What a Capricorn thinks of each sign

Aries: Stop being so goddamn loud when I’m trying to focus and do my work.

Taurus: Hell yes! Taurus’s are so rad, they’re so down to earth and talk and usually play bass guitar and have lots of rad books. I love you guys, you give out really sound and stable advice.

Gemini: Hypocritical, self-pitying jerks who throw their dirty underwear at people and fart on them and think it’s funny. It’s not. Like aries, you talk too much.

Cancer: At first I thought you guys were really cool, but then it turns out that you’re different from what I expected of cancers. You really like mainstream music and don’t have a lot of creative ideas. Kind of artificial. Most serial killers are cancers?

Leo: Oh my gosh, you guys are hilarious and great! Leo’s have such a good sense of humor and like all sorts of cool stuff and have rad collections. Really humanitarian (or try to be) and attractive people.

Virgo: Smart and sweet with attention to detail and perfectionism, I can count on you to get the job done 110%. Have a strange taste in furniture and are a little too showy with their bodies, though.

Libra: Charming, yes that’s true. Fun to be with and have so much creative talent. However they treat people so ambivalently and tend to be cheaters. Noncommittal.

Scorpio: There’s this attraction because the back of our minds play the same sort of music and anything I say you understand as though it were the same in your head. Always watching out for me, but female scorpions are scary because they’re really high maintenance. Male scorpions are more laid back and play guitar.

Sagittarius: SO FUCKING LOUD, SHUT UP FOR ONE MINUTE SO I CAN FOCUS ON FINISHING SOMETHING. Talks during exams and when guests come over they talk over them. So rude. Don’t know how to filter and show manners. Really into memes. Musically inclined and tend to always be out and about going to concerts and making good memories.

Capricorn: I don’t really like other Capricorns because they’re really short and whiney (males) and are bad at holding up deep conversations.

Aquarius: Really corny and pretends to be mad when they’re not. Overall good people who are quite mellow and good at chemistry.

Pisces: Really emotional and don’t use proper grammar when writing or texting, ex: “lol hey m 14 asl wats up”. Quiet people with large eyes and cute lips that are rounded.

Electric Jellyfish? ELECTRIC JELLYFISH.

For my unique type combination/March Madness entry, I dusted off my very first submission to this region and gave it a fresh new spin. Ctenophores, or comb jellies, are bioluminescent and look like LED lights, so I thought it would be a good idea to turn them from garbage bags into light bulbs! The type combination also fits with the depiction in media of jellyfish stings being similar to electricity, along with mercury-vapor lamps (I know there was another entry that was based off this concept, but I’m sure I made mine different, as noted below).

Jelled fill their bodies with a lightweight, buoyant gas which allows them to float like balloons, and when they run electric pulses through this gas, they produce flashes of light, allowing them to see at night and attract prey. Large groups of them can work in perfect synchronization to create spectacular displays that can hypnotize even intelligent Pokemon and, of course, people. They use their tentacles to create an electric field with which to sense and shock their enemies, and they can release puffs of their toxic vapor to disorient and poison them; enemies are left with crippling status effects, and prey is simply stunned and swallowed whole.

Jelluminos take their predecessors’ skills further and communicate with each other via a complex “language” of flashing signals that only they seem to understand, and they can even mimic the light signals of other Pokemon to draw them in. Their large tentacles release a neurotoxic, paralyzing sting that feels similar to an electric shock; once they’ve immobilized their prey, they draw it in with their smaller tentacles and feast in peace. Their large size allows them to moderate their electricity while hunting, and they primarily use their special attacks defensively. If truly threatened, a Jelluminos will channel its energy through itself and create a warning display of rhythmically flashing lights to confuse and disorient attackers; those that aren’t fooled are simply electrocuted and paralyzed while the victim escapes and recharges.

Like Vivillon, both Jelled and Jelluminos come in a variety of different color schemes; I’ve made nine of them here, with the Rainbow one being a default like Meadow Vivillon. The variants have different colors of light and tentacle patterns, and depend on the world coordinates of the console for the hypothetical Omnis Region game.

The standard abilities I have in mind are Clear Body and Levitate. I’ll leave the community to decide the HA, but possibilities include Illuminate, Volt Absorb, Poison Touch, Filter, or possibly Aftermath.

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What up, my nig.... uh i mean nigerian comrade? Ok but for real, what are your thoughts on the new scooby doo show coming out on boomerang? wish i could see it, but i ain't got comcast premium or whatever edition to see, which is probably a good thing?

