Not bullets, or blood, or broken bones, no

What if Bucky can only fall asleep if he writes the date on his hand first? That way, when he wakes up and checks his phone, he can be sure only one night has passed. Be sure that he hasn’t lost years. 

What if, one day, he comes into Steve’s room early in the morning for something, and he sees yesterdays date scribbled in Steve’s perfect handwriting, across his best friend’s forearm? 

What if Bucky sits down right there on the floor as relief washes over him, because Steve gets it.

  • Molly:*snoozing at her desk*
  • John:*whispering* She looks so peaceful. We can come back later.
  • Sherlock:*rolls his eyes; also whispering* I need those test results.
  • John:It's your fault she's in this state.
  • Sherlock:*reaches out to wake Molly*
  • Molly:*mumbling in her sleep; sighs* Umf...mmm...Sherlock...
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:*deep voiced* Then again, you know best.
  • John:What?
  • Sherlock:*staring at Molly* We should let her sleep.
  • Molly:*giggles in her sleep*
  • John:*blushing; tugging Sherlock's coat* Yeah, but...we can't stay...
  • Sherlock:*bites his lip* I don't mind.
  • Molly:*sighs in her sleep* Oooh...Sherlock, please...
  • John:*tugs Sherlock more urgently* For God's sake-
  • Sherlock:*shrugs John off* I came for the results-
  • Molly:*stirs at the voices; blinks herself awake* Sherlock, John...oh, I'm sorry...must have dozed off.
  • John:*manages to get Sherlock over to the doors* Yeah, sorry, Molly...we'll come back later *still pulling Sherlock along*
  • Sherlock:*calling as he's hurried away* Molly, those test results...bring them to Baker Street, after your shift... *shouting as the doors swing shut* ...have something very urgent to show you...
  • Molly:*very confused*

Remember when YOU:

used to believe in Magic?

seriously pretended that you could fly?

played for hours with pieces of painted plastic, painted cardboard boxes, a shiny rock or a hunk of chalk?

was transfixed by the wonder of snow, the splash of the ocean and the push of the wind on your back?


I’m starting to think that if I want to enjoy agent carter in peace I need to keep it blacklisted also when I’m not doing it because I don’t wanna be spoiled because wow this website’s attitude about pretty much anything keeps on baffling me every damned time especially considering the terms in which you… discuss possible issues in a show versus labeling it as total crap because it doesn’t meet a certain quota of things you wanted in it

                                 “i didn’t want to wake you up to die, but i needed you ”.

       pls tell me i’m not the only one who sees how problematic this scene is??? it goes back to my little rant last night about him using her.  he doesn’t mean to use her as like his emotional grounding or whatever idk how to word it, but he does.  she let’s him bc she likes being that for him, she likes making people feel better.  he just takes advantage of it so much without really giving any of it back to her.  it’s sad really because he just doesn’t think.  he knows she loves him already so he doesn’t always feel like he has to keep working at it, but he does.
         this is my biggest issue with rumbelle.  i’ve always said rumbelle is good for him but horrible for her.  and it is.  it’s so detrimental to her well being and she doesn’t want it to be so she writes a lot of things off bc she loves him and she wants things to work.  thank god, she’s coming more into her own and realizing how little he gives back to her and is making him pay for it by kicking him out of storybrooke on his sorry as like he deserves.  but still, this is like one of my biggest concerns and reasons for why it’s really hard for me to fully support rumbelle as a ship. 

Classmate: "Are you an only child?"

Me: “Yeah, why?”

Classmate: “Oh, because you usually draw and read a lot. Its one of the specialties of only children.  I always hear you talking about this book. it was Future Sky, right?”

Me: *internal screams* *panics about what other things she overheard* *has flashbacks of every fanfiction that was ranted over it being good in the one class*

Me: Future Earth Future Sky? It’s pretty good. *Do not mention its a gay porn donotmentionitsagayporndonotmentionitsagayporndonotmentionits agaypornDONOTMENTIONITSAGAYPORN*