his blue eyes grew somewhat defensive. A little sharp due to a gaze staring him down like so, it easily was noticed in his one word response to the other.

                                                                                  “What? ”

I have a bit of a dilemma.

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I hope we get a reunion tonight because look at these horses


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Hopefully you like it:)

YOU DID WHAT?” Killian screamed, his eyes widened and jaw open. Thankfully it was just the two of them in their apartment, Henry staying the night at Regina’s.

“I got a tattoo” Emma repeated excitedly. She grasped the ends of her shirt and asked, “Ready?” before she removed it, revealing her new tattoo. She had Killian etched onto her left rib, just below her breast, with a little hook at the end of the name.

Killian’s eyes softened, “Love, you didn’t have to do that”

Emma sat down in front of him on the couch, not bothering with her shirt, “I know. I wanted to. You got a Swan tattoo too so I wanted one of you!” she smiled brightly, resting her hand on his chest where his tattoo was – a swan with Emma etched inside the loop.

Hook’s ‘Milah’ tattoo with the heart and sword was still there, but Emma never cared or got jealous over it. He loved Milah; she was his first love and he will always remember and love her, just the way she’ll always love Neal. They weren’t each others first love, but they intended to be their last.

“I think that it’s not possible to fall in love with you anymore than I do, but I swear Emma, you make me fall in love with you more everyday” Killian whispered, very touched with her gesture. The ‘Milah’ tattoo was the only one he ever had as he didn’t feel the need for another one – until of course he met Emma. 

He had never expected her to get a tattoo, let alone one honouring him, but she did. The woman never ceased to amaze him. And as much as he’d like to refuse it, he was bloody glad she did.

Send me a number and pairing and I’ll write you a drabble!

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I wish you'd write a fic set in the same universe as the one I'm currently writing (tentatively titled 'Ignite'). You know, the one with the brainwashed!Anakin and the Obi-Wan who is determined to free his student, his brother, his *son* from the depur.

I want to write one too! Like, I’m thinking, an outside perspective? A young Knight or a senior Padawan, spending time at the temple after a bad injury. And there’s this young Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. And he’s - they don’t even know, but it nags at them, so they watch. And the more they watch, the more wrong things seem. Anakin has these moments of blankness, like he’s gone away behind his eyes, and the way his Master looks at him - it’s all wrong, too sharp, too doubting. He pushes Anakin too much, like he doesn’t see how the boy is struggling, how much he’s causing the boy to break down, not building him up as a master should. The master is on the council, and how can they accuse a council member of mistreating his padawan? But how can they not, when Anakin looks so wounded?

And then Obi-Wan comes, and they discover why it is that no one seemed interested in helping Anakin Skywalker. (Obi-Wan wants the entire temple to know what the council has done. Maybe that will shake some of those self-righteous pricks from their high horses.) Which leaves them with a ugly truth they never would of guessed, and a crisis of faith.

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I wonder if there's anything you can do with Oneesama!Elsa from the ScientificRailgun AU. Can be either from the perspective of Kuroko or the Sister's (if that exists in this AU) or even admirers or all of the above. Just curious.

Well, I wasn’t really gonna have the Railgun characters in this AU–just Disney ones. Mostly because I really want to use George from Paperman too As for the Sisters…huh. Never really thought about that one. At this point, I don’t have the Sisters/clones planned for. But I guess I’ll go with Anna’s POV and seeing Elsa interacting with the other students.

Since this is oneesama!Elsa, it’ll be different from her version in the actual AU.

Nearly one year into the school year, and Anna still hadn’t found anything substantial to despise Elsa over. Aside from being a freakin’ Level 5, but she’d made peace with her Level 0 status already.

At least, she hoped so.

The blonde was genuine in her interaction with others, almost to the point where Anna suspected she felt more acutely than she let on. Her empathy was obvious in the way her brow would furrow ever so slightly at a struggling student. Or the way her rosy lips would curl into a bright smile at another’s surprise at some achievement of theirs.

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Hello, I’m Omar from Buenos Aires Argentina, I’m graphic designer and graphic artist. I post my last work Self-portait from 2014. I create art with silkscreen since 2006. I’m an illustrator too, but this time I want to share this one silkscreen: my self-portrait.




tonight i have to read a 200 page book and then write a 2-3 page paper on what element i am and why

and i kind of just want to write one single sentence: “i am francium because i am too unstable for this world and should have never been made”

My friend hobsnoblin started selling her T-shirt designs on teepublic so since I’m a copycat, I kinda wanted to give it a shot too.

I only have one at the moment although the drawings weren’t originally intended to be a T-shirt design, but I’ve been trying to look for ways of earning some extra money so here you go.

It’ll only be $14 for 3 days. After that, it’ll be $20. Click the picture to go to my T-shirt store. :D Or click HERE!

One of my friends split the cost of a Dragonball set with a few other friends at the convention. In return, we each got a ball, the intention being to scatter them when we all go our separate ways. He saved me the 4-star ball since my favorite character is Gohan (who wears it on his hat as a kid). My inner 12-year-old is so damn happy right now. I’ve always wanted one. It’s pretty too.