Mean Answers for Mean Reactions-Asexuality

Q: But if that’s just 1% of the population, why do you even matter?

A: Would you like to hear what percent of the population you make up?

Q: That doesn’t exist!

A: Well then you are talking to a wall!

Q: It’s just a phase!

A: Oh, so is your bigotry and mean comments thing a phase as well or are you just unlikeable all the time?

Q: That’s just a special snowflake thing!

A: I think pointing out everyone’s differences and making a scene makes you the one that wants to feel special…

Q: That’s a sin! You’re going to hell!

A: Yes. Me doing literally nothing made me grow horns and a pitchfork. 

Q: That isn’t natural…

A: Asexuality occurs in many different species, but bigotry in just one: what’s not natural now?

Q: You’re not really human!

A: Yes. Me doing nothing with no one is not human. You, however, criticising me doing nothing, is perfectly a human reaction to this.

I was looking for a quote from Demon’s Surrender because I… accidentally wrote a oneshot while finishing sweeping. In the process of finding it, I found the context:

“It was good to see you,” he murmured. “Buy yourself something nice from your old dad.”

“You bet I will,” Sin said.

A week’s worth of groceries was always nice.

She was already catastrophically late, so she leaned her head against Dad’s arm for another few minutes, watching the light fade.

Love always costs more than you can afford to pay, Alan had said to her, his face still drawn with pain. And it’s always worth the price.

Some people stayed, no matter what the cost. But you couldn’t expect people to stay no matter what. Sin didn’t know any way to make someone love her that much.

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So... i was starting to accept the fact I'm bi, ignoring leviticus because as you may know, some laws in it are not appliable now (civil and ceremonial), but there are the moral laws, which comdemns homosexualty in the New Testament and for instance, today. Help, I dont know what to think anymore... I love God, is just... I don't know what He would think about me :/

God will not love you any less for anything you do. Our works are an outpouring of Him working in us. I struggled for a long time in many things thinking that God would hate me for things i do. But i realized this was a lie. He loved you enough to become a human and die for you. Sin is different among people, and if you feel guilt, then it probably isnt good for you. Do what you feel is right, but no matter what you choose, God will never ever ever love you less.

One band meme

Using only song names from 1 artist/band cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people. Try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!

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Pick your artist/band: The Proclaimers!

Are you a male or female: Lady Luck
Describe yourself: King of the Road :P
How do you feel: Everyday I Try
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Whole Wide World
Your favourite form of transportation: Hit the Highway
Your best friend is: Sean
You and your best friends are: The Part That Really Matters
Favourite time of day: Shadows Fall
If your life was a tv show, what would the title be: Over And Done With
What is life to youWages of Sin
Your relationship: It Broke My Heart
Your Fear: Blood On Your Hands

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«Why people do love to impose their points of view? »

Maybe, you’ve already guessed that I mean radical people.

What association do you have with a word «radical»?

As for me, I always imagine radical religious fanatics or radical feminists (I’m favour for feminism but I’m against for people with radical points)

I would like to reveal this topic on the example of radical religious people.

I think that the majority of radicals often meets in Christianity and Islam. Such fanatics like to speak the particular speeches: «How can you not believe in God? YOU MUST BELIEVE! GOD EXISTS AND I DON’T CARE THAT I HAVEN’T ADEQUATE ARGUMENTS FOR PROOF». I like to watch this situation when person does some deeds which are sins in the bible; usually radicals begin to judge using very negative vocabulary. No matter what you think that you are right, you haven’t a right to judge. You don’t know this person and it means you ought to sit and keep silent until somebody asks your opinion. Conversation with such people looks like beating your head against the wall or trying to run to train which has already gone.

It is an innocuous example but there a lot of others which connect with murders.

The past has an example «The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994» He was an American physician. He was murdered in Pensacola, Florida, by anti-abortion extremist Paul Jennings Hill. The similar example is about killing Barnett Slepian. He also was American physician who was murdered in his home by anti-abortion activist James Charles Kopp. How you can notice people were killed by radicals who can’t accept another views. It’s terrified and scary. I wish that nobody faces to such people.

It isn’t the end. The world has a lot of examples. I just want to spread for you that faith ought to be inside your soul. Remember it: if something works for you doesn’t’ mean that it will work for another person.

I want to repeat I’M NOT AGAINST YOUR PREFERENCE. Coming back to my headline about imposition all people have a right to do whatever they want but it mustn’t connect with murders and violence. My idea sounds like «Everyone is right and everyone isn’t right at same time. It’s all about subjective and objective things. Person ought to learn how to be objective to yourself and people which are around him. I believe that people who have this skill can to be named really wise.

