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this is not /exactly/ what you had in mind, but what happened to scott? like, does the alliance ever realize about his wife [and possible child ;))))))] or is just like, MEH

OOC: [Jumps up and down cause I wanna tell more but I’m still developing how the guards play into this but yes they are aware of who he was and his wife]

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Is there somewhere i can look up the date of when my blog was created..? I don't remember and it would take like 5 years to go all the way down.. (I wanna make my blog's chart, i'm lame, i know)

go to postlimit.com and enter your url, it tells you the date and the time of your blog’s creation!


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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Sugar I wanna go down on you.

if i was drunk and you said that i would probably fuck you

(can u guys be awesome & pls cheer me up by sending me jokes/funny pick up lines i’ve had a really bad day & feel like shit)

moonrisez asked:

i wish she actually released it earlier :/ i'm so hyped for new songs!!! but i think she's going to be releasing a single soon?? it just seems reasonable to me since august is pretty close and we already got the album cover

Yeah I guess people are saying she’s releasing Hold Me Down soon. I don’t wanna wait until August though because I want to be able to blast it alll summer lol

Watch on dynamicafrica.tumblr.com

Never wished I was at BET event as much as I did whilst watching this performance of Brandy, Queen Latifah, Mc Lyte & YoYo performing the “I Wanna Be Down” remix at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards.


Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Remix) (feat. Mc Lyte, YoYo & Queen Latifah) 

throwin it down hard