Reuben Negron: This House of Glass

Evolving from the journalistic sensibilities of Dirty Dirty Love, This House of Glass is an intimate exposé on what we keep hidden from others - and in many cases, what we hide from ourselves. Working with volunteers, I interviewed each model about their lives, personalities and history; specifically focusing on sensitive and vulnerable details they normally keep veiled. Through this process their personal narratives were dismantled and reconstructed into the watercolors seen here. Staged in the model’s own home or place of special interest, each painting is a cumulative experience not meant to document a singular instance but to illustrate the entirety of the model’s story. (artist statement)

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As a health care professional, how/in what way do you advocate health when you are not working?

Ooh, good question! 

But a better question is…. when am I not working?

In all seriousness though. Readers: what do you do to advocate health outside of work or school?

as most of you know, since the days before I even have my blog (only my clothing company back then), I have been sponsoring an orphanage in Nepal called “Relationship Nepal”, the home of 13 children, whom I support every month with the kind donations from my blog readers. I met them when I was volunteering there, teaching dancing, and I have posted about them a lot before and I have a tab called “charity” on my blog site, where you can read all information about this family and how can you help. They are like the family I have never have and I love them with all my heart.

Yesterday, the worst earthquake in Nepal’s last 100 years hit, and my family has lost their home. They are still lucky to be alive when more than a thousand death has been found, but 13 child are now homeless and hungry. I have always been receive enough donations every month to cover their living fees, but now we need more. And I need your help.

No amount is too big or too small, and everything is greatly appreciated. Please visit my blog , and the tab “charity” on top of it for money transfer information. I will be happy to answer any email inquiries as well. Please spread the love around and make the world a better place! (at pray for Nepal)

Things I’ll never understand about Dr Who: when faced with a weeping angel why don’t people just keep one eye open at a time and then when that one gets “tired” switch to the other?!


Today’s race was great. I won my age group. I was 4th overall (3rd female). Pretty freaking awesome. I’m very happy with my pace. This is where I need to be for my BQ. And it was hilly so nice practice for San Diego.

Liz and Evelyn were out today. Liz and I volunteered for parking duty (picture 1). We were probably the best parking volunteers ever. Any time you have lightened pool noodles, is always fun.

And after the race burritos, pancakes and beer. That’s a great post race spread. Now I’m home, ready for a nap.

Great race megorun, breatherunlive, karikeepsrunning and everyone else running this weekend (OKC people!).

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Plot twist Harry ends up a girl under 5'6'' with brown hair and with colorful unnatural streaks or tips that likes bold lip colors and eye shadow when she's in the mood for it and isn't stick thin and throws Harry for a loop and makes him question his entire life.

imagine the conversations lmao “so babeee…you know you don’t need all this to look beautiful :)” “aha” “why you use so much make up then?” “cuz fuck you that’s why” “ok”

Wax has impetigo and while I was waiting at the pharmacy for his prescription this young man walks in (around 19-20) and asks for the morning after pill (MAP) (emergency contraceptive pill). The female serving him doesn’t blink an eye, just asks him to fill in the name and address of the person the medicine is for and informs him the pharmacist will need to talk to him. There are three pharmacists on duty and the male one comes over and informs him that he can’t dispence the MAP to him, as it needs to go to the named person. Young man nods and says that she’s just in the car and she was feeling too embarrassed to come in and ask for it herself so he thought he could do it for her.


Volunteered with Disney at Paws in The Park to raise money for Harbor House to help house victims of domestic abuse and their dogs.
Also: shout out to my mom for taking the most out of frame picture of me:3

sister: “if worse comes to worst and the hotel room has NO space we can put someone in the closet and/or bathtub”

me: “I volunteer!!! that way every morning i’ll be - “

mom: “oh my god”

me: “coming out of the closet”

Oh god I’m so exhausted. 

Yesterday was really fun! We had our annual joint improv show with my improv team and another school’s improv team. It was really fun and I even got to have a rap battle with one of the freshman on our team. I think our Improv Coach said that we raised at least or over $600 for St Baldricks cancer research foundation which felt really good! 

After the show there was a party but it was already pretty late so I didn’t stay long. I did have Bacon Soda though and let me just say never again. Shit was nastay as hell. 

Anyway I’m not volunteering today because I’ve been feeling so drained lately physically and emotionally and I needed a day to sulk and do homework and that day is today. woo. 

Personal Post 2k15 #27: Humanity

Today I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for the first time. It was a lot of fun! I helped install the windows on the house and some strips for the siding. It started to rain around the time I was planning to leave, and so they said they might not be doing much more today anyway.

I had a great time talking with Dean, the guy I was working with most of the day. Cool guy. He’s a stockbroker. Also, the guy I’m constantly hearing ads for on Pandora was there. He works for a local financial company that evidently sponsors H4H. Interesting coincidence.

Here’s a pic of Yuki for #adoptdontshopweek ! I would like to take the time to strongly encourage you to adopt a rescued animal instead of visiting a breeder or a pet shop. I found Yuki at a small volunteer nonprofit cat shelter. She was surrendered at a veterinary hospital with a severe case of fleas and two deformed feet. The vet was going to put her down, but the rescue stepped in and saved her life. She then lived in a small cage at the rescue, smaller than a bathtub. I fell in love with her shortly after I started volunteering there (I socialized cats and cleaned cages). She is the sweetest baby anyone could ask for and I am so lucky to have met her. Please, adopt your next best friend and save a life! If you ever have any questions about adopting a rescue or cat care in general, please do not hesitate to approach me! 😊❤️ and be sure to tag pictures of your rescued babies and share the love!

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Just a thought/opinion but it would be great to see more racial diversity in the W2R volunteers

Pro thing about W2R is that anyone can volunteer. But I understand what you’re saying and I agree.