How do you think that real wise person will impose your opinion to others? I guess the answer is NO because such men just shares his ideas with audience. He doesn’t ask you to agree or disagree with it. You should skip information through yourself and make certain conclusions.

To sum up what I’ve written I want to wish you: Please, don’t be radical. Respect others opinions and be more flexible to the world because world changes every second. Look, second is gone and, maybe, you’ve changed your opinion.

I have some family members that believe having lgbtq friendships - just maintaining the relationships - is enough to show that they are loving and accepting people. But I still don’t think that’s enough. If you don’t support and join in on the struggle for lgbtq people to have the same rights as straight people, I think that still means you’re judging their sexuality as lesser than your own. It doesn’t matter really whether or not you feel a non-traditional romantic relationship is sinful. You can still support them having equal rights in a secular society and it won’t break your own religious code. Doing so would truly show your love and acceptance. What else is there to do to show it?


A lot of people seem to like discussing laws without reading the actual legal text, so I need to chime in. Indiana’s RFRA is a copy paste of our Federal RFRA, introduced by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and signed into law by Democrat President Bill Clinton with only 3 dissenting votes in Congress. This law has never been and never will be a license to discriminate. If it was, don’t you think there would be more than merely 300 cases citing RFRA over the past 22 years? And yet, everyone seems to think it is. The actual legal text has a couple famous terms that appear in many other forms of legislation, namely “compelling government interest” and “free exercise”. Here’s what the existing law actually means. I’m a devout baker (my faith does not matter) and I believe homosexuality is a sin. Can I refuse to serve gays? Fuck no you can’t. If a gay couple asks me to participate in their wedding, can I object? Yes, but with legal repercussions. I understand that legal mumbo jumbo is very confusing, but refusal of service on any basis is discriminatory. So then why pass the law if you can’t discriminate? Prior to this legislation, Federal RFRA could not be applied to the States because of the SCOTUS ruling in City of Boerne v. Flores. To quote Justice Kennedy’s opinion, he stated that, “Congress’ power under § 5, however, extends only to “enforc[ing]” the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Court has described this power as “remedial.” The design of the Amendment and the text of § 5 are inconsistent with the suggestion that Congress has the power to decree the substance of the Fourteenth Amendment’s restrictions on the States. Legislation which alters the meaning of the Free Exercise Clause cannot be said to be enforcing the Clause. Congress does not enforce a constitutional right by changing what the right is. It has been given the power “to enforce,” not the power to determine what constitutes a constitutional violation. Were it not so, what Congress would be enforcing would no longer be, in any meaningful sense, the “provisions of [the Fourteenth Amendment].” In short, our Federal government can say “This law says X, we’re enforcing X.” It cannot say “This law says X but we think it means Y so we’re enforcing Y.” (Same thing happened to Obama with immigration enforcement). In other words, every state has to adopt their own RFRA in order to use the language in court. But what does the language actually mean? It’s rather simple. You can’t discriminate. You can and will be sued if you do. However, the court MUST weigh your faith in their arguments. Prior to this law the courts had no obligation to pay heed to your faith. Now they do. Does this mean you have a free license to deny gays? Once again, fuck no it does not. I know our gut instinct makes it sound like I can deny a gay person service, get sued, muh faith and then win in court, yet this NEVER happens. Stop being stupid about this law. If the text really meant that, we would see different results today. All it does is give the faithful a chance to argue their faith. Nobody said anything about accepting those arguments as legitimate. Now I’m sure you might say, “But our legal system is so expensive that nobody will want to sue, so just the possibility of having to take someone to court will allow bigots to threaten gays if they deny service.” It’s a more fair point because these arguments would never be heard in court, but think about it this way. If someone faithfully believes homosexuality is a sin, you would be asking this person to be burdened for your convenience. Are you really in the right here? Our federal legislation explicitly states that the government cannot significantly burden the faithful unless they have some overruling function to perform, like collecting taxes. What makes you so special?


Here’s the actual law, please read it before discussion, otherwise you come off as ignorant and ulterior.

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Not to sound weird, but what do you think would happen if Guilty Gear started to do Gag Reels like BlazBlue and XBLAZE?

Guilty Gear has always had oddball encounters in it at some point, so whether or not they go that route is up to Daisuke and ARC System Works.

Personally I’m all in favor for the way things are going right now.

Elphelt and Sin make for light comic relief detours now and then, and that’s fine… there’s a few other scenes that were nice (like Venom’s sudden outburst over Zato).

I think it’s all a matter of pacing things while telling the story.  Even stuff like Chipp’s antics and May’s behavior are a fresh air that the series needs when things get dark and gritty at times.

And then there’s characters like A.B.A. and Zappa… just wait, we’re in for more laughs to come, I bet!

Although this makes what I think is a false assumption that history is linear (it’s not — there were communities in the past that are much more tolerant of different races than some of the communities now, like the Persian Empire upholds freedom of religion in ancient times better than most Arab countries now), there are many matters stated here that would inevitably be a problem in the future.

Rights of future generations and gradual acceptance of consciousness in other beings (whether organic or electronic) would probably be the most imminent ones.

Dearest Anonymous,

You are beloved.
No matter what kind of past it is that you and I have, you are God’s beloved.
You put me in a box, and told me that if I knew who you were I would not call you beloved. Forgive me for I have sinned against you if you think I hate you. 

Thank you for your concern about me, but my identity does not come from the voice of man. Praise the Almighty Creator that my identity comes from His work of salvation in me. The blackness of my sin is only a reflection of human kind’s deep need for Him. 

Finally, to answer your question simply: by the grace of God, I am more than okay- I am overwhelmed by His grace, and I am joyful. 

May you feel the depth of God’s love this week.
You are beloved.

The Truth of Being Born Again Sin Doesn’t Seperate

I was talking to a guy on facebook not long ago,who was really bashing the name of God and Jesus and the whole thing,even going so far as to saying that God had no right to be in Heaven and all kinds of junk like that,I thought it was blasmey myself. Also another thing that shocked me was he said that only Catholics would make it to heaven! Clearly he’s not been reading his Bible.The Bible teaches that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus and accepts what Jesus has done which would be dying on the cross for our sins,will be saved.That being said,ANYONE regardless of the Church they attend,if they accept Jesus they are born again and therefore will go to Heaven when they die or the rapture takes place.I don’t care if your Catholic,Baptist,Methodist, whatever,as long as u trust upon Jesus you are born again. No one no matter how holy they think they are is worthy of Heaven,only Jesus makes us worthy,and everyone even murderers and the like can come to Jesus and they too shall be saved. The Jews in Jesus’ day,were so caught up in the law,and their own good deeds that they hated poor people and muderers and hookers,and the like,but Jesus,oh sweet Jesus! He went and talked with the “bad” people of the world and helped them. Jesus is not looking for people who say “Look,at me I’m the best,I do everything right,I don’t make mistakes!” Jesus cannot help that kind of person,it’s the broken hearted the lonely and rejected that Jesus is looking for. In Matthew Chapter 5 it is such a wonderful thing to read,it’s the sermon on the mount. Jesus promises such wonderful things to us in that chapter. So,I’m here to say,that Jesus cares about everyone,too many Churches today r teaching that oh,you’re going to hell because of this and that,even to saved people they will say such rot,and it ain’t true! Even I myself,have made mistakes on the teachings of God,like some sins being worse than others,but that’s not true.All sin is the same,but sin does not seperate us from God anymore,because Jesus came and took sin upon Himself so they we could be able to talk to God and fellowship with Him even when we mess up. Thank you JESUS!!!!!

Dear desi parents,

Due to the fact that we dont ever say the things we need to say out loud,i now cant say ‘I love you’ to you. Its too uncomfortable. I can say it to a million strangers, to my friends, to boys. But i can not utter that to you. I am a girl, and i  still cant say ‘ i love you’ to my mom, let alone my dad.

When i grow up and have kids, i will change, i want to be not only a parent but a best friend to my kid. If i can be a friend to my kid, maybe she will grow comfortable with the fact that its okay to be different, its okay to sin but as long as you ask for Forgiveness everything is right and that no matter what, its okay to talk about whatever you have in mind, even if you know that it is borderline haram. 

I would teach my kid to be not afraid of me, but think me as a supporting pillar, a torch to help them along the way.

My parents are also my torch to help me along the way, yet they are too overwhelming, so overwhelming that sometimes they manage to burn my hands and fingers.

Even though verbally i have never said that i truly love you, it doesnt matter. You know that i care and i know that i care . that is what it all matters.


I would love to text, but sadly our lives are to short to here what i have to say then to see what others have captured as there inspiration of life or their work whichever it may be no matter it is the art of you and the thing that make our heart’s beat,
A beautiful eye that captured time in a way i can never put into words why would change your view of what you see and feel is what our parents told us not to do and see we now enjoy and it’s not a sin to love and show your love with an open mind and without judgment for M4W, W4W, M4M or what ever make you and the one or ones you’re with closer to life’s end happier. Love the people around you and see life with life & share your dreams with the ones you love no matter what you might think we all have things we want to do, do what you love and love yourself.


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