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We’re currently moving our application to Bluemix and I’ve been trying to get our Protractor (End to End testing) tests to run in Build & Deploy within DevOps.
To build the environment for this we need to run `npm install` within our `test/e2e` folder. I’ve tried putting this into the build stage configuration, but when I look at the “Artifacts” tab in Logs and History, I can see the contents of our `test/e2e` folder, but no `node_modules` folder is present. Our Test stage to run the Protractor E2E tests then fails, due to it not being able to find a local grunt (because the node_modules folder isn’t present in the artifacts!).
I also tried setting the Archive directory to be `node_modules` and this gave me an Artifacts folder of the required npm modules.
The strange thing about this all is that *once*, the Protractor build stage worked as we were hoping, and the Artifacts returned include the `node_modules` folder. Running Protractor tests with this build as the input resulted in our tests correctly running. But as far as we can remember, this build was run in the exact same way as we are currently trying (build command of `npm install` and Working directory of `test/e2e`.
Is this a bug with Bluemix, or are we doing something wrong?
If anyone has an answer please feel free to message me on Sametime as well as posting here, as the quicker we could solve this the better.
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