Oh, wow.  Dragondicks/Cuteosphere is throwing a hissy fit because Hasbro plans to release a Coco Pommel figure, because “she’s based on a Nazi sympathizer”.

Yeah, no.  She’s named after a known fashion icon (Coco Chanel), because that entire episode was about the fashion industry.  They go with names that they can turn into horse-related puns, and (while it’s not specifically equine-related) there’s a piece of gymnastics equipment known as a “pommel horse” the “pommel” is part of the front of a horse’s saddle (thanks to rollem-bones for the info!).  Like, who cares that much about the name of a cartoon pony?  She also tries to make it sound as though the character became popular because of allegedly being “based on a Nazi sympathizer”.  I’m pretty sure she became popular because she’s sweet-natured, has a cute pastel color scheme, and rose above being some rip-off-artist’s lackey to become a fashion designer herself.

Jesus christ, Dragondicks is a fucking mental case…

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Dean, how are you reacting to Cas not wanting to have sex with you? What was your first thoughts when he explained? Were you/are you feeling insulted? Or is it just annoying?

Like I said, some people just need to be wooed a little. Besides, he’s a virgin—of course he’s nervous. I don’t mind taking my time with him and waiting until he gets over whatever his hangup is. I’ve been with plenty of virgins before, and I always make sure to be very gentle with ‘em, since most tend to be pretty anxious at first. 

I know he said something about being ‘asexual’, which I’m not exactly familiar with—I think it’s just his way of tellin’ me he’s not ready yet.  

I have tried explaining, though briefly. I’m not entirely sure Dean understands. I’m trying to be patient with him about it. It’s difficult enough for regular people to understand, let alone a demon whose entire existence is centered around sex.

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Tsukiyama shuu

  • What I like about them: His dramatic personality and ridiculous actions that makes him a really good comic relief but I liked him more when he showed how loyal and caring he can be. Also tbh he’s really good looking and rich af 
  • What I dislike about them: (This applies more to anime Tsukiyama tbh) Horrible fashion sense??? Really fcking creepy at times
  • Favourite moment: When he comforted Kaneki after the fight with Kanou and tried to cheer him up using books and novels and also chapter 128
  • Least favourite moment: Even if they’re pretty funny, his hanky sniffing scenes really gross me out
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: I really want to learn more about his family because he’s really really rich. In the drama cd he said his bed’s end was 4 meters away from his feet and that says a lot.
  • An interesting AU for this character: hmmm ive never really thought much about aus for Tsukiyama but maybe present world au Tsukiyama will be pretty hip. Imagine him picturing his gourmet food and posting them on Instagram and ramble about his first world problems in blog. 
  • A crossover: hmmmm maybe hxh.. maybe he and Hisoka can meet up or smth
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): None really
  • BROTP: Kaneki, Chie, Hinami, Banjou and the gang
  • NOTP: hmmmmmm nah…
  • An assortment of headcanons!
    • Tsukiyama likes to spoil Hinami when they go out. He’ll buy literally everything Hinami points out
    • Maybe in the manga, Tsukiyama and Kaneki still share book recommendations and will spend the night arguing about a book ending or smth
    • Just like Hinami, Tsukiyama also spoils Chie and likes to tell stories about the gang to her

my little sister is co-president of the outdoors club at her school. yesterday she called me at 7 in the morning and said that some people had bailed on the outdoors club ski trip and asked if i could come so that they could still have enough people to qualify for the group rate. blowing rock isn’t far from where i live, so i said of course i would love to go.

it was great to hang out with my little sister and to meet her friends. it was nice to try something new and the whole day was definitely an adventure, but wow am i terrible at skiing. i couldn’t even make it down the easiest bunny slope without falling. 

at one point, i’m pretty sure that someone was filming their little kid on skis with me flopping around in the background trying to stand up. 

i finally gave up when i fell and almost slid into a little girl. i’m still glad that i tried it though. i wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again if i had lessons (and insurance). my sister did much better than i did. she had never skied before either, but had no problem on the bunny slope. i am glad that i was able to go because most of the other people in outdoors club were experienced at skiing, so at least i was able to keep her company.

i can’t believe how sore i am today. 

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Send “Busted” for our muses to be in after school detention together.

Usually, Ryan was pretty patient about his punishments. Sure, after school detention was shitty, but sitting alone in an unsupervised classroom wasn’t the worst they could do. That is, until someone else got sent to detention. And this someone else had the irritating habit of tapping his pencil. On everything. At first, Ryan tried to be civil; sighing heavily, clearing his throat, trying to make it heavily obvious that he was annoyed, but the guy wouldn’t stop. God I hate high school, Ryan thought with a grimace as he spoke up. 

Hey. Hey, could you cut that out?

"This… This is not…""… I… I wanted… I wanted to make… It was supposed to be a world where the human race would attain new heights… The next stage… Of our new development… It was all… For humanity’s future…"

Tried to draw Maxie all messed up and sweaty, looking at up at his failures lol I failed pretty badly but I can only improve..Maxiiieeee don’t break my heart bby <3 <3  I am Magma trash all the way. I’m not sure how anyone could NOT ship Hardenshipping or Leadershipshipping. Honestly. it’s practically canon. 

