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I’m sorry I didn’t pick everyone as my bae cuz we had to have an actual conversation for that to happen and I think I forgot to list a few peeps on that second pic sorry. Even if your not listed here in this ff I still love you.

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Why I don’t want an Olicity wedding

Right now you’re going “Wait… what?”  Because it’s jbuffyangel and I that have concocted the whole Olicity wedding theory in the first place.  Why on earth would I promote a theory that I claim not to want?  

Because it’s the theory that makes the most sense. 

I’ve seen snark, sideeye, shade and smirking from those opposed to the theory, saying that we’re so busy promoting this, that we want this so much, that we can’t see the other possibilities.  I would argue with that. Vehemently.  Have those people been in my Twitter DMs, watching Jen and I hashing out all the clues and details like we’re constructing some sort of FBI Suspect Board? I don’t think so.  Have they seen me wailing at Jen and mersayseh that I wanted to find any other option that made more sense?  Doesn’t sound like it.  

In fact, I could argue that these people who are so opposed are only that way because they don’t want it.  Which is probably true and I understand. 

But that’s not how I work.  I deal in facts and logic, yo, and I don’t waste time on speculation that I know has a billion holes in it. So let’s dive into why I *don’t* want this to happen, just to clear up this little misconception, shall we?

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everything set aside i honestly feel really bad for pili because she constantly calls herself dumb and always asks if the person she’s talking to if they understand what she’s saying or when she’s in a middle of describing a thought she stops mid sentence and apologizes for it probably not making sense and then with her brother saying all that shit on twitter about her and then i remember how she was telling kevin a story about how her friends laugh at her and told her that “it’s a good thing you’re so cute cause you’re not that….” and pointed to his head or s/t like fuck no matter why she’s so self aware and doesn’t have any confidence in herself like i just wanna put her in a room and educate her on a couple things and then just give her allll the compliments in the world like it makes me sooo saddd

anonymous asked:

Why do you like mondo when he did such a terrible thing? Most people who like him think he's just an innocent baby, and so it doesn't mean anything to them that he did such a terrible thing. I know you made a long post about it and excuse me for being too stupid to get it ;; I just wanted to know if you could elaborate a bit more...

Don’t get me wrong, he’s the last person in the world i’d ever want to know in real life

i think he’s a fun character, he makes for entertaining scenes and dialogue, he’s pretty interesting to think about and pretty well written in my opinion. 
Plus, i like that he’s legitimately an asshole. like lots of the time a punk character that can be befriended by a protagonist is 100% a sweetie pie under their tough exterior, but mondo oowada is the kind of guy who really would start a violent street gang in real life. he’s aggressive, impulsive, hasn’t gotten much encouragement anywhere else, so he turns to violence. they humanised him without resorting to an overdone stereotype that all bullies are lovely people on the inside. He’s well written!

He’s a good character, so i like him! that’s all there is to it.
 It’s got nothing to do with him being a terrible person, because I don’t have to live with his garbage mistakes! like i’m angry at him for what he does but in the end like, what did you think was gonna happen? it’s the point of the game. I also like the characters he fucks over, but like as an individual he holds up, so i don’t think that needs to affect how much i enjoy him in general. 

also, im very very boring and i know better, so i like to live vicariously through the punk characters. they’re always my favourites.
i’m like a dance mom but with punching.