I put together Nishinoyas grand entry from episode 7… Cause apparently I have nothing better to do at 3 am… I’m pretty sure someone already did this but whatever. I just wanted to dick around in Photoshop and try to get better at doing stuff like this. So yeah, here ya go.

ya lit meme [7/9] quotes: 
“We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in 
them becomes too high.”
-Ransom Riggs

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he didnt do sopor because he was scared or anything, it says he just does it because his lusus wasnt around a whole lot to teach him that its no good

1. I’m very emotional right now so I’m gong tor try to be as even-tempered and clear about this as possible.

2. That line was a very small part of my post, and the overall message stays the same regardless of your agreement or disagreement with that particular line.

3. That reading of his behavior is partially headcanon, yes, but it is a headcanon based on what I read out of canon.  Will everybody read the comic and see it that way?  Obviously not.  But Gamzee has repeatedly been avoidant, passive, laughing off or agreeing with criticism instead of starting any kind of conflict.  He has an addiction to a drug that makes him considerably more mellow, less concerned with negative aspects of his surroundings–”oh yeah also Sollux died. :o( but I told karkat hey there’s a miracle coming so it’ll be okay.”  I dont’ think it’s too much of a stretch to say that Gamzee is scared to acknowledge the frankly shitty situation he was/is in in the comic, and from there it’s not hard to imagine that, regardless of the lack of parental supervision that led him to start trying sopor, the reason he stays so reliant on it is that it makes everything colors and miracles and “everything is going to be just fine” good feelings.  

4. That post was more about what I was upset about than a 100% objective sources-cited meta post, and the feelings and thoughts that were making me sad are there.  Whether you agree with them or not is more up to you than me.


Phone pics cause I kept forgetting to scan these in at home.

So I’ve been drawing a lot in college and reading some really awesome webcomics which resulted in these characters based heavily on the comic Namesake.

Pretty much late night ideas of a human feminine Chesire Cat, low ranking spades card soldier (who I just noticed is actually diamonds), and a queen of hearts card person. Not really happy with how the queen came out, but I tried pushing the poses of the other two more than i normally do and I think they came out pretty decent

You can read Namesake here if your interested, it’s pretty great http://namesakecomic.com/comic/the-journey-begins/

Tree Houses and Art Class

5. I’m in art class and I just opened a cupboard to find a tiny person (you) squished inside and you just looked at and said “shh i’m hiding”

Good lord, I didn’t expect to spend so much time on this, and I’m not even sure it’s decent.. Please bear with me -_- 
This is for ilovemydaddyjinki​ ^^ I hope you like it!
(but like, please tell me what you think, because this came out of nowhere.. it might not even be that good..)

           It was the first day of art class, and the teacher gave students the opportunity to create whatever they wanted with the materials on the front desk. It was noisy as everyone scrambled to get supplies, it was nearly impossible to get what you wanted. Minho, a tall boy for his age, noticed that the paints had run out. Disappointed, he asked the teacher if there was anyway he could find more, and she sent Minho to get another set from the cupboard. Minho stood on his tiptoes and opened one of the top cupboards, looking for the paints. By the third cupboard, he found a boy squished amongst the paints.
           “Um,” Minho looked a little puzzled.
           The boy put his fingers to his lips, “Shh! I’m hiding!”
           Minho raised an eyebrow, “What from?”
           Just then the art teacher walked up behind Minho, and the boy cowered, “I’m sorry miss Kim, but I’m bad at art, can’t I do something else instead?”
           The woman crossed her arms, “You have to take this class, Jonghyun, now get out of there and go sit with Minho, you two can work together.”
           Jonghyun slid out of the cramped space onto the countertop, making some paints fall which Minho caught. He jumped to the floor and made his way to an empty table, his hands balled into fists. Minho followed closely behind, giggling at Jonghyun’s unnecessary drama. The two worked diligently, and became partners from that day on. It was a strange way for the two to meet, but they soon became close friends.
           As the two grew up together, Minho got increasingly taller while Jonghyun felt like he was shrinking. In middle school, Jonghyun had learned to love the arts, while Minho left them for sports. Almost every year Jonghyun would insist that the two take some art class together, just so they would share a class.

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Ive never made enough progress to even think about doing a transformation tuesday post until now. I know its not a huge difference, but i definitely notice it and im happy! My tummy is smaller, my arms are smaller, etc. Its late, so I dont feel like going into full detail, but a decent portion of this weightloss came from emotional, mental, and spiritual stress. But a good 60% of the weightloss also came from cutting out meat/dairy/eggs as often as possible and counting my calories. Nothing special, no products, no cleanses, nothing special. Just calorie counting and vegetarianism. On the right I weighed 236, but after the holidays i got back up to 245. Now im down to 227. Im so proud of myself. Clothes fit better, my measurements are down, i feel better. I can almost fit back into target’s size 18 jeans (which run pretty small, btw!!). Also, ive been kicking ED’s ass this year and i finally have a shit ton of confidence. 😎✌ #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #vegetarian #fatloss #fitness #gym #edrecovery #getfit #gettinghealthy #gettingsmaller #losingfat #weightloss #determination #cleaneating #beforeafterduring #beforeandafter #fitblr #healthblr #inspiration #weightlossprogress #progress #progresspic #chubbybabe #hipsdontlie #bodypositivity #confidence #selflove

After playing with most of the BRM cards and seeing how things play out I’m starting to think Nefarian might actually be a decent card because he does something the turn he comes down. I thought cards like Blackwing Technician and Dragon Consort were going to flip the meta the day they came out but it hasn’t happened yet and I think part of it is because they are somewhat situational. 