Positives about me:2

I auditioned for a voice acting role and even though I’m pretty solidly sure I failed at it, I still tried. I tried and I tried hard! I am actively putting forth effort towards making my dream come true so even if I don’t get the part and start off sucking hard at things, I’m still proud that I’m putting myself out there and I personally think I’m making good progress even if no one else thinks so. I’m proud of me for my work.

Goodbye xo

Hello Teen Wolf Fans,

I am sorry to say that I have seen this blog go downhill from what it originally was. I’m sorry if we have let dedicated followers down with our inactivity.

I have made the decision to leave the blog. The communication between the admins is pretty much non existing. I tried my best. Likewise, I no longer have time to be dedicated to this blog.

I don’t know what is going to become of this blog, but I hope it will be handed down to talented and dedicated teen wolf fans.

Before I make a permanent leave, I personally will try my best to complete the confessions sent in about the finale, and other confessions that may have not been posted. Hopefully, it will all be posted by the end of march break.

Sincerely, Shantel


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i just got around finishing it, im sorry its sorta short, but i tried to make it as sweet as possible!!


The rain created a small, solemn rhythm against the earth, which quickly grew into a faster and heavier tattoo.

You lifted up your curtains, peering outside and frowned. But soon enough, that frown grew into a small smile.

“It’s raining outside.” You turned your head to look over at your boyfriend, Hoseok. You nodded towards the window.

“Uh? What do you mean it’s raining?” Hoseok exclaimed.

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Just trying something out. I want to make some pretty edits to help promote my babies. There still so much I could learn to do with gifs. If anyone has good links to reference materials or tutorials and such, send them my way ~ 

Edit: tried something new (with the second gif) 

Which one do you think might do better in a gifset? 

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The best part of shinkane is that akane is such a sweetheart and is so innocent, but you know she could cut a bitch and kougami is so stoic and tries to be the picture of strength, but he gets emotional pretty quickly. They compliment each other so nicely!

Ikr? And what I rly love about them is the fact that even though Kougami is always this tough guy who kicks ass and doesnt let anything stop him but if he sees Akane depressed or hurting, he immediately hesitates and makes sure to take the time to comfort her 

and going by season 2, my friend pointed out that Kougami is basically Akane’s sanity

They’re just perfect <3

Babysitting again

The boys are five and three, and I have Rosa here too and it is really nice. They are pretty much entertaining themselves. I coaxed them out into the garden for a while and now they are having snacks and watching Frozen. Once it finishes I am going to try and persuade them into another activity. It hasn’t all been easy peasy and straight forward. The three year old was refusing to wash his hands when we came in so I switched the TV off and said he couldn’t have it back on til they were clean. He tried to convince me that his mummy doesn’t make him wash his hands! He is also a bottomless pit and I don’t know how many snacks they are allowed. It makes me think that once past the really little stage, having more than one child must be nice. They play together so don’t need you all the time and they have company.

We had OFSTED this week, and i need to say a massive thanks to all of you who said nice things as I prepared :)

It was a tough experience, but we’re happy with what happened. Day 2 of the inspection the stress got to me massively, my year 11s were playing up on day 1, and the fear of the inspectors coming to that lesson on day 2 was pretty freaking high. For the first time in my life I got a tension headache that was so bad, painkillers did nothing to take the edge off, and I ended up spending about 20minutes of the last lesson of the day in the Maths Office quietly crying as my colleagues tried everything they could think of to make me feel better. As per usual, the crying actually helped, but the poor men just didn’t know how to deal with it.

I then had parents evening to deal with and the husband and I ended up going to KFC on the way home from school so all i had to do at home was sleep.

Friday was a write off, my lessons were shockingly bad but I didn’t care all that much. I’m disappointed with how badly one of them went, but that’s mainly because the kids were as tired as me and they just were not in the frame of mind to do any work at all.

I’m sitting here at 5.30 on a Sunday evening, with 24 A level exams to mark, three lessons to plan for tomorrow, and an entire Module to learn before I speak to my boss about teaching it tomorrow….. I may be piling the pressure on again but at least I enjoyed my weekend of crazy activity (Sunday afternoon naps are one of my favourite things) and Ireland BEAT England in the six nations! WOOOOO! :D


I feel like these two pictures sum up our relationship. In the first one, we’re laughing out asses off, and in the second one, he tried to kiss my cheek for the picture (didn’t quite make it but oh well). We’re always laughing together, we get each other’s humor, and I think we’re both pretty romantic when to comes to each other. I feel so blessed to be in this relationship. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy before.


I tried to make a Q fish. It didn’t work as well as I hoped on the body because I attempted scaling and I didn’t have light purple, so I think I’m going to use a seam ripper and redo his body. I think I’ll not try to mix colors or make scales like I did again, but instead do patches of pink and purple and red, because that seemed to work well enough for the blue and black gradient on Sulu’s embroidery. I’m pretty happy with the fins for the most part though. Overall I rate this as a low key failure, but that happens about half the time you try a new technique so no big loss there. I’ll try again in a couple days.

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Remember when all the salty SE and Bamon shippers tried to convince themselves that it wasn't Ian and Nina during Delena's iconic rain kiss? lol How pathetic and delusional can you be!

Did they really? But how? I mean, you could see their faces.  Wow. That’s pretty…um…yeah. Well, they tried. Whatever it takes to make it through, I guess.