Favourite Tweets about Philippe Coutinho’s goal against Manchester City

dipper and pacifica…

  • making the ultimate video game duo
  • taking naps together
  • picking out clothes of the other
  • protecting each other
  • holding hands
  • carrying one another
  • dancing together
  • play wrestling
  • having a tickle fight
  • cooking/baking things for the other
  • braiding each others hair
  • wearing each others clothes
  • going to a drive-in movie
  • walking to classes together
  • singing to the other
  • giving behind hugs
  • giving nose/cheek/forehead kisses
  • cuddling in the winter
  • getting rly excited about nerd things
  • religiously watching a show on netflix for 4 days straight together

i just had this tattoo/art idea?

so it’d be this little green sprout and it’d have a view underneath the soil to the acorn it grew from, cracked open because the sprout came out, and it’s cracked open shape looks like a heart

above it it would say plant your trees, watch them grow

Not gonna lie, it’s weird to be in this era that has shifted from hating larger butts to loving them. It’s crazy to find out that the body type you grew up getting flak for having is now suddenly what people want, you know?

doodling kate smiling is like the best thing to ever happen to me, its super therapeutic. plz be ok cinnamon roll, i cant lose u

and idk, swablu with kate seemed super cute to me at the time i started this??? it just sits on ur head like whatever this is nice. they’re lil puffballs everyone should have one

jeongguk loves taehyung like darkness loves a liar. like the destruction of a roman city and he loves him like flames of fire licking at his skin.

jeongguk loves taehyung like the allure of danger. like spilling his blood for sacrifice and he loves him like a home he never knew.

jeongguk loves taehyung like their existences are codependent. like death is more pleasant than the thought of being alone and he loves him like rebirth.

—  a twisted companion to this

"If Pikachu wants to evolve into Raichu, that’s fine with me." 
"Stop, we have to find Pikachu."

Despite their belief that Pikachu evolved into Raichu, they all scream out ‘Pikachu’ when looking for him and not ‘Raichu,’ and thaT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY. Ash doesn’t necessarily want Pikachu to evolve, but if he does want to, then Ash will accept and respect his decision, and I think that’s wonderful. 

a tendency to speak
eloquent and prolific
about how much you know
so much evidence
of your deep

belief and need
for authority

your insistence on using words
nobody else knows
short man’s syndrome

all you

don’t like it
when you get
what you asked for

honest feedback

you say:

"oh no no no
those can’t be
your true preferences

you are mistaken
that is just your

you only need
to learn more
and grow”

and of course
you are right
you know everything

you just need
constant reminding
to be sure