Hated the design and idea at first

It as the balls to come out after mystery incorporated

Saw the test footage then I loved it and now super hype

An epiphany (sort of)

I was going back home in the bus yesterday. I usually get lost in my thoughts when i’m traveling, and this time i was thinking about…guess what: dragons xD But suddenly, i realized something: what if i made a dragon OC?

The thought struck me so hard that my brain bursted with ideas about what could possibly my first OC ever xD So i got my notebook and a pen off my handbag and i started writing everything.

So…good news: i’m making a dragon OC :)

(now i must remember how to draw and stuff -_-)


When Doctor Who came back in 2005, nobody knew that it would work, but as soon as the credits rolled and that theme music began, there were hairs on the back of the neck, standing up, and excitement. You start getting all of these firsts: there’s the first glimpse of the TARDIS and it is, thank goodness, a blue police box, just like you remember, then the Autons - to use classic monsters was an absolutely brilliant idea. And then suddenly we were with Rose. Billie Piper brought something absolutely new to Doctor Who. But of course the most dazzling thing is the Doctor, in the person of Christopher Eccleston. When he does the speech about the Earth turning and being able to feel it, I thought “Yeah, this guy is Doctor Who, we’re safe” (x)


if you stopped watching Shield after the first episode because “everything was so predictable” or “the charcters had no depth” let me just tell you everything you thought you had figured out was wrong and this show will blow your mind


Hello everyone! I’ve decided to make a Kagerou Project network!


  • Reblog this post. Likes don’t count, but feel free to bookmark!!
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  • Please fill out the application
  • It’s not mandatory but having a similar blog type to mine will make you more likely to get a spot!! (And also if we are in mutual follow.)
  • Once you have been accepted, please add the badge on your page somewhere!! (see end of post)

If you have completed all of the above and you have been accepted, I will send you an ask to let you know!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

network page // application


Thank you everyone for being interested, the network is now full!!


“And then we got a lot of money and we had some fun in the arcade! …I-is the crush really that obvious…?”

((i thought it would come out sso much better but it didnt D’: > i had an idea in my mind that didn’t come out half as good xD i’d love some feedback on the backgrounds lol this is the first time i’ve ever done an actual background… ;w;))

((azazel completely forgot of the tinted rock bc of maggy otp confirmed))

((cain is ddedded if something happens to maggy))((…AND 100 FOLLOWERS AAAAAAAAA WHAT THE FUUUCK I LOVE YOU GUUUUYSSSSSS ;______; !!! AAAAAA))

Semi-inspired by the new Free! OVA???? I had the idea before but school butler cafe Midousuji seemed like a grade A idea ok. Maybe Kyoto Fushimi needs funds for their club idk how this works ok 

Who even got him to agree to this???? who even thought this was a good idea in the first place????? It is a mystery


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omg I read that AU list thing you reblogged and I laughed at the ER one bc I had to cancel my first date ever bc I got admitted into hospital that same day. I called my date and told him this and he went 'oh well get better' and I jusT??? but I can totes see Thorin reacting like that, very aloof, and then 5 mins later he's like right next to Bilbo's stretcher and Bilbo's like 'hoW DID U GET HERE SO FAST. HOW DID U KNOW I WAS BEING ADMITTED INTO THIS HOSPITAL. HOW. WHY. SHOULD I BE SCARED.'

OH MY GOD YEAH thorin totally appears out of nowhere looking half bewildered half absolutely menacing and bilbo is like HUH??!!? and he has like a broken arm or something and thorin DOESN’T EVEN EXPLAIN how he found him OR thought it would be a good idea to show up in the first place, he just complains ceaselessly about the slow hospital staff and buys them disgusting vending machine coffee and snacks and even though bilbo complains, thorin still drives him home (because he can’t drive himself of course) and bilbo is like ‘well I’d invite you in for tea but I’m sort of incapacitated rn’ and so that ends up being a joint effort, as well as the late dinner because they’re both STARVING and at some point bilbo makes an off-hand comment along the lines of ‘I still don’t understand why you’re doing all this, you can’t like me THAT MUCH’ and thorin has bilbo’s tomato-patterned apron tied around his waist as he’s washing the dishes and he just stares at him deadpan for a solid thirty seconds because duh?? of course he likes him that much, but ends up making a really stupid joke about how no, he doesn’t like him at all and is in fact getting paid for all this, escort service par excellence, and before long bilbo is pretty sure he’s discovered his soulmate in this absolute dork who is so tall he keeps hitting his head on all the doors and doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘per excellence’

okay, but look at this post and tell me that this isn’t exactly what hori would be like when he finally realizes he has feelings for kashima

more under the cut because i have no self-control whatsoever

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