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A girl moved to my school recently.When she first came she wasn't social at all. At school she was always alone.I kinda felt bad so I started to chat with her and hit it off pretty well and eventually dragged her with me to introduce her to my friends. And after visiting her place to watch some movies I'm absolutely infatuated her now (shit). I want to do stuff with her, maybe make a move for once in my life, but she never wants to go out, even in a group. I can't get my mind off her. What do.

maybe talk to her friends (if she has any because she just moved) and ask them if she feels the same way about you? Or you could just ask to go on a date to the movies or something.

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What means your nick ?

Well my usual nickname is Aya but someone already use it…
So I just added the suffix -ish to Aya. Meaning what you see there is a more or less accurate representation of me. Idk if i made myself clear with this explanation… x)

SO YEAH basically : AYA + ISH = AYAISH.

(and please please please call me Aya not ayaish ;w;)


so with me just reaching 5k it means that it’s come to the time again where i forget 90% of the people on this website who i love and make a follow forever regardless of that so hi i have tried my best to get my shit together here
honestly tho if i follow you i adore u and recognise you every time i see ur lil icon on my dash so please understand my terrible-ness, i know i am a trash can
BUT ANWAy if your blog is in this list i consider us bffs because mutuals and i love you and everything you post ! you’re all so lovely and funny and run the best blogs in town so thank you :) without any further ado:

altoowhale ◆ breakburnandends ◆ calumfoodclemmosclifforton ◆ cockholmsyndrome ◆ comingeasilydemonsandarlingfeelslikeaperfectnightheldontootighthemmomtvhiamthebandhowyougethegirlirweicakeitscashtonlamestvevolukeshm ◆ lukesosmakingupforlostlovemicool5sosmilkshakeitoffmoaningmicaehlmyjourneytofearlesssnewromantisof1989oohirememberromanticsnew ◆ timcgraws ◆ whereversyouarewhereveryouareswildestdrean ◆ youbelongwithmes

and of course i could never forget my queen, supreme and everything in between: taylorswift

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smoker!ashtin who has to be high all the time but realizes he really doesn't need to smoke to get high when he's with u

oh god, smoker!ashton who’s always by himself at school. he always decides to skip classes and take his mind off of things and hang out under the bleachers, but when his science teacher talks to his parent’s he’s forced to get some help through some tutoring. so naturally, the science teacher picks you to tutor him, since you’re the kid with the high grade in the class, and naturally, ashton hated u at first. but as he started spending more and more time with you, he realized he’s starting to stop smoking, the feeling of the smoke relaxing him replaced by the feeling of you relaxing him. so he ditches his cigarette pack, throwing it out the window as he drives you home from school this sucked

Fan Art Day ovo~<3

Today’s Fan Art is for: discourt and frenemies

Mod: fan art for my big bro Scar with his series he is making plus Gargoyle is my fav from it that and minion which ill be making fan art soon for him to ovo
where the minion love scar? >:V 

i had a hard time with what lust scar wore so i had to wing it and Gargoyle head dress thing was hard to sketch out but still i enjoy drawing them :3

also wired head canon Gargoyle is taller than court himself and lust courtdosent care what gender the person is hes coming for the booty X'D 

also I’m sorry if I drew them wrong I tried my best tho enjoy this little pic from your lil sis and for all them shippers to XD <3

life goal is to make Gargoyle really awkward around lust court mwahahahah eve

Gargoyle & lust court © discourt and frenemies also known as InvdrScar on deviantart c:

Sketch © me the TaiRay-Askblog

Mod: And it begins <X’D Did’t think we’d jump into ships this early. As always thank you for the fanart. This is quite a hilarious pairing XD

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I just read your oral sex guide and it's pretty accurate. Now can you give us girls tips on giving oral to guys?

Good morning Anon! 😇

Well, I’m glad you find my oral sex guide pretty accurate! I tried my best tho 😁 Hmm tips for giving head? Uhh I think a guy should answer this one, I mean they got the WOOD Anon, they are very knowledgeable on what really feels good and what is not during blowjobs 👍🏻😁