Nefarian is always going to be an 8/8 so it must be dealt with and it’s always going to give you two spells. The spells might be trash but there will be times when they strait up win you the game. I’m not saying Nefarian is anywhere near as good as Dr. Balanced but they are similar because they both have a big body and provide two other random effects. Keep in mind that before we played GvG we all thought Boom Bots were gimmicky and wouldn’t have any real impact on the meta and look how that turned out…

If nothing else it’s going to be fun as hell to play spells from other classes, something that to my knowledge has never been possible in Hearthstone before. I know I’m going to love it the first time I Skill Command a Hunter for lethal while playing as a Warrior!

Aluminum and Steel 

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity…a B-17 named ‘Aluminium Overcast’ came to KGRR (Gerald R Ford Int. Airport) for a showcase event. :D They were offering ground tours really cheap, and I dragged my Generations Springer with me to join in the fun! :D We got to go inside and pretty much had access to the entire plane! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!! I tried to get some decent shots of Springer, but not many turned out well. This one was a bit over exposed. I think I forgot to change the ISO levels when I took this. Oops. Anyways, enjoy! I’ve talked for too long again xD


Psychedelic Foo Dog pup (Windstone PYO)

Sculpted by Melody Peña of Windstone Editions, painted by me.

While I had the glow paints out yesterday I did this little guy too. He came out really awesome, though I had some trouble getting a decent glowing pic.

He will probably also be for sale, but I’m thinking of hanging onto him while I paint one or two of the adult foo dog statues to be parents for him. 

15:02 • 19/04/2015

Had a very intensive badminton competition this afternoon and came in 2nd of 12 which I think is pretty decent!
Also, stressing out because my teachers decided to torture me and put every important assignment in the last week before the break.
Wish me luck!

Food Talk Again

Yesterday’s disturbingly gigantic sandwich was a delicious success, although I think I’m going to try tomorrow’s version with no tomato and less hummus.

Tonight I tried baking tilapia instead of grilling it and actually using what few seasonings I have. It came out pretty good in spite of me missing a lot of the seasonings the recipe I found called for. XD Onion powder and kale made a decent substitute for capers and oregano, at least to my palette. And there’s enough that I get to eat it for dinner tomorrow! Woo!

Also discovered that I bought two kinds of aluminum foil (instead of one foil and a box of saran wrap) like a chump. XD

Learning to feed myself again is getting a little easier as all the stress from moving and school becomes more manageable. :)

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Can I ask what you think of the Atlantis sequel? I'm trying to watch it right now and I just....I'm not sure I can do it. I never saw it when it first came out, so I'm not even really sure what the plot is...

LOL i’m so sorry, anon. 

really, i don’t have much to say in favor of the atlantis sequel. there are brief shining moments of ‘maybe this is a halfway decent film’ (milo/kida cuteness, packard taking no shit, etc) and then the moments are gone, and all you’re left with is a sense of regret.

really, this gif encapsulates all i have to say about this film.

seriously, i could only handle the cute milo & kida scenes; everything else just caused me pain and embarrassment.

like why would you bring atlantis to the surface, the whole POINT of the end of the film was to keep atlantis A SECRET. and i have a hard time believing kida and the atlanteans would be so easily swayed to change everything they’ve done for thousands of years and just go and reveal themselves to the world. changing conservative ideals and liberating their civilization is a good thing, but going that far is straight up ridiculous lmao

i have this feeling too that their reclusivity is somehow correlated with their insanely long life spans (just my speculation), so i don’t think that would work out either. WHAT IF OTHER NORMAL PEOPLE WANTED TO LIVE THAT LONG TOO LIKE. WTF it’s the problematic rowling secret wizarding world all over again. 

it doesnt really matter but i did finally figure out a decent headcanon/ficverse age range for harry n robin

assuming manny’s about 10, he’d be 26-28.  He worked a few years out of highschool and went to college at like 22, were he roomed w/ robin who was like 19, making him 23-25 now.

Preview for the Sai Island movie!!! Wow!!

Or, you know, not.
I wanted to draw out a scene from schihl’s story sai-island. I don’t think this part Is out yet, but this is what I visualized for it. I think it came out pretty well.
This took me a good 3.5 hours I think. The background was the toughest, as I’ve never done architecture. Too bad I had to blur it all, it looked decent on its own.

Anyway, Here’s Mogar and Meeshy.


Just think of how much fun we’ll have together.
An eternity. I’ll even let you pretend to be in control.
What’s that? You’ll stop me?
We’ll see whose really in control here.

So I’m not really happy with how this came out. Springtrap’s okay, but Purple Guy didn’t want to be drawn. And my lineart refused to be decent.

Either way I thought I’d post it. Been listening to ‘Our Little Horror Story’ and I had to do something.