Why do there have to be parents out there who don’t know how to drink properly in their children’s presence? I will never understand that. I mean, I’m already eighteen but it still has a huge effect on me. I don’t drink and I have never drank because of my parents and family. I have seen and gone through a lot of stuff because of the alcohol use of my family and relatives and my earliest memories are from when I was only six years old, and that memory in particular is one of the most heartbreaking ones that I have ever experienced yet I still think about it every now and then even though I don’t want to. I will never understand why it’s so hard to drink properly??? You’re a fucking parent and you’re drinking and doing stupid things while you’re drunk in front of your own children. I will never forgive my parents some of the things they have done and I will never forget some of the things I have seen. If anyone even reads this, and I assume the majority of you drink, and probably want to have kids some day, please DON’T BE STUPID and drunk (like you can drink properly but.. you know what I mean!) in front of your kids because you will make their life miserable and give them bad memories they’re always going to remember and it makes you an incredibly bad parent.

yknow i was so excited to be back in germany and at my parents house and i missed my pets and all but today was so bad i just wanna go back to france again lmao. these people aren’t good for me. i learned to accept so many things about myself and honestly. my family is so close to make me question those things again by pointing them out negatively. you know. stuff i personally sorta “got over” after months of struggling and it’s pissing me off


Prince videography ‘79 - ‘82


  • I Wanna Be Your Lover (Solo performance by Prince)
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover (Performance by Prince & his band)
  • Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?


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  • Dirty Mind


  • Controversy 
  • Sexuality


  • 1999 (Edit)

Fitz’s look of utter destruction as Andrew hands him the video of Olivia’s kidnapping :( - Can this man just get a hug